Panthers not showing interest in Nicks, yet

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With Steve Smith out in Carolina, many believe the team will now bring Hakeem Nicks home to Charlotte.  And while that could go a long way toward calming down some restless Panthers fans, there’s no clear indication it will happen.

A league source tells PFT that, as of last night, the Panthers had shown no interest in Nicks.

As we’ve previously suggested, Gettleman’s interest — or lack thereof — in Nicks will be telling.  Gettleman worked for the Giants when Nicks was drafted, and through several years of his career.  Gettleman still knows people with the team.  Whatever happened over the last two years to make Nicks career go awry, Gettleman knows more about it than any other G.M.

So if Gettleman doesn’t want Nicks, that’s a problem.  For Nicks.

34 responses to “Panthers not showing interest in Nicks, yet

  1. Gettelman is a idiot! We have zero receivers that caught a ball this past season and only have two on the roster. What is this guy doing? He dismantled our offensive line and receiving core which included our only legit receiver in Smith. Now what? Season is over before it started because of piss poor management. And I thought this clown of a GM was an upgrade. WRONG!

  2. Cam is literally going to have no one to throw to. How are you supposed to run an offense without a single NFL caliber receiver? What a horrible, horrible GM.

  3. I hear Santonio Holmes is available!!! Seriously though, fans need to relax and just enjoy the ride. There are plenty of receivers out there and the draft is deep. He might want to worry about the back end of the D unless there is quality depth to step up.

  4. well since cam doesnt throw well enough anyway what does it matter if u have a wr

    they run georgia tech triple option anyway

    there def won alot of games last yr yes cam got better as in his attitude but throwing wise thats a no

  5. It almost seems like the GM is trying to leave his mark on this team even when change isn’t necessary. I don’t remember another team dismantling integral players after finally having a solid season…the Ravens did last year but they did not have as much of a choice…plus they won the super bowl…

  6. I wonder if the Panthers will attempt a trade with a team like St.Louis to move up in the draft to select Sammy Watkins, because right now, the current lineup has to be the worst collection of receiving talent in NFL history. They have to sign somebody, right?

  7. What do you expect from a team who has nearly $14M ties up in RB/FB?

    Carolina is about to take a giant step back in a very competitive division.

  8. There are receivers available via free agency and some are better than the ones jumping ship. Also, this draft is chock full of WR’s.

  9. The problem with winning a Superbowl is putting up with the a-hole fans … the ones who never said boo before, but now blow the trumpet.

  10. Very strange. Some kind of rumor came out today saying that the Panthers offered Nicks $4.5 million for one year. Steve was released via a press release, and then someone named “pop nicks” tweeted that his son was coming home to be a Panther. Hakeem shortly tweeeted that he was off to Indy and then to SD. “Pop” soon recanted. Strange.

  11. Smithy was done wrong, but all this falls back on hurney. This is obviously not a short term fix. I just hope gross’ retirement was directly related to gettlemen. Who’s projected number one next year?

  12. He’s stopping in Indy first to meet with the Colts tomorrow.

    That seems like valuable information to include in the article if the goal of the article is to “inform the reader”.

  13. All the people bashing Gettleman need to realize there is plenty of time in free agency to make upgrades and additions. The draft is still a thing as well. The guy is trying to work his team out of the salary cap hell Hurney left him. If Hurney didn’t give out those stupid contracts to Deangelo and J-Stew Smith would still be a Panther.

    He had the same approach last year and things turned out pretty well. They don’t hand out trophies in March and the last time I checked the Panthers aren’t playing any games until September. Give the guy some time before you ask for his head on a platter.

  14. Trust Me! Jerry Reese is a close to Gettlemmen as one GM to another could be, hence the Beason trade.
    Nicks shot himself {in his head} last year, and the panthers {assumming there is interest} won’t overpay him, nor should they.
    Hakeem Nicks could have been anything he wanted to be be on our team, last year, his obvious lack of effort, being late to re-hab, getting fined several times, and finally HC Coughlin said, “enough” go ask him what happened”.

  15. As a Panther’s fan … Signing Nick’s for a 1 yr deal max would be preferred … We need to save the cap room for additional needs … I would like to see them sign Michael Oher if he hasn’t signed with someone else

  16. Face it, nicks showed his true colors last year by failing to show up like he did in his previous season with NY. Thats a character issue to most GMs. I used to be a huge fan of the guy, but not after what he showed last season. I’m not saying he won’t have a monster year with whoever signs him, only that he didn’t play with heart and teams saw this.

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