Talib, Revis wins game of cornerback musical chairs, DRC loses

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The free-agency frenzy can be dizzying for the media and fans.  Agents and teams have to keep their wits about them while in the blender, playing a game that is part checkers, part chess, part chicken.

For the players, there’s also a strong element of musical chairs.  In this year’s cornerback class, Aqib Talib and Darrelle Revis won.  Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie lost.

As of Tuesday afternoon, it appears that Talib would be the odd man out, relegated to doing a so-so multi-year deal with a new team or another one-year contract in New England.  As a league source explains it to PFT, when the Broncos were getting nowhere with DRC, Talib’s camp reached out to inquire about doing a deal.

Within two hours, a deal was done.

For Talib, he crafted the ultimate sweet spot.  A day before, a deal that pays him $12 million this year was regarded as an impossibility.  A day later, the Patriots would have been able to at least squeeze Talib by threatening to sign Darrelle Revis.

Talib jumped at the right time, getting a contract that few believed he’d ever get.  The Patriots never could have done it, given his off-field history and their misadventures with the unfortunately incarcerated Aaron Hernandez.  Other teams weren’t inclined to do it, because Talib’s reputation preceded him into most NFL cities.

The Broncos had a compelling need.  And they weren’t able to get Rodgers-Cromartie signed for an amount they deemed acceptable.

The swift move for Talib forced the Patriots to perhaps pay Revis more than the Pats wanted to pay.  Either way, both Talib and Revis are getting $12 million in 2013 — twice the $6 million-per-year market that existed in 2013.

Meanwhile, DRC is SOL.  He’ll eventually get signed, but not for the money he could have gotten two days ago in Denver.

32 responses to “Talib, Revis wins game of cornerback musical chairs, DRC loses

  1. DRC is also probably regretting his decision and wishing he would have made a different choice. Maybe his agent talked him out of taking the best deal and with the best team and the best situation for him. You know, to get something better.

    Like joining the Lions for a cheaper contract, wanna come over?

  2. It’s funny how things work. The guy that had the best and most complete season last year, who was the most important cog in their team’s machine, is the one getting trampled in the rush for two guys with incomplete seasons, injury troubles, and character questions.

  3. I don’t believe DRC is an worth anywhere near what Revis or Talib are getting… DRC should be getting around half probably in a Browns or Raiders uniform and if theyre smart the team that signs him will try to mask his deficiencies as a tackler and complex zones…

  4. Talib is waaay overrated. The Patriots won this one, even though signed Revis out of desperation. Btw, DRC is several levels below Talib and about 10 levels below Revis so how is he even in the discussion?

  5. Revis is used goods. He was bad in Tampa… why else release him… if he was that good they would have kept him. He’s never been the same from his injury and that’s why he’s only on a one year contract. DRC is way better than Revis at this point… this season will prove how bad this will be for the Pats.

  6. DRC isn’t really considered nearly as good as those other two. He isn’t bad, but clearly he was looking at a lower contract than those two unless he’s delusional. Oh wait, he actually might be.

  7. Tampa released him because he didn’t fit their new scheme. You gonna pay someone $16 mil who doesn’t fit your scheme. Moron.

  8. DRC needs to come back to Tennessee. He played his college football St Tennessee State University. They play all of their home games at LP field. He would make a great addition to the Titans especially after losing Verner to the Buccaneers.

  9. Hey DRC! Come to SF for $6-million and win a SB. Go to Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, or Cleveland, for $8+ million and win nothing. Your choice.

  10. For those keeping score at home:

    Allen tries to screw around with Elway to wrench money out of him like he is Dan Snyder.. Gets Ware instead…Allen fail.

    DRC tries to screw around with Elway to wrench money out of him by pretending he might retire gets Talib instead…drc fail.

    Dumervils agent tries to dk Elway around with fax gate. Replaced with rental Phillips who has a doom like year, goes to Super Bowl. Doom Fail.

    Tracy porter whines about being benched for sucking. Never to be heard from again. Fail.

    Dj Williams drinks his way off team then gets mouthy. Gone. Fail.

    Elway 5-0. I’m sure I missed a few more.

    When will agents and players get it? Denver isn’t kiddie league now. You want to be bmoc go to the redskins, not denver.

  11. He’s a decent corner gets burned sometimes but he’s pretty good should come join us in Tampa so we at least get two for the price of one, i’m going to miss Revis I thought he did good in zone he made the Pro bowl! The bucs had the money and lovie could of made him fit the system we could’ve put Revis on the other teams best receiver every time, while are right and nickel corners and safeties played zone. Would’ve worked beautiful and we would have had the best secondary in the NFL. And it’s not about the money it’s about pride because the bucs definitely had the money to keep him. And if Lovie was a good coach you make your system fit around a Player like Revis.

  12. DRC should fire his agent and call Jay-Z. I know he is drunk and crying right now. Grow a brain!!!

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