Raiders thought Saffold needed immediate shoulder surgery

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During the 2013 preseason, tackle Rodger Saffold dislocated his shoulder.  He missed one preseason game with the injury.  But he returned and played.

He missed four regular-season games, but not because of the shoulder.  A knee injury suffered in Week Two kept him sidelined for Week Three through Week Six.

Saffold played in the final 10 games of the season, starting the last seven.  The shoulder wasn’t a problem.  Indeed, the Rams wanted to re-sign him and, now that the Raiders have pulled the plug on his contract, the Rams will indeed do just that.

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch explains that the Raiders decided Saffold needs “immediate” surgery on the shoulder.  Saffold’s agent, Alan Herman, isn’t happy about that.

“Rodger told us that the Raiders’ doctor examined him and said, ‘You’re fine,'” Herman told Thomas.  The next day, the Raiders said otherwise, with G.M. Reggie McKenzie apologizing, as Herman said, “profusely” for the decision not to proceed with a contract.

“I shared my displeasure in very strong terms,” Herman said.  “[Co-agent] Jared [Fox] and I were sitting there in disbelief.  We got out of the building and we got back to the hotel.”

Mike Silver of NFL Media reports that owner Mark Davis made the decision to move on from Saffold because of the shoulder.  Whether that’s because Davis is merely being too cautious or decided that the Rams were paying too much, the Rams already have welcomed Saffold back with open arms — despite his supposedly bad shoulder.

Regardless of the reason, it’s a bad look for Davis and the Raiders.  Either the doctors don’t realize that the shoulder problem wouldn’t have affected Saffold’s ability to play (the Seahawks signed defensive end Michael Bennett last year with a torn rotator cuff, and that worked out pretty well) or Davis is too concerned about money to take a calculated risk, even if McKenzie was recommending that the Raiders proceed with the deal.

As to McKenzie, Silver suggests he could be gone before the draft.  If McKenzie survives until May, it’s hard to imagine he’ll still be around in January.  At this point, McKenzie may not want to be.

55 responses to “Raiders thought Saffold needed immediate shoulder surgery

  1. It really stinks when you wake up one day and realize the people you’re working for are complete BOOBS, and you can’t get away from them fast enough….

  2. Davis is as Davis does…….The Oakland Circus is in full swing for this year of our lord 2014.

  3. Anyone who believes anything Michael Silver says needs to get their head checked for common sense.

    The man is a complete moron who only has a job because of who he knows.

  4. I’m rather shocked any takes Mike Silver seriously . He has always looks for an opportunity to bash the Davis ownership . But yes this smells bad and every free agent left I’m sure is paying close attention . I don’t know why anyone with options would want to visit after this .

  5. Does anyone feel like I feel? It’s like we’re being kicked over and over again while laying on the ground in the fetal position.

  6. Please note Michael Silver has an axe to grind with the Raiders, and has been especially vocal since they fired his buddy Hue Jackson.

  7. Any chance that tricep injury Veldheer had is flaring up and AZ gets scared and releases him?

  8. I predicted last night that Silver would write about this, he hates Mark Davis just as he hated his father so naturally he tries to paint Reggie as the victim in all of this when the truth is Davis is probably the only one with any sense here.

    Reggie lets Veldeer walk while signing the often injured Saffold to huge contract more money than JV, Albert or Monroe got when Saffold couldn’t cut it at left tackle in St Louis. It was a total disaster and the Raiders are very lucky Davis pulled them out it.

    Silver is such a tool..!

  9. So much for the passing of the torch leading to better days for the Raiders. Ol’ Mark seems to be in over his head.

  10. Mark Davis appears just to not get it. By letting their top 2 FA walk looks bad. Letting your no.1 Rusher walk and retaining a guy who’s always injured while averaging 3.3 ypc the last 2 years make you look stupid. And now this. Being a Raiders fan has to be painful these days.

  11. It does look bad, but with 56 million on the line they can do what they want.
    Mark, it may be time for you to sell the Raiders. I’m thinking we need new ownership.

  12. You thought death was enough for the Raiders to escape the reach of Al Davis? Fools!

  13. Mark Davis. Please don’t turn into your father. Let the GM make the decisions on the players.

    This incident will prevent you from landing or requiring much more overpayment other free agents.

  14. I’ve had it with McKenzie. As a life-Long Raider fan, “What is he waiting for”? We have the most money of anyone in free agency and he lets Veldeer go, brings in a guy with a bumm Shoulder (supposedly). Lets guys like Revis and Ware go to other teams. This guy is either incompetant or dilussional. I’ve had it with all the waiting till next year when they dont do anything but wait for the draft. Yeah, that has really worked out well for us, hasn’t it? I am one pissed off Raider Fan.

  15. Safford was overpaid. Mckenzie is clueless and incompetent. That’s a dangerous combination. Good call by Davis nixing the deal. 8.5 million for an injury prone guard. Plus he got beat out at right tackle by Joseph barksdake. Raider fans remember him as the third round pick that Reggie Mckenzie cut two years ago. Now he’s the starting right tackle for the rams. You can’t make this stuff up

  16. Who would ever think someone would sign a offensive Lineman from the Rams. I can only imagine how jubilant Saffold was when he signed a contract to get out of that armpit. The guy must be beyond devastated right now, I hope they have someone watching him.

  17. Fire Reggie, he has made blunder after blunder. Chows with free agency AND the draft. Couldn’t have picked a better guy to continue the legacy of the last 10 years. Makes me sick.

  18. It seems the Raiders felt bad for the Browns and decided to take their spot as the NFL’s premier laughingstock franchise. What a pathetic display of gross ineptitude by McKenzie and company.

  19. If Davis got the word about the extent of the left shoulder and made the final call, what kind of trust factor remains with the scouts and RM? This isn’t a minor issue, it digs deep into the relationship. The next few signings will go a long way in knowing whether RM is part of this franchise in the near term….either way, it was a pitiful deal. If I’m the gm, Mack should be on my radar, we can get a decent LT in the 2nd round, and Watkins still needs to be the pick to resurrect the O and lift the fan base.

    Either way, RM may want to quit at this point, obviously his judgement is at risk!

  20. “Mike Silver of NFL Media reports that owner Mark Davis made the decision to move on from Saffold because of the shoulder.”

    Poor Mike, still bitter about Hue getting canned eh? Let it go man!

  21. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree…The Davis’ will always be the Davis’

  22. I defended RM alot yesterday….today….loss for words….

    This was THE offseason for the last 2 years and everything about it has been…at the best confusing. This sucks.

  23. If Mark Davis had concerns about Saffold’s shoulder he should have made passing a physical a requirement before the contract was signed. Scuttling the deal after the fact does nothing but undermine his general manager publicly and cast a bad light on the entire organization at a time when, due to the past 20 years of complete dysfunction, it was the last thing the organization needed. If you have an issue with your GM, fine. Reggie has made some questionable decisions but this was altogether the wrong way to handle things. Difficult enough for the Raiders to sign free agents as it is, what with the team being so far behind their division rivals and the image that preceded the current GM. Mark’s decision to reverse this deal has caused more harm than good and will make it even more difficult to sign players to improve the team.

  24. Gees . Lets just pull Incognito from that phych ward in Arizona . We need beef . He could ever be close to his friend Jonathon .

  25. It is beyond ridiculous… perhaps new owner ship is what the fan base should be clamoring for. Just move the Raiders to LA so Raider fans can get what we deserve.

  26. If Davis pulled the trigger to cut him, then he has to realize by now that Green Bay Reg just doesn’t have the smarts to be a GM. Davis Better get some outside help in making the needed personnel changes. McKenzie has let players walk, sat on his ass while everyone else signed free agents. McKenzie must go, before the draft. The last two years have been a disaster and this year has started off even worst.

  27. Well, in fairness a dislocated shoulder often requires surgery in a football player as there is a risk of future instability even if he played the rest of season. I don’t understand what Bennett has to do with anything? Perhaps it was not worth the risk to them, it’s not like you can just extrapolate the data like that to say everything will be fine.

  28. maybe the guy actually needs shoulder surgery and could have a chronic condition. ive had three shoulder surgeries and I still have problems with it…

  29. I’ve had it with McKenzie. As a life-Long Raider fan, “What is he waiting for”? We have the most money of anyone in free agency and he lets Veldeer go, brings in a guy with a bumm Shoulder (supposedly). Lets guys like Revis and Ware go to other teams. This guy is either incompetant or dilussional. I’ve had it with all the waiting till next year when they dont do anything but wait for the draft. Yeah, that has really worked out well for us, hasn’t it? I am one pissed off Raider Fan.

    If you think topnotch seasoned veterans actually want to come to Oakland without being drastically overpaid, now that is a delusional idea! The ship has to get turned around in the right direction before that will happen. Do you really think the Raiders were even considered for a second when the Broncos offered Ware $20 million guaranteed to play for a championship contender with Peyton Manning? Get real, dude. The Raiders didn’t even play competitive football over the second half of 2013. Pulling this stunt makes it even harder to get free agents and makes nailing the draft a necessity. Davis and McKenzie already blew it by firing Hue Jackson, their last competent coach. Hue Jackson won 8 games in 2011. Dennis Allen has won 8 games the last two seasons combined. Unless a player is just desperate for a job or wants to get paid, why would anybody want to play for the Raiders right now?

  30. It was not a dislocated shoulder- it was a partially torn labrum. And the reason Michael Bennett was mentioned is that when the Seahawks signed him last year, he had a partially torn rotator cuff and went on to have a terrific season. He was just signed to a 4 year, $28 million deal, too. So Saffold should have been fine. Obviously the Rams’ doctors thought so.

  31. Shoulder injury is b.s. Mark Davis was reading all the reports about way overpaying Saffold and pulled the plug on the deal. Bad way to do business Raiders. Good luck getting premium free agents. Btw who’s your left tackle now?

  32. No blame on Davis here. McKenzied messe up, and Davis saved the day. His best move as owner so far. Fire McKenzie.

  33. They let Veldheer walk and he gets signed for less than they offered Saffold. Then Saffold is back with the Rams.

    My Raiders front office must have clown music pumped into headquarters. 🙂

  34. Raider fans stop already, do you just need something to cry about. Stop acting like Veldheer was the second coming of Anthony Muñoz, he wasn’t, the media need something to write about so they will create a story that is not really there.

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