Report: Redskins trying to trade for Darren Sproles

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Darren Sproles may not want to be traded, but that’s not stopping teams from trying to pick him up in a deal with the Saints.

The Redskins are reportedly one of those teams. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Washington is “making a push” to acquire the diminutive, versatile back and put him in a backfield that already includes Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris.

Sproles wouldn’t take many carries away from Morris, but he would give head coach Jay Gruden an offensive piece to mix and match with the others in his offense to help make Griffin’s 2014 more successful than his 2013. Andre Roberts has already joined Pierre Garçon at wideout, the promising Jordan Reed will be at tight end and adding Sproles to that group would make for a deeper unit than the Redskins had last season.

There’s no word on the likelihood that Sproles winds up in Washington for the 2014 season or how many other teams might still be in the running for Sproles’ services.

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  1. Can we do anything that makes common sense. This is typical of snyder’s ownership; here we are needing corner’s and safeties and Douche Allen is trying to acquire a running back. Well back to the basement of the league we go.

  2. His wife probably heard rumors of the Redskins trying to trade for him and lost it. Of course he would want to be released instead of going there. He is a smart man…that organization is going nowhere fast.

  3. Man my skins are on fire this year. We haven’t filled any holes yet on either side of the ball and yet they are still trying to trade for a 31 year old RB. NICE! Can’t wait to have the first pick in the draft next year.

  4. There’s 5 RBs on the roster, 3 of them are perfectly serviceable if not actually good.

    Morris is a bruiser, Helu is a perfect back to spell him and Evan Royster is a solid depth option. If Chris Thompson stays healthy, he probably has an opportunity to show why he deserves (or doesn’t) to be on the team. That’s three very decent RB options costing you pennies.

    Maybe they envision Sproles as a Brian Mitchell type 3rd down role. Of all the RBs on the team, there isn’t an obvious pass-catching leader among them. Maybe that improves the team, but I don’t know if that’s where I’d be spending cap money this year.

  5. If I was Sproles I’d tell Washington that I wouldn’t play for them or anybody else. He’s getting a raw deal. The Saints should do the right thing and release him and let him choose where he wants to relocate his family.

  6. It makes sense for Washington to pick him up. Sproles could play a role in the offense similar to what Hawkins did for the Bengals. He provides a solid option in the screen game, which Washington doesn’t have despite there being five running backs on the roster. Grabbing Sproles would allow the team to cut at least two backs as soon as he arrived, clearing out roster spots they need to fill holes. Using 43 in the option would be pretty dangerous, taking some of the focus off of just smashing RG3. Sproles also would provide the team with a legitimate option for punt/kick returns, which last year’s squad was abysmal at.

    He’s a little older and has a little less in the tank than before, but with Morris taking the majority of the load running the ball, he should be preserved well enough to help this team for at least two, possibly three seasons.

  7. Redskins need O-line help, D-line help, and secondary and LB help and what are they doing? Trying to trade for a RB. A position that can be addressed in the later rounds of the draft.

  8. Skins fans who are complaining and act like they have not addressed any needs..calm down..deep breath..its the 3rd day of FA..still have teams cutting more players…draft and many playrs still available. Fans who feel negative are still wanting the comfort food of a blockbuster deal and big name the MEDIA has deemed a “top” FA. Relax!

  9. Anything above sixth rounder is a mistake. Plus the skins would be stuck with the current contract. Did Allen watch the defense at all the last two years? It might be nice to get some help over there.

  10. How in the world could you criticize this deal?

    Sproles would give Griffin a short range passing target out of the backfield with ability to get major YAC. For a QB who is not traditional drop back, this outlet would be tremendously valuable.

    Honestly, I know it’s supposedly hip to criticize every move the Redskins make but save it for stuff that really needs to be criticized. This move would not be bad at all!

  11. News of him going to Philly: wow. Too bad for the Skins..they could have used him.

    Definitely a fit for the Philly offense…he certainly fits right in and will be deadly in Chip Kelly’s offense.

    The only thing I’m wondering is doesn’t their current RB do basically the same kind of stuff? In Washington, it made sense because you’d have Morris, the big back, and Sproles, the quick scat back, basically taking touches away from Roy Helu.

    Not sure how I see the time share going in Philly?

  12. Too late Hogs………Howie, Chip and the Birds struck first………enjoy the basement of the NFCEast for years to come……..GO EAGLES!!!!!

  13. ESPN is reporting that Sproles is being traded to the Eagles. A scary-good offense only gets better. Thankfully, though, the Eagles defense can’t stop an offense comprised of 11 grandmothers.

  14. The only issue I have wih this move wold be “At what cost?”….If you overpay or give away too much for a 31 year old running back, you’re dumb, it’s true. But if you can get him cheaply, isn’t it an upgrade to the backfield, not to mention the return game? I think it is, so it depends on what they give up for him.

  15. If Washington was offering a 5th as well, i’d imagine they gave Sproles the destination option of which trade he preferred out of respect.

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