Jaguars re-sign Jason Babin


Jason Babin is back with the Jaguars.

Babin, who voided the final two years on his previous contract with the Jaguars to become a free agent, decided after a few days of testing the market that he likes it in Jacksonville. The Jaguars announced that they have signed Babin to a new contract today.

The 33-year-old Babin started all 16 games for the Jaguars last year and was one of their better defensive players (not that that’s saying much), leading the team with 7.5 sacks.

Babin will be joined on the defensive line this season by a couple of new arrivals from Seattle, Red Bryant and Chris Clemons, both of whom have previously played for head coach Gus Bradley. It appears that the Jaguars’ defense is going to have a good group of veteran players up front.

15 responses to “Jaguars re-sign Jason Babin

  1. It will be interesting to hear if he got a better deal or lost out on his gamble…….

    Jaguars are making moves to improve this coming season. Good for them.

  2. This is awesome. For the 1st time in forever the Jags will have great depth on the defensive line. They can swap in and out all day and keep guys fresh.
    I see a lot of blitzing this coming season.

  3. Remember when Buffalo put together the most amazing defensive line ever in free agency?

    Anyone recall how that worked out?

    Maybe this will be different because Bradley is at least familiar with the players, but I wouldn’t start counting chickens until they hatch.

  4. If you look up “One-Trick Pony” in the dictionary, there’s a picture of Babin next to it. He’s good at rushing the QB, no doubt, but ask him to defend the run or defend a screen pass and he plays like a 6 year old girl. And judging by his time in Philly, he becomes a locker room cancer if everything doesn’t go his way. I hope he got less money than his original contract was set to pay him. Chump.

  5. He knew he would have to restructure or have his contract voided. He was just smart and quickly looked around the league and decided it was worth staying here because of where the Jags are going and the atmosphere Gus has created. Maybe he could have made more elsewhere, maybe not. Now he will be one of the many waves of pass rushers to be unleashed. He just won’t be the only guy rushing any more.

    I am hoping Mojo makes the same decision. He and Toby Gerhart would be a nice 1-2 punch.

    Personally I love the move. Hell, I love all the moves my Jags are making… Duuuvvvaaalll!!!

  6. This is another good thing for the Jags. The arrow is most definitely pointing UP. God, it’s been a long, long time since we’ve had a reason to be excited. Thank you Shad, Dave and Gus.

  7. With Babin and Clemons signed, I would guess that the Jags either don’t want Clowney or don’t think he’ll be there at #3.

    One thing you have to remember about Gus Bradley is that he got the most out of late-round draft picks in Seattle who wanted to play hard and earn their keep. I don’t know if he wants to take anybody who has effort/desire questions.

    With a better QB and WRs, this team actually could be competitive next year. I like the affordable Todman/Gerhart RB combo. They complement each other very well.

  8. When the cap went up, the amount of money teams are required to spend under the collective bargaining agreement also went up. Hence why we are seeing some players get more than they are probably really worth, especially from the teams that are usually way under the cap. It’s good for the players and it’s good for competition in the nfl.

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