Vikings took giant leap of faith with Griffen, with $19.8 million guaranteed


The Vikings know defensive end Everson Griffen better than any other team, and they knew him better than any of the free-agent pass rushers.

The Vikings apparently believe in Griffen.  In a major way.

Despite a couple of off-field issues early in his career, a short-term move to linebacker in 2012, and one career start in four seasons, the Vikings gave Griffen $19.8 million in fully-guaranteed money at signing, per a source with knowledge of the contract.

It comes from a $6 million signing bonus, and fully guaranteed base salaries of $6.9 million in 2014 and 2015.

The deal includes workout bonuses of $100,000 per year, base salaries of $6.9 million in 2016 and 2017, and a base salary of $8.4 million in 2018.

Griffen knows the Vikings expect him to step up.  His contract definitely pays him under the assumption that he will.

UPDATE 10:44 p.m. ET:  The numbers outlined above come from an NFLPA breakdown of the contract.  An NFL source says that the 2015 base salary is guaranteed for injury only until the third day of the 2015 league year.  That would reduce the full guarantee to $12.9 million.  If accurate, it’s still a lot of guaranteed money for a guy with one career start.

15 responses to “Vikings took giant leap of faith with Griffen, with $19.8 million guaranteed

  1. He stayed out of trouble. He accepted his role the first couple years. He was patient. Now he’s paid. Why cant organizations and players keep it this simple all the time?

  2. Sure why not, his agent probably showed them the same text that Indiana Jones found and it worked out ok for him. You just have to have faith and not walk crooked when traveling across the invisible bridge.

  3. And now he’ll have Jasper Brinkley backing him up at Mike again! If we can sign a corner and draft another awesome one then we can get back to 2012 defense. It’s not the top but it was a much better team than last year!

  4. Like I said the gift that keeps on giving. 19 million guarantee for a career backup while a proven commodity like Decker receives 15 million. Because of lack of interest league wide in the Vikings along with Allen opting out to go to winner Spieladope was desperate. So he props up one of his draft picks with an outrageous contract that no other team would have came close to offering.

    Now look at Ted he signs Neal back who outperformed Griffen last year for less than half that price per year. This is the difference we make the playoffs and the vikes don’t.

  5. As long as they keep Chris cook out of MN I will be happy.

    Unlike the troll Viking fans, I know it takes time. Any logical Vikings fan isn’t shouting Superbowl or dynasty.

    Heck, Green bay went from 1973 to 1988 with only 1 winning record. No matter what the trolls say.

    Things are looking up for the Vikings with the new staff and free agents.

  6. Can someone remind me why Spielman is a genius?

    This off season suggests otherwise, exactly who are the Vikings bidding against when they hand out $20 guaranteed for a DE that has started a total of 1 game? Who are the Vikings bidding against when they sign a 2nd String QB with less than stellar stats for even more money than they paid him last year to sit on the bench behind the prodigal son, Noodle Arm Ponder?

    The best is yet to come, what’s the over/under on Spielman drafting a sawed-off runt of a QB in the 1st round? Can anybody said, “bust”?

  7. Mike Neal got less than half the money because he is less than half the player. Name one Packer player besides that Fabio-wannabe with the 17.5 sacks in 3 years that this back-up had. He’s ready, and now he gets his chance. Let’s talk about pay vs. performance next year at this time when he outperforms Matthews.

    Besides, isn’t this the Packer way here? Letting the star in his 30’s walk and replacing him with the younger in-house backup? Wait, maybe we’re not doing it right…..

    Allen was too old and slow. He wasn’t worth the money. Next man up. The Vikings will be better off without him. Griffen is the better player. He’s younger and cheaper. Blah blah blah…..

  8. First off, The Broncos were (of course) offering him 9 million a year, and Michael Johnson got a similar contract. Griffen has a higher upside and similar production to Johnson, so it’s not like they were totally out of line with their contract.

    Second, it doesn’t matter that he only has one start. He had over 600 snaps last season. It doesn’t matter if those snaps came as a starter or a reserve, snaps are snaps.

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