Saffold takes less from Rams after Raiders deal falls through


Rodger Saffold’s failed physical with the Raiders cost him millions.

Minutes after the start of free agency on Tuesday, Saffold agreed to a five-year, $42.5 million deal with the Raiders that included $21 million guaranteed. But after the Raiders said on Wednesday that Saffold failed his physical, Saffold quickly agreed to a new deal with the Rams.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Saffold’s new contract is a five-year, $31.7 million deal that includes $19.5 million guaranteed. So the failed physical cost Saffold $1.5 million in guaranteed money, and $10.8 million over the length of the five-year deal.

Saffold does have the option to void the deal after three years, so if he plays well through 2016 it’s possible that he’ll end up hitting free agency in 2017 and making more money in the long run. But at the moment, that failed physical looks costly.

And it’s still unclear what was really behind Saffold’s failed physical. Saffold played the entire 2013 season for the Rams with a shoulder injury, and the official word from the Raiders is that the shoulder is why he failed his physical. But the Rams know Saffold’s medical status better than anyone, and they obviously think he’s going to be just fine. And Saffold claims the Raiders’ doctor told him after the physical that he was going to be cleared.

It’s possible that the Raiders are just using the failed physical as a cover story, and that the truth is they decided after initially agreeing to the contract that they didn’t want to pay Saffold that much money. That’s not a good look for the Raiders, who have tens of millions to spend under the salary cap but aren’t showing a lot of urgency about actually spending it.

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  1. Why would they have to change their mind after agreeing to a contract? That’s only one possibility. Couldn’t they have had something else up their sleeve and just used Saffold as some kind of pawn in a more convoluted game in which they never intended to bring him aboard?

  2. The Raiders should be penalized draft picks for lying to get out of a contract… Goodell taking the Raiders 2nd or 3rd rd pick sounds of the 2015 draft sounds about right.

  3. They must have been watching the Orioles void contract after contract citing failed physicals. Buyers remorse I guess. Lame no matter the reason.

  4. What decisions or moves has Reggie made that would instill confidence that he’s the guy you want calling the shots for rebuilding the roster? I’ve supported him until now, but am starting to go the other way.

  5. I wouldn’t have paid him all that money with a bum shoulder anyway. Move on! Sign Tuck and Raji and get some help at CB

  6. The raiders are pissing me off this organization is so dysfunctional, we have the most cap space in the league and we have 1 guy to show for it.

  7. Funny how everybody were talking about Saffold being injury prone and being paid too much, and now they are talking about how dumb the Raiders are for voiding the contract because he had a shoulder that needed surgery. Don’t get damned if you do damned if you don’t. Guess that’s just how the Raiders are viewed. It’s not over yet let’s see what’s happens from here, we have waited this long, no harm in waiting until the offseason is over before making a judgment.

  8. while the raiders may look to have decided they wanted out they meanwhile lost valdheer in the meantime so now they are without a true starter at tackle for 2014. as a ram fan i am glad the rams kept saffold and if the raiders call about trading up to #2 i would surely take an extra 2nd rounder and a 2015 2nd and 3rd pick especially when you figure they will be picking high again next year.

  9. The Raiders (or Mark Davis) might not have the money. Al Davis wasn’t an oil or business tycoon. The only asset he had that was worth a dang was the Raiders. It’s not like Mark Davis has some other source of revenue to fund the team. If he’s living like the typical heir, he might be spending the lions share of team earnings on his lifestyle.

    Frankly, the NFL should force a sale of the team to AEG and move the Raiders back to LA. The Davis family has only made that team an albatross to the other owners by being non-competitive for 30 years now. Just imagine how much revenue would be generated by bringing the black and silver back to LA and winning a few playoff games. You’d sell ten million jerseys in a few months.

  10. the rams should be ashamed of themselves signing a injured player for that much…thats more embaressing than the raiders offering that money..

  11. I guess the Raiders PR is still paying for Al’s decade of incompetence. Let’s see:

    Raiders offer Saffold 1.5 mil more guaranteed than the offer he ends up getting with Rams but somehow the Raiders are a “joke” and “dysfunctional”. Additionally, the Raiders never officially confirmed signing, this was leaked by Saffolds agent. Therefore, Raiders were being conservative given the injury risk and recent misses gambling on injured players.

    But all these pundits and trolls decide on their own “Raiders are laughing stock” narratives and automatically conclude they knew Raiders ENTIRE free agent/ Draft strategy. Obviously, their whole draft was based on letting go of Valdheer and signing Saffold! Of course, im sure this is all public information. And now, their ENTIRE DRAFT strategy is blown up… Please.

    The Raiders need a lot of help in a lot of positions. The only way to accomplish that is thru draft with a complement of modest FA pickups. Signing the most expensive FA is not part of that strategy.

  12. The rams say his shoulder is fine yet they did not match the raiders offer, why is that? maybe because his shoulder is not just fine and will require surgery so he is not worth the money due to the risk. yet hear everyone is pouncing on McKenzie for voiding a deal that he negotiated with an assumed healthy player only to find that was not the case don’t get me wrong i’m as pissed as any one for letting go of Veldheer but if he was’nt looked at by Reggie as a left tackle and Reggie wants a better o line then just average then i am willing to wait and see what the big guy does possibly a trade maybe? who knows maybe he wants to draft somebody either way no use crying about spilled milk Veldheer is gone and theirs no bringing him back if we suck next season then he will be fired but if he puts two good lines together and we surprise people then we as the raider nation will be happy because we don’t care about the name on there back we bleed silver and black rader nation out

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