Report: Steelers hosting Chargers nose tackle Cam Thomas


The Steelers are showing interest in a defensive lineman who’s a logical fit for their 3-4 scheme.

Chargers nose tackle Cam Thomas is meeting with Pittsburgh on Thursday, Michael Gehlken of the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

PFT’s 105th-ranked free agent, the 27-year-old Thomas started 10 games for the Chargers in 2013. The 6-foot-4, 330-pound Thomas, who’s been a backup for most of his NFL career, has ideal bulk to play in the middle of the Steelers’ 3-4 front.

The Steelers are in need of defensive linemen. They have lost nose tackle/end Al Woods (Titans) and defensive end Ziggy Hood (Jaguars) since the beginning of free agency.

17 responses to “Report: Steelers hosting Chargers nose tackle Cam Thomas

  1. Thomas is just what the Steelers need and if they can get him they don’t have to worry about NT in the draft. They can move Mclendon to T and he can back up Thomas at NT.

    They need to get this done!

  2. If he could actually play the nose with his bulk, he’d still be with us. NT is on our draft list. CT seemed like a good guy, good luck in Pitt.

  3. Listed as a NT but can’t actually play the position. Has size and can take up space but if he actually was a NT he would still be on SD roster cuz they are still looking for a 3-4 NT. Buyer Beware.

  4. Phuck the Chargers! They have the worst fans in the league, they are the epitome of fair weather fans.

  5. I liked this guy coming out of college , and I know the NT’s main job is oftentimes to tie up blockers and fight off double teams so the guys behind him can make plays , but . . . an average of 17.5 tackles per season and 1.5 sacks per season his first four years in the league don’t exactly conjure up visions of a great player . . .

  6. I’m ok with it if they are bringing him in to be the backup NT. Anyone that thinks he will be and upgrade to Mclendon at that spot hasn’t done any research on him. There’s a reason he was benched last year.

  7. Glad their trying to fill needs with Vets and not rookies who wont play for 2-3 years because of LeBeaus “Complex” system LOL hasn’t looks too complex to me the last 4 years

  8. Seems like the Steelers are left to poke around 2nd and 3rd tier talent left on the shelf. They need a very good draft haul because there are lots of holes.

  9. Coming from a chargers fan, he is worth a look if you can get him to play how you want. He never really showed up for us, hopefully he finds a change of scenery helpful

  10. NT in Steelers 34 Defense different then Chargers 43. In 34 defense NT primary job is to take up blockers and be up moveable freeing the linebackers to make plays. In a 43 defense NT job is also to rush the passer. Different players fit different styles a failure in one scheme could be a success in another.

  11. bryan43016 says:
    Mar 13, 2014 11:46 PM

    ‘NT in Steelers 34 Defense different then Chargers 43…”

    Chargers actually play 3-4 not 4-3. Thomas is better suited to be a 4-3 Tackle. As big as he is for some reason he could not command double teams as a starter. Was much better as a rotational back up NT. He seemed over matched playing the high number of snaps a starter plays.

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