Report: Brandon Browner visiting Patriots


After coming to an agreement with Darrelle Revis on Wednesday, the New England Patriots are set to kick the tires on another former Pro Bowl cornerback.

According to Mark Ockerbloom of FOX 25 News in Boston, the Patriots are set to host former Seattle Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner for a visit on Thursday.

Browner was recently reinstated to the league from an indefinite suspension handed down in December for a violation of the league’s substance-abuse policy.

Browner and his agent, Peter Schaffer, reached an agreement with the league and the NFL Players Association to conditionally reinstate Browner with caveats if he continues to comply with the substance-abuse policy. Browner will still serve a four-game suspension to begin next season and will be docked an additional four game checks after that. However, Browner gained the ability to sign with an NFL team this offseason and participate in training camp and offseason activities before serving the suspension.

Browner made the Pro Bowl with Seattle in 2011 in his first year back in the NFL after several years playing for the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League. Browner started eight games with the Seahawks in 2013 before a groin injury sidelined him. As he was getting close to returning from the injury, he was suspended. He finished the year with 19 tackles and one interception.

After handing a big deal to Revis, Browner should come cheap with his off-field issues still in the picture. Browner has already played across from Richard Sherman the last three seasons. Now he may get a chance to also play alongside Revis.

26 responses to “Report: Brandon Browner visiting Patriots

  1. I absolutely love this if it happens. Now all they need is WIlfork to come back at anywhere above 70% of his past capabilities and to add some sort of pass rusher to play spot duty. This team might not appear to be on par with the hawks and broncos but if they can avoid major injury to brady and revis they will be there in the AFC championship and be far more dangerous than any of the past failures. Look out league.

  2. I’ll be curious to see what Browner will get for a deal. He’d be a nice addition for the Pats but I wonder how high they’d go with him considering his suspension and future risk. I can’t imagine much more than a one year 3-4 million dollar type offer from Belichick.

  3. ill take a defense with browner, revis, wilfork, jones, mayo, McCourty, hightower.

  4. make it happen bill,for onceeee..imagine REVIS and BROWNER…gameeeee on denveeeeeeeer!!

  5. I think Browner was made to look good in a system with little weakness. If there was a weakness, I am sure Seattle fans will agree he was it. We got better when he left, as both Maxwell and Thurmond proved better at his slot.

  6. And then he will be flooded with questions about who is better…

    He is a great CB, and worth waiting 4 games for if the price is right.

  7. … I can see the Bandwagon in New England Now All Excited for ANOTHER Big Letdown !!! … HAHAHA !!! …

  8. Pats would be getting a smart physical RCB – a co-founder of the Legion of Boom – to pair with Revis. Hope that my favorite team – or failing that another physical NFC team (SF, STL, AZ, CAR, TB) – meets up with yours next February.

  9. We got plucked this year in free agency, if the Hawks still want ya BB even if you won’t start, stay home on the West Coast. The B in “B”oom stands for Brandon Browner….and of course Bam Bam Cam.

  10. Smart move by NE. No WR wants to see a CB that huge playing press.

    He’ll land in a good spot. I think Idzik will get him in NY or maybe Gus Bradley will hire him in Jacksonville, if the price is right.

  11. Not sure why Belichick would spend much on another corner. Dennard is very good and cheap. Unless Browner comes dirt cheap or can play some safety, this may just be a courtesy visit that was planned before the Revis signing.

  12. If he comes the secondary is done. Just add a pass rusher, D Tackle and reserve Linebacker, Then get a center, Tight End, and reciever in the draft

  13. Coming from a Seahawks fan… Pump your brakes on your excitement, Pats fans. He’s a good locker room guy, but way over the hill at this point in his career. Big and strong, but has lost more than a step in coverage since a couple years ago and has always committed a ton of penalties. There’s a reason the Seahawks haven’t attempted to bring him back and it’s not all financial.

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