Texans may hold off on cutting Matt Schaub, try to trade him


Matt Schaub is not expected to play for the Texans this season. But that doesn’t mean the Texans are going to cut him.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that the Texans are keeping Schaub for a while, and Schaub won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

If Schaub is still on the team when the season starts, he’ll cost more than $14 million against the Texans’ salary cap. So it’s extremely unlikely that he’ll still be on the Texans in September. But the Texans may think they can get something for Schaub in a trade. And they may be right.

The Browns are reportedly interested in bringing in Schaub, who previously played for Cleveland offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. The Texans would be smart to see if they can convince the Browns to give up a draft pick for Schaub.

The Texans’ starting quarterback will probably be Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel or Blake Bortles, one of whom they’ll select with the first overall pick in the draft. But until things get settled this offseason, they’re keeping all their options open by keeping Schaub.

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  1. It won’t be more than a 5th rounder.. someone who probably won’t make the team anyways…just cut him and save the $10 million in cap space.. sign a quality proven vet or 2 and plug one of our many holes.

  2. Keep him until after the draft then cut him. Even though Schaub sucked last season, he was a decent QB for Houston for quite a while and represented the franchise well. After what he dealt with in terms of fans going to his house and all that crap, the Texans should at least cut him a little break and allow him a chance to catch on somewhere else.

    Hold onto him until June and it may be hard for him to get a contract this year and once a QB is out of the league for a year it is hard to get back in.

  3. Unless someone really wants him,they’re going to wait like they did Revis and bid on him. Teams shouldn’t announce they’re cutting anyone and try to trade them in the first place. You devalue the guy doing that.

  4. Nobody is going to offer a bag of chips for him because he’s not worth his salary. He’ll be making $1.5M for someone next year and holding a clipboard.

  5. .

    Murphy’s Law : whatever can go wrong, will go wrong, at exactly the wrong time. syn: Schaub’s 2013 season


  6. They should try and trade him. The Raiders are sitting in a corner and waiting on his release. They may be able to punk the Raiders for a draft pick. After all, Mckenzie (GM of the Raiders) has already messed the Raiders up for the immediate future by letting all his young talent go so the stupidity might as well continue. LOL


    The Texans have called Minnesota trying to trade Matt Schaub to the Vikings. In return they will like a fullbag of Doritos.


    The Vikings have turned down the Texans. According to insiders the Vikings don’t believe Matt Schaub is worth a fullbag of Doritos. A handful maybe, but not the entire bag.

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