Panthers bring Derek Anderson back to back up

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It’s a somber day in Charlotte.

Nobody’s laughing.

But they at least have a backup quarterback again, as Derek Anderson just tweeted that he was staying in Charlotte.

Anderson has been a perfect backup for the Panthers, as he hasn’t had to play much. In fact, they were undefeated when he took the field last year in mop-up duty.

As long as he doesn’t have to do much more than that, they should be fine, as the release of Steve Smith has put a lot more pressure on Cam Newton to make more plays.

Keeping a man with an even keel such as Anderson was vital to the process.

11 responses to “Panthers bring Derek Anderson back to back up

  1. An even keel?

    I remember a Browns training camp a bunch of years ago where Anderson was having an argument with a orange traffic cone. He was about eight feet away from the crowd and we were all in disbelief – as were the linebackers who were also only a few feet away. They were all ignoring their instructions and slack-jawed watching their “field general” scream at a cone.

    After that display, I no longer had hopes for Anderson. All the tools to succeed (except for the one between the ears).

    Maybe being a QB in Cleveland will do that to you though.

  2. nice he can play wr now i knew there was a plan

    if i was a wr i wouldnt come here cam stats are awful to many 8 for 20 games

  3. I still remember when he came out of nowhere and tore it up back in 2007. I thought he was going to be the next great young QB, but as it turned out that was Anderson only good season. Cannon of an arm but accuracy leaves a lot to be desired. An adequate backup option tho

  4. We brought him in for 2011 because Chudzinski was just hired as our OC and Anderson’s 1 good year came when they were QB and OC in Cleveland in ’07. It is true that he has matured since the cone argument and the meltdown after being caught laughing on the bench during a Cardinals loss. Like the old saying goes, “a man has to know his limitations,” and Anderson has figured out his. He helped Cam through his first 2 years in Chud’s system and he’s been a team guy here. Cam is so durable, Anderson isn’t likely to be needed. I’m fine with Anderson backing him up.

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