Report: Jets expressing interest in James Jones


Even before the release of Santonio Holmes, the New York Jets were in serious need of help at the wide receiver position. They made a splash by picking up the top free agent receiver on the market Wednesday night in former Denver Broncos receiver Eric Decker.

However, the Jets may not be finished adding to their receiving corps.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, the Jets have also expressed a serious interest in former Green Bay Packers wide receiver James Jones.

Jones has put together very strong seasons for the Packers over the last two years. He caught 54 passes for 817 yards and three touchdowns for Green Bay last season after compiling 14 touchdowns in 2012.

The Jets had not yet scheduled a visit with Jones and the deal with Decker may soften the team’s interest in bringing him to New York. But with the team frustrated with Stephen Hill, adding Decker and Jones could be a nice boost for Geno Smith to take into his second season under center with the Jets.

13 responses to “Report: Jets expressing interest in James Jones

  1. With Geno at QB, the remainder Deckers career will only be noted for his time in Denver with Manning and that he decided big money was more important than winning.

    Jones won’t make that mistake.

  2. Some one cue the Packer fans, it’s time for their jilted teen age girl routine.

    You know, the deal where they denounce any player with the temerity to leave the earthly Eden that is Green Bay.

  3. The Jets will be disappointed in James Jones if they sign him. Take a look at what Greg Jennings did once he was catching balls from a guy not named Aaron Rodgers.

    In fact, the same thing could be said about Eric Decker and Peyton Manning.

  4. That would be too bad. Hate to lose this guy, but the needs of many outweigh the needs of one. The Packers will do what it takes to maintain their dominance of the other North Division teams. It’s a foregone conclusion the Packers own the Vikings. Until that changes, nothing changes. Simpleminded insults won’t get it done, but they can keep trying if it makes them feel good about themselves. Good luck with that.

  5. As a Packers fan, I’d be bummed to see him go. The Jets should grab him though, he’d instantly be their #2 WR.

  6. They better get vick signed or the seasons lost I don’t care who there WR are with that wasted 2nd round pick geno at the helm

  7. You’re forgetting that Decker caught 8 TD’s in a season from Tim Tebow. That’s like a 50td season in NFL dog years.

  8. Everybody love’s to stick it to Geno. look at most Qb’s rookie seasons. Most either won 1-2 games (peyton) or didn’t play at all. (Brady, Rodgers) Geno won 8 games with no more than 1 decent receiver healthy for each game in ayear when the jets were $30 mill over the cap.
    This will be a much different offense this year in the 2nd year with Mhorniweg

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