Revis gets $12 million this year, $20 million or free agency next year


As it turns out, Darrelle Revis’s contract with the Patriots isn’t actually a one-year, $12 million deal. It’s actually a two-year, $32 million deal. But the second year will probably be voided.

Revis gets a $10 million signing bonus, a $1.5 million base salary and $33,333.33 for the first 15 games he’s active for in 2014. So assuming he plays at least 15 games, Revis gets $12 million.

Then the Patriots have the option to pick up the second year of Revis’s contract and pay him a $12 million roster bonus on April 1, 2015, plus a $7.5 million base salary and the same $33,333.33 for the first 15 games he’s active for in 2015. That would total $20 million for the 2015 season.

Realistically, it’s almost impossible to believe the Patriots would pick up that option. Even for a player as great as Revis, that $20 million is too much. After all, the Bucs couldn’t find any team even willing to give up a seventh-round draft pick to acquire Revis under his old contract, and that’s because no team wanted to pay Revis the $16 million a year that his old contract paid him.

So Revis will almost certainly hit free agency again next year, and because there’s a second year on the deal the Patriots can’t use the franchise tag on Revis. They have to either pay him the $20 million next year or cut him.

One thing that helps the Patriots, as Albert Breer of NFL Network pointed out, is that the two-year structure of the contract allows the Patriots to prorate the $10 million signing bonus over the two years of the deal. In other words, Revis counts just $7 million against the Patriots’ salary cap this year. In 2014, he’s a great deal.

The bill comes due in 2015, however, when the other $5 million of Revis’s 2014 pay would count toward the Patriots’ salary cap — even if they’ve already released him and he’s playing for someone else next year. (And that means if they did keep him under his current deal, Revis would count a whopping $25 million against the Patriots’ 2015 cap.)

But the Patriots will worry about next year next year. This was a deal to get a great cornerback on the Patriots this year. That’s what the Patriots have in Revis, even if it’s only a one-year rental.

63 responses to “Revis gets $12 million this year, $20 million or free agency next year

  1. His price will be driven down in FA next year as a consequence of him being embarrassed by TY Hilton. Just like Sherman and Talib were left in the dust.

    Some irrelevant team like the Raiders, Vikings, Jets etc will overpay him next year.

  2. Way to shift money with the cap but still took less to go to the Pats.

    Taxes people, listen and learn

    Go Cowboys!

  3. Would love to be Revis’ agent. He wins without ever playing a snap. If Revis wanted to play in a SB then he should have went to the Niners.

    SB Prediction–Niners vs. Broncos.

  4. Revis is greatly over valued. He is on the downside of his career. He is over hyped.

  5. he’s not playing for the patriots next year under that deal , and he’s only costing them 6.5 against the cap this year , gives them some room to go get some more help .

  6. The Pats will recoup some of those costs in the form of Revis’s locker room leadership, including his legendary ice cream socials.

  7. Man I love Revis and how he’s a football player and a businessman at the same time. Dude gets paid a lot of money just because he one of the best. If Seattle can lock up Sherman this or next year and Revis becomes a free agent in 2015…….

  8. Remember the “Axis of Evil” when Bush was in office? In today’s NFL, the equivalent would consist of Miami’s front office, 75% of Seattle’s team and overrated fans, all the people who want to change the Redskins’ name, the folks who want to alter the extra point, and the entire New England Patriots franchise.

  9. Brilliant! Gives the Pats a great CB at a reasonable cap hit in 2014 and both sides flexibility in 2015. Since the Pats won’t want $5M in dead money in 2015, an extension is more likely than flat out cutting him next offseason.

    If the Pats win Super Bowl XLIX, I don’t care what happens.

  10. Reves is Brilliant, he’s rolling the dice on his health but he will always get paid as long as he can play and he will make the decision on which team he plays for and for how much……

  11. That’s a lot of rental money for 1 year for a player that hasn’t shown he’s worth it.

  12. So this prevents the Pats from franshising him in 2015; either pay him $20M or he a free agent. That is a nice clause…

  13. So, Tampa cut Revis and he signed a cap friendly contract with the Patriots right away. Exactly like I said he would yesterday.

  14. You have to rate the quality of player deals and of team deals. I don’t care if it was Talib’s quad, he was hurt during the stretch run. I can’t imagine a quality front office signing him long-term. Denver may regret this and they’re losing a lot of money up-front on all these FAs. This sometimes hurts bench depth and re-signing players and shows up in late season and playoffs, especially after a successful run where the players have beome overvalued through their exposure. Talib got himself a good deal. Revis did OK. A guy whom everyone regrets signing long-term has to realize eventually he’ll need to play year-to-year and New England really helped themselves for a year. Dominique will land one, but no one should have expected Denver’s deal then or now, so it will be smaller but more realistic, not his fault.

  15. Revis is only 29. He is one year past the ACL tear and needs to prove himself worthy of his reputation and his next contract. I expect him to play to win.

    This contract will let the Patriots sign 2 to 3 more free agents (maybe one of their own) and their rookies but none will be bank busters like the Broncos.

  16. Let’s face facts. H

    – He’s washed up.

    – The Patriots have made an annual (embarrassing) tradition lately of signing over the hill players who don’t pan out.

    – Tom Brady’s window isn’t closing, it is closed.

    Chew on that Patsy fans.

  17. An overlooked aspect of this contract is that the bonus money isn’t due until April of 2015 for year 2. What the Pats have done is structured this years “prove it” contract to be cap friendly this year, and if Revis plays up to the $12M value he is being paid they have an extended period of exclusive negotiations with the 2015 Free Agent Revis. If he doesn’t play well they eat $5M against next years cap, but everyone expects the cap to increase over the next few years like it did this year.

    Not a Patriots fan, but it seems like a brilliant move on the part of NE given they lost their best corner to Denver two days ago.

  18. Love all the Jets fans disparaging this move even as more and more people point out how well this was constructed by the Patriots and Revis. Keep crying guys, your tears sustain the entire New England fan base. Have fun resigning Cromartie and his 29 kids

  19. Bill again is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. This give them room to sign more FA this year. Next year the tight end in jail 7 million cap hit comes off the books and the cap goes up. We got him for 1 year 12 million spread out over 2 years.

  20. Rent-a-players hardly ever work out. I think it might be because they have no loyalty to teammates, coaches, etc. This guy can play play great corner ( if the knee is solid ) but I’m not sure that translates into doing all the extra things that bring home the trophy.

  21. with teams now having 2 good recievers on each side it’s hard to imagine paying a player that much to shut down 1 player on the offense, may be the best reciever, but there are now great TE’s and slot guys that are becoming the difference makers in this passing game.

  22. Hmmm – $12 million for a 1 year low risk high reward Revis contract

    … or $57 million/6 years for a guy like Talib who has a bad hip and has NEVER played a full season in the NFL due to injury.

    Elway might not be feeling quite as victorious today as yesterday

  23. Is Revis going to play WR and CB for the Pats this year? Either way, it’ll be fun to watch the Pats fall in the AFC title game again next year. One player doth not a championship bring.

  24. Never thought I’d say this about the Patriots, but this looks like a desperate move on their part.

    Whether this contract goes for one year or two, that is a huge amount of money for CB. Revis is good, but its not like the teams he’s played for have gone to the postseason recently. In other words, the Patriots may need DBs, but they don’t need one this bad.

  25. I can’t believe the patriots did this I wonder if michael lombardi had a play in this situation, usually they would’ve just drafted some player from like hawaaii university or rutgers because you know they have intangibles.

  26. No Fan, from any team is jealous of a 12 million man that hasn’t played well in the past 2 years, just saying……

    If he has a good year, then people can make the jealous comments, but we must wait and see if Revis still has it.

  27. I think PFT missed the cosmetic point here, which was probably very important to Revis.

    He was scheduled to make $16 mill this year. The new contract is worth $16 mill per year.

    A one-year contract for $12 mill would have meant a pay cut, and Revis does not want it to seem like he took a pay cut. In his mind, he’s worth $16 mill a year, dammit.

    So the Pats gave him a $16 mill a year contract. even though there’s no chance he’s on the roster to collect the bonus next year.

  28. Jealous Yets fans speaking of Brady’s window being closed? Fans of their pathetic, annual joke of a franchise wouldn’t know an “open window” if they ran smack into it face first.

  29. Lets see, Jets beat the Pats last year without Revis, and they beat the Bucs last year with Revis. So no problem beating the Pats next year with Revis or until he re-injures his hammy trying to cover Decker. I can live with that.

  30. If the pats can sign a qb who doesn’t choke his butt off anymore they will be a contender. But the refs throwing crazy flags to compensate for for bad qb play helps too.

  31. Brady’s window is closed. And being a Yankees fan as well I think I know a little something about championships. Calling the Jets the “Yets” is original and funny though. You must have em rolling at parties.

  32. The real funny part to all of this is that all the Jets fans were CRYIN when Revis left and now they are in the “lashing out mode” of their whole sorrow routine.

    Every single one of you would have been posting “thank god he’s back” had he returned. Instead, now you are going to be stomping and swearing twice a year as he does the “pick six” routine on you. I only hope that Revis does the “Dion Glide” into the endzone when he does.

  33. I actually didn’t want him back and I’m glad Idzik was smart enough to realize the Jets’ money was better spent elsewhere. They’re building for the future – overpaying a declining cornerback makes no sense. Speak for yourself, friend.

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