Ted Ginn to meet with Cardinals

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The Giants have reportedly turned their attention toward free agent wide receiver Ted Ginn after Jacoby Jones spurned their advances in favor of a return to Baltimore.

If so, they may have done it just in time to watch him board a flight to Arizona. Peter Schrager of FOXSports.com reports that Ginn is on his way there to meet with the Cardinals.

Should he wind up signing with the Cards, Ginn looks like a good fit for two spots. On offense, he could step into Andre Roberts’ role as a third receiver to go with Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd. Cardinals coach Bruce Arians has had good success with speedy receivers in the past and Ginn certainly qualifies for that description.

Ginn would also boost a kickoff return unit that finished 31st in the league last season. He’s returned three kicks for touchdowns in his career and his 23.1 yards per return last season topped Arizona’s output by more than three yards. Ginn also has three punt return touchdowns under his belt, so he could fit in there if the Cardinals want Patrick Peterson to focus on his cornerback duties.

13 responses to “Ted Ginn to meet with Cardinals

  1. Since we claim the worst ST’s Coach, Ginn could trip forward, and still be our best in years!
    “A day late, and another dollar short” Cards will sign him!


  2. Note to self: If Ginn signs, get the Cards DST in fantasy draft. Get them early. Between Ginn and Patterson, that’s an STTD every other game waiting to happen.

  3. Tedd Ginn? Wasn’t he that one wr that never lived up to the hype?

    The Cardinals? Aren’t they that sorry team in Arizona that tries to play football but never figured out how?

    The Ravens? Aren’t they that one team that spanks dat Pittsburgh A**? Yup!

    Tim Tebow? Isn’t he that one guy that took a dukey on Heinz Field and knocked the Steelers out of the playoffs? #one-n-done

  4. Obviously anyone that rips this move if Ginn signs with the Cardinals has no football IQ.

    The Cards need a #3 receiver that can stretch the field, and Ginn can certainly do that. He improved his receiving skills once he left the Dolphins, as he appears capable of catching 40-50 passes per year which is all you need with Fitz and Floyd as your primary receivers.

    Ginn is also a huge upgrade as a returner. Javier Arenas was awful past year as a kick returner, and it’s time to play PP21 as strictly a shut down corner. This makes Ginn signing with the Cardinals a very significant move

  5. As a Cards fan, I wouldn’t mind seeing Ginn come as a kick returner. Honey Badger was hurt on a kick return, and Patrick Peterson is one bad break away from having the same thing happen to him. Those two guys are not expendable, Ginn is.

    And he’ll certainly never replace Andre Roberts. Yes, he has speed to burn. His problem has always been he has some of the worst hands in the league. Getting separation isn’t the problem, catching the ball is.

    A capable kick returner and a decoy receiver. Sign him up!

  6. Ted Ginn is a one trick pony. Every team from OSU, to the Dolphins, the Niners the Panthers, have realized, that the speed on film is an aberration. Teddy cannot catch the ball, he is fragile and made of glass, and the one or possibly two retun TD’s is not worth the money, or his old man crying cuz you don’t use him right. Cardinals have Patrick Peterson, why would you waste a roster spot on returner who could not carry PP’s jock?

  7. so….instead of gaining receivers they let go of 3 smh put the fate of a turnaround in a bunch of untested NFL rookies hand….if the Panthers stink it up next year they will lose Cam as well. Cam in Dallas throwing to Dez and Witten sounds pretty interesting because we know Jerry pretty much has given up on his 8-8 season lol trade Romo for Cam get rid of Romo gigantic contract

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