Redskins agree to deal with Jason Hatcher


The Redskins won a division game in March, stealing one of the top defensive players in the NFC East last year.

Agent Jordan Woy has announced on Twitter than the Redskins have signed Cowboys defensive tackle Jason Hatcher.

The 31-year-old Hatcher had plenty of interest early (the Seahawks, Raiders and Titans were on the list), which you’d anticipate after his Pro Bowl season.

Hatcher had 11.0 sacks last year playing in the Cowboys 4-3, so it will be interesting to see how defensive coordinator Jim Haslett plans to use him next year.

41 responses to “Redskins agree to deal with Jason Hatcher

  1. Hail to the Redskins !
    Hail to victory !
    Braves on the war path !
    Fight for old D.C !
    Run or pass and score,
    We want a lot more !
    Beat em, Swamp em, Touchdown,
    Let the points soar !
    Fight on… Fight On…
    Til you have won,
    Sons of Washington !
    Hail to the Redskins !
    Hail to victory !
    Braves on the war path !
    Fight for old D.C !

  2. One dysfunctional franchise signs a player from another dysfunctional franchise.

    Meanwhile the Vikings just signed the best defensive player in free agency in Captain Munnerlyn.

  3. ‘The Danny’ certainly loves to sign 30+ year old Dallas D linemen.

    The problem is Hatcher was as so-so 3-4 DE, even playing the same side as D Ware in his prime. He can’t play 3-4 NT. He didn’t do anything until he played 4-3 3T.

    I agree it will be interesting to see what Haslett does with him.

  4. You win Super Bowls by pressuring the opposing quarterback! How lucky is Hatcher? Leaving Dean Jerra’s Clown College to play in the Most Powerful City in the World!! HTTR

  5. Well he has to be more productive than Adam Carriker, sowhatthehell… long as they didn’t give him a lot of money.

  6. For people saying that hatcher is a 4-3 dline men and is only good in the 4-3. According to pro football focus, although we are a 3-4 team we line up in a 4-3 front 62% of the time.

  7. Leave it to the Redskins to pay money to a 31 year old DT, best suited for a 4-3, after one good year as a pro to a big contract. Its almost laughable how poorly run this franchise has been since Dan Snyder took over…both him and Jerry Jones have ruined what used to be the best division in football. As a fan of one of their rivals, I am on one hand so happy with their ineptitude I can hardly contain myself and on the other, as a football fan first, it saddens me to think about the great days of the NFC East in the past. The two worst owners in football (ok, behind that yahoo in Cleveland), totally ruining those franchises.

  8. Redskins sign an aging former probowl cowboy, get burned because they overpaid. I think I’ve seen this movie before.

  9. Four-year, $27.5 million contract.
    He’ll turn 32 in July.
    Coming off an 11-sack season as a three-technique defensive tackle in Dallas’ 4-3 defense.
    He had 16 sacks in SEVEN years before 2013 playing DE in a 3-4.

    I’m not thrilled with this contract or the contract for Shawn Lauvao.

    That said, the skins have quietly signed a new group of players that will provide a lot of competition for next year. I am hoping they pickup a vet safety and go for a RT in the draft with the 2nd round pick.

  10. Yeah, Congratulations Jason and Redskins fan. Washington overplayed for a old D-Lineman who had a career year Ina contract year. It’s not like he was motivated to get one last big payday. For Dallas fans or followers of the NFC East, it reminds me of the Giants signing of Chis Canty. He hosed the Giants on that deal. Did we forget Dallas had the worst defense in the league last year. Puuuuuhleeeease!

  11. Redskins play 62% of their snaps in 4-3. Hmmm, so we can take away 38% of his sacks. Congratulations on paying 7 million a year for a 7.5 sack a year player.

  12. For those who are saying the ‘Skins overpaid, how much of the contract is guaranteed? That’s the ONLY money that counts. If the contract is back-loaded, as I suspect it is, that makes it essentially a two year deal, with the later dollar amounts unlikely to be earned.

  13. Cowboys fan and I loved Hatcher AS A BACKUP. Inflated numbers last year – half those sacks were coverage sacks, scrambling QBs, somebody else created the pressure, etc. He wasn’t blowing through the line like Warren Sapp all of a sudden. Hope he got paid though.

  14. Hatcher is 31, lmao. Pukes fans acting like he’s suddenly 41, broken down, and didn’t just make a Pro Bowl last year…all because he signed with the Skins. Haters still hatin’. Get over it. HTTR

  15. I’m not surprised. When I met Hatcher last year he told me the Lord spoke to him after he hit Robert the 2nd time. He said the Lord givith and the Lord taketh away. Indeed he has. Robert took 2 sacks from Hatcher, and is rewarded by now having to never face Hatcher again. #BlessHeWhoIsPowerful #LordsTeam

  16. The haters don’t realize that it is not a true 4 yr contract for a 32 year old. It’s probably 2 years. Of course, other teams can sign over 30 players except us. Karlos Dansby 32 to Browns, Darren Sproles 31 to Eagles, DeMarcus Ware 32 to Broncos, etc. I never understand why folks become so angry when the Skins sign one older player. The got good mileage out of London Fletcher. Hatcher is just a bridge to a younger developing player in 2 years. I dont understand why fans get so confused.

  17. 7 Million a year for a 32 yr old DL who had a career year last year and was so beat up the last 5 games he could barely play? The guy plays all out and is great in the locker room, but you don’t pay age in this league and the Skins just did it—-AGAIN.

  18. I’m going to give them a little slack,due to the 2 year cap penalty,but I hope that next year,we go back to building through the draft.If you look at the successful franchises,they build a team mainly through the draft,with a few free agent pickups and trades.Well at least we’ve weaken the Cowpatties! HTTR!

  19. I’d love to see what is the actual guaranteed (-sp?) money/years. My unofficial logic based on what I’ve noticed is the actual contract is around half of what’s announced…so 2 years at $13.5M seems a little high. That being said, if it’s an upgrade over the talent we had before then I’m for it.

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