Saffold’s shoulder injury possibly dates back to college

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The Rams know that tackle Rodger Saffold can play with the shoulder problem that kept the Raiders from signing him to a long-term contract.  After all, he played with it all year, after suffering a dislocation in the preseason.

He actually may have suffered the underlying injury years earlier.

Per a league source, Saffold originally suffered a partial tear of his labrum while playing college football at Indiana; that’s quite possibly the injury the Raiders’ doctors detected.  Whatever the source of the injury, it was enough to scare the Raiders away.

Some wonder whether the Raiders’ final decision was influenced by the fact that Saffold generally has not been durable.  In the last three years, he has missed 17 regular-season games.

The irony, then, is that the injury through which he has played is the one that kept him from getting paid.

Still, the Rams have no qualms about the shoulder injury.  But it’s believed his contract there will be structured to ensure that he’ll be paid if/when he is able to play.

12 responses to “Saffold’s shoulder injury possibly dates back to college

  1. As a Raider Fan im glad.

    More of a guard than a tackle.

    I wish him health.

    But 42million is too much for that guy.

    Especially hurt

  2. I’m starting to wonder that even though the Raiders have all this cap space, they may not have any money to throw at these players.

    If anyone remembers in 2008, Al had to sell a minority part of the team for around $150 mil so he could sign MeAngelo Hall, Tommy Kelly, Gibril Wilson.

    Just speculation, but Mark not having hundreds of millions of dollars wouldn’t be so far fetched.

  3. And yet it’s always the Raiders who are at fault…you media morons just don’t get facts straight before spouting your ‘wisdom’. Maybe…just maybe, the Raiders were actually right on this one.

  4. I’m just hoping for the first time we can get through 2 whole games in a row without the announcer saying “It appears to be an injured Ram on the field. It’s number 76 Rodger Saffold”

  5. It took me maybe 30 seconds to find out how many games Saffold missed during his career. I’m willing to bet $3 that the Raiders have access to more information than I do.

  6. I’m wondering if Mark Davis got spooked by this injury because he remembers the Matt Stinchcomb debacle from the 99 draft. Drafted him in the first round, had a shoulder injury, never started a game for the Raiders.

  7. Raiders are a certified dumpster fire. Naw more like a ladfill fire that can’t be extinguished.

    They knew he about the shoulder when they signed him and just used it as a pretext to back out of the deal after everyone jumped on them.

    Rams on the other hand mystify me. Why give this guy 19 mil guaranteed? He is petty dynamic at guard but 19 mil?

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