Vince Wilfork wants out of New England


As big a deal as the Patriots made last night, they might be on the verge of having a bigger hole.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Wilfork has asked the team for his release, after 10 seasons.

The team approached him once about restructuring his contract, but that didn’t go far. He’s scheduled to make a base salary of $7.5 million this year, and count $11.6 million against the salary cap.

That is a number they don’t want to pay for a 31-year-old coming off an Achilles injury.

How they handle this one will be interesting, because they need that number off the books, but they’d also blow a huge hole (pun absolutely intended) in the middle of their defense by letting him go.

181 responses to “Vince Wilfork wants out of New England

  1. That’s the problem with signing high-priced free agents on the same side of the ball as highly valued veterans that you are trying to low-ball.

    Wilfork is worth more to them than Revis will be. Poor trade-off. He’ll be welcome in Pittsburgh – we need a starting nose tackle, so we can slide Steve McLendon over to DE.

  2. Guys like Wilfork don’t grow on trees, mainly because the branches can’t support them. New England definitely looks better with him holding down the center of their line than [fill in the blank].

  3. “How they handle this one will be interesting, because they need that number off the books, but they’d also blow a huge hole (pun absolutely intended) in the middle of their defense by letting him go.”

    My co workers actually looked at me and asked what was so funny.

  4. It’s mind boggling how cheap the Patriots are. This guy was their rock before he got hurt. I just hope Edleman tells Kraft the same thing Welker did.

  5. A 33 year old**. After Brady, Wilfork is the guy everyone loves down here. But with that cap number, if he doesn’t restructure it’s best to let him go. Free agency is loaded with defensive lineman and the draft is right around the corner. I hope he restructures, if not, we love you Wilfork.

  6. wrong side of 30 coming off a Achilles , love big vince but its time to move on . need cap money and a pass rush. he could never get pressure up the middle need that to help jones and niko .

  7. Bet he didn’t mind when players restructured so he could get paid. Love him but an Achilles injury for someone his size is a big deal.

  8. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!
    Sign up Peppers or Allen! It’s a passing league now and New England stopped the run just fine last year with undrafted plugin players.

  9. They’ll never deal him to My Mammy , but we’d love to have him . . .
    oh , wait . . . it’s the Raiders on line one , offering a first round pick. I guess they didn’t learn anything from the Richard Seymour/Carson Palmer trades . . .

  10. Why did they release Sopoaga when they could have released Wilfork and kept Sopoaga to play nose tackle.

  11. Vince

    Thanks for a great 10 years. Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on your way out the door

  12. good riddance,got paid last yr to sit on your FA! caused a huge stink last contract time. does he understand they went to afc champ game without him? cmon big fella give a little!

  13. ruthless …… why does anyone want to play for the Pats?

    I mean it’s a business we all get that, but what about taking care of guys that have shed blood and sweat for the cause? its not like Wilfork hasn’t performed. he has performed very well.

    plus guys seem to be coming back from achilles injuries.

  14. I hope my Pats cut him. I’m in the minority, but I always felt Wilfork was overrated. They’ve been soft against the run for years since Ted Johnson, Vrabel, Bruschi, and McGinest left.

  15. Patriots have no loyalty to anyone not named Brady. It’s plain as day. They’ve asked just about everyone they’ve ever had on their roster to take a pay cut, cut them for salary cap relief (yea, Brady restructured but he did that on his own), or paid them below market value.

  16. Denver hasn’t signed any big named DTs yet, they could probably squeeze him in. They should ask him agent if he would take less with them than the Pats in exchange for a great chance to win a title.

  17. What kind of market is there for a 31-year-old NT coming off an achilles injury? I can’t imagine it being very big. Vince should have accepted a re-worked contract. I hope he enjoys signing a 1 or 2 year deal worth 4-5 million a year. Idiot.

    I bet this has a lot to do with his wife/agent.

  18. “That is a number they don’t want to pay for a 31-year-old coming off an Achilles injury.”

    Wilfork is 32 and will be 33 by the middle of the season.

    It will be tough to see the big guy go but he’s just not worth an 11.5 million dollar salary. In the end it’s a business and the Patriots have to do what’s best for the team. Achilles tendon injuries are the worst and even before he went down he got manhandled by Vladimir Ducasse.

    Use the money to bring in Melton, Peppers, Tuck, Browner etc. Sealver Siligia played well last year but the Patriots will have over 18 million dollars in cap space if they grant Wilfork is release. They’ll have a ton of money to improve.

  19. Just because they release him doesn’t mean he won’t come back. This is the only way both sides can find out if they’re wrong about his worth if they’re really not able to come to an agreement on restructuring his deal.

  20. Carefull what you wish for Vince. What team needs a nose tackle at that price? Never mind one coming off of a major injury and on the back nine of his career.

  21. the tom brady farewell parade is starting to tune up. and the timing isn’t looking good to march off into the sunset…

    Denver did it for Elway, Steelers did it for Bettis, Ravens did it for Ray, Denver is probably going to do it for Manning. I just don’t see where this team is getting any better anytime soon.

  22. … Vince , Smart Move , I would leave these Bunch of Losers ASAP , they won’t even make the Playoffs this Year !!! …

  23. was /is pretty good but for a big guy the Achilles thing has to be bad if kobe is having trouble coming back nobody works as hard and keeps their body well like him, time to move on or take a pay cut, oh by the way bill says hey steve meet tom

  24. Patriots absolutely did not stop the run with who they got to replace Wilfork and Kelly, and it was awful to watch their line get gashed by the opposing RBs every game.

    Not sure where this is coming from or why he wants out, but silver lining if they release him is that it would open another $8 million in cap space. I was looking forward to having him back though, so hopefully he reconsiders

  25. LOL @ the patriots. These idiots will not have many former greats in their ring of honor bc how they treat players.

    All that crap talk about how much Big V means to the owner & look what they do?

    They wonder why everyone hates that cheating a$$ franchise.

  26. Considering the money they just dropped on Revis, I can’t say I blame Wilfork.

    As for his age, I wouldn’t put him in mothballs just yet. There are plenty of nose tackles who have played well past the age of 35 and done so very productively (Pat Williams and Sam Adams are two examples).

    He will not have any trouble finding work elsewhere.

  27. I love Vince- but he’s not as important as some of the other holes. Hate to see him go but the Pats needs to shake up the D a little bit to just get a little bit better.

  28. The NFLPA should fight to put a clause in the CBA that requires a team to immediately grant a player UFA the moment they ask that player to take a pay cut! These contracts the players sign are a joke. Are you listening DeMaurice?

  29. This guy was a heck of a player for them. An absolute WARRIOR in the trenches plus a guy with incredible athleticism & playmaking ability for a man of that size. If I were a Patriots fan I’d be pissed. Apparently the Patriots have prioritized a ‘me first’ guy in Revis instead of a ‘team first’ guy in Wilfork. I’m curious to see what Bruschi & McGinest have to say about this one…

    However…The Patriots will still find a way to win the division & make the playoffs. I hate to say it but it’s pretty incredible what they do year in & year out.

  30. See you later Vince, it’s been great but your time has come. He’s an all time great, but if he won’t consider a pay cut, he’s out the door.

    He’s 32 years old, around 400 lbs and coming back from a torn achilles. He’ll never be the same again. No way the can afford an $11 million cap hit.

    Sign a slob now and add depth in the draft.

  31. Big Vince is one of my favorite Patriots. Hopefully they can work it out. It’s a business, Vince. You won’t get that salary anywhere. The team did make it to the AFC Championship without you.

  32. 1) I don’t blame him. Winning gets old.


    2) They won without him last year


    But I guess – according to all recent TWO TIME Super Bowl LOSING Pats fans – this is all part of Saint Bill’s plan right? because he is just SO smart and you are all just SO lucky…
    what’s it been? 10 years now?

  33. Wilfork is being emotional. It’s probably his wife who is the one who is pissed. At any rate the Patriots will work this out in the long run. Should they fail to do so and Wilfork moves on, it won’t be the end of the world.

  34. He wants to be a part of one of best D line rotations in the NFL and he could go to lunch w/ the guy he calls the best center in the league. The Mangold/Wilfork love fest shall continue!!!! Nick approves this 1000%!!!! He really wants to stick it to Bill and Tom. He can’t wait to get those mitts on #12!!!!

  35. “Having a bigger hole”?

    He left in week 4 and the Pats went to the AFC championship. There is no doubt the impact Wilfork has had on this team. However, with his age, salary and now injury it may be best to part ways if he is unwilling to restructure. That money can be used elsewhere.

  36. Wilfork wasn’t dominant before before last years injury the way he was in the past, it was losing Mayo that made the whole house of cards fall apart on defense last year.
    I hope like hell the Pats can keep him though, he’s still young enough to get back to his old butt fumble forcing self and I expect he would have rounded into shape last year if he hadn’t got hurt.

  37. What’s guaranteed for this year? If you release him, you still take a cap hit (he’s under contract) and he’s probably got at least 5 million guaranteed if you cut him.

  38. This was predictable. Vince and his wife are “bottom line” people, albeit very popluar in the Boston area.
    But he’s made $32 of the $40M he signed for; not bad in today’s NFL, where clubs are regularly dumping people w/ $25-$30M left on their deals.
    He’s also a 340 lb. guy who’s 32 and coming off a torn Achilles.
    Is he surprised he was asked to restructure?

  39. “An awesome secondary doesn’t help you if you can’t stop the run or rush the passer.”

    Stopping the run is something Wilfork has done well in the past before tearing his Achilles but he’s never rushed the passer well in his career. Even if Wilfork stayed it would be Jones and Ninkovich rushing the passer not him.

    Honestly it’s more of a sentimental loss than anything else. All Patriots fans love Wilfork but every player has their day when they’re no longer worth the money they are scheduled to make. The Patriots advanced to the AFC Championship game without Wilfork last year so it’s not like they need him to make it deep into January.

  40. Patriots are proving to be turn-coats in free-agency again this year when it comes to re-signing their own vets- and paying the price.

    There is a lot to be said of taking care of your own when it comes to free agency and re-signing key players.

    Couldn’t bring themselves to sign Wes Welker last year, because Amendola was so much better?

    Let Talib walk in favor of a one-year Revis rental?

    Now at risk of losing Wilfork. Who are they gonna replace him with? Raji?

    Belichick used to be intrepid when it came to free-agency and the draft. These days he’s flailing.

  41. I am an admitted Patriot hater but Wilfork as always seemed to be a good guy in terms of his attitude and all the public service he does.

    Hope if the Pats do release him, he ends up somewhere that he can be happy.

  42. Any team even thinking of signing this guy will also have to pony up for those extra plumbing expenses. The man is a world class clogger of toilets. It sounds funny until your complex is 2 feet deep in raw sewage after he spent an entire night hammering oysters and wings. ugh….

  43. dont realease him..please trade him for a possible first chicagooo something like that,dont let him walk away like that…TRADE HIM!

  44. Both sides are right on this one. According to patscap, Wilfork will count 11.6 million against the cap, but only 3.6 million if cut, an $8,000,000 cap savings. The Pats want to restructure and keep him, but he believes he can get more on the open market. Let him test the market, and if the money is close, both sides would be willing to work out a return. If not, Vince gets his money, and the Pats get 8 mil. to spend.

  45. I’m sorry, the Patriots will be paying players up to the cap. They are not cheap, they just pay their entire roster on a more egalitarian basis. Vince is looking at mercenaries getting paid big dollars and wants a piece of the action. Sorry Vince, you were well paid sitting out a year and will be well paid this year. Bill won’t blink but he might trade you like he did Richard Seymour. You remember him Vince, he won three Super Bowls and was traded so they could pay you.

  46. Let me get this straight. NE fans say an Achilles for a big man is doomed and “don’t let the door hit you in the _ss but they want him to stay with a pay cut? I do believe ole’ Bill has lost it and the players are figuring it out.

  47. Hard to see a guy walk in the door after years of being the enemy and get paid more than you and garner more respect than you do at your own position.

    Vince Wilfork is a guaranteed first ballot hall of famer. I really don’t know if Revis has done enough to even be considered a hall of famer.

    Yet you’re going to give a guy who was the enemy more money than the guy who played in the most violent position in all of football and was dominant at that position for 10 years for your team, WHILE ASKING HIM TO TAKE LESS.

    Here’s a better idea for the patriots, ask Tom Brady to take less again while downgrading his WR’s.

    The Patriot way is to mistreat quality players while still demanding more and expecting them to take less.

  48. Not a shockah… Vince wants to get paid. Some team will overpay for him in the open market. BB won’t offer much to stay, at least not what he wants… remember people , he was a team captain and spokesdude for the defense… that means he has to be the highest paid on that defense. (in his mind)… they just gave Revis 12M… that has to piss off Vince.
    See ya Vince… thanks for everything!!!

  49. Vince you were a great Patriot and should be in the Pats HOF. but you are a 350lb man on the wrong side of thirty coming off major surgery. I don’t fault either side for this. You were due way too much money and did not want to re-structure. Gone are the days that most teams are gonna spend big bucks like that on a nose tackle. Hope you do find a team that will do that for you. You will be missed.

  50. New England doesn’t need him to stop the run or toget to the playoffs….have any of you seen the teams in the AFC East? pathetic….save and sign a new punt returner since that’s all AFC East teams (not named New England) do….

  51. This one hurts. Vince gives it all every moment he is on the field and doubly so off it, to the community. Damn.

    I really hope that he reconsiders the release request. “It’s a business,” is a two-way street that hopefully crosses paths in situations like this.

    Both sides need to step back and look at the benefits they have each received to this point. Meet in the middle and make the guy a life-time Pat Patriot.

  52. For all the people saying Wilfork should go to Denver he might not even be the third DT on that team. Knighton and Wolfe are definitely better than Wilfork and they just drafted Sly Williams last year in the first round. It just wouldn’t be a good investment.

    He’ll probably get a one year prove it deal. 3-4 teams should be looking at him to split snaps at the nose tackle position. He’s a bad fit for a 4-3 in today’s NFL because he can’t rush the passer. Houston with Crennel coming in seems like a good fit. Maybe Green Bay could look to add him if Raji leaves as well.

  53. When you add Revis to your defense, you must make the choice that he is the financial nucleus of the defense, you sign him to a massive deal long-term and build 100% around him. Any other player contracts and players that inhibit that building process must be subtracted, Wilfork was going to be cut regardless because he wasn’t going to accept a pay cut. I think him asking for it, just saves face a little bit. It’s a cap casualty, Wilfork earns his dough. But losing Spikes and Wilfork is a massive hole to recover from…

  54. Would be nice if he stay’s, but he wasn’t playing well before the Achilles injury, and given that along with the age/injury situation the Pats can’t be blamed for wanting to reduce an 11+ mil cap #.

    A lot of posts above make it seem like only the Pats do this to aging vets. Obviously don’t pay attention to rest of the league.

  55. After everything the Patriots have done for Wilfork, this is how he acts? What a disgrace. This is really the way he wants to go out? What a jerk. I can’t respect that at all.

  56. It’s not about the money but I have a family.

    I am fine with guys going for the cash but the sob stories are a bit nauseating. Wilfolk has been treated very well and paid well by the Patriots, has a chance to retire as a Hall of Fame player (NFL and Patriots), and now he wants to play the victim. Vince has been a gem on and off the field but did he really think they weren’t going to have to pay a corner?

  57. Reality is, with Al Davis passing away the Pats cant fleece anyone to take old players/overpriced guys off their hands and give them draft pics. It’s over Bill/Robert.

  58. The curse of BadLipReading… he wants to go to a team that doesn’t have gum on the benches. (Of course Carson Palmer is still looking for that owl)

  59. Wouldn’t mind seeing him leave the whole AFC east. Hell, the Dolphins ain’t been able to block this dude in ten years. Good riddance!

  60. Moving on will be good for both parties in this regard:

    1. The Pats spending $7m something for DT is a mistake in the NFL today. That type of money is spent at other positions…ie, passrusher, shut-down CB (CHECK!), big WR, etc. The next guy on my to-do list would be Mankins. $10.5m for a guard? Stupid…regardless of how good he is.

    2. Brady took a couple of cuts so that guys like Wilfork and others could get paid… #75 didn’t do the same, paying it forward so to speak. While I’m not thrilled that Wilfork wouldn’t agree to an extension to lower his base (assuming that was part of the discussions between him and the team), I don’t blame him for wanting to get whatever he thinks he deserves. He’s been in the trenches and is one helluva football player and an even better person in the community. If he wants to take his talents elsewhere, good for him. I will always hold him in high regard for his time with the Pats.

  61. Use the money to bring in Melton, Peppers, Tuck, Browner etc. Sealver Siligia played well last year but the Patriots will have over 18 million dollars in cap space if they grant Wilfork is release. They’ll have a ton of money to improve.
    I share your sentiment. The defense has ranked at the bottom of the league with the same guys for over 4 years. Time for a change. Release him along with arrington and scrubovich and bring in Peppers, Allen and Browner (SS). Our starting D would look like this:
    Jones, Armstead, Peppers, Allen
    Collins, Hightower, Mayor
    Revis, Browner, McCourty, Dennard

  62. “Jets!”

    Wha? No thanks, we got “Snacks” and for less than 1/25th of what Wilfork makes against the cap…..

  63. Indy pick him up! you have the cap space and he is worth the risk! if he is in shape it could help stop the run…..maybe!

  64. Already 101 comments ever notice when there there is a thread about the patriots all the haters come out if they can take a jab at NE. It’s called jealousy

    Vince was paid 32 million of a 40 million dollar contract and now in the last year they are asking him to restructure so the don’t take an 11 million dollar cap hit(SOMTHING EVERY TEAM DOES) but when the patriots do it it’s because they are cheap.

    We call this HATER logic.

  65. While Vince has been a great player the current NFL and his age have proven to be his achilles. You just can’t take an $11.0M+ cap hit for a run stuffing DT. It is all about pressuring the QB and as a Pats fan I would rather see someone who can move Peyton off his mark.

  66. He talked like this last time his contract was an issue. He played the disrespect card then got his payday. I love me some Vince but the fact of the matter is you can’t say you lived up to your end of the contract when you spent the last year on the bench and still got paid. I see nothing wrong or dis-respectful about the Patriots asking for a restructure. Throw on a couple more years at a 7 million a year average and go play ball.

  67. Dude is an old nose tackle – getting a pay cut, he’d still make more money with the Patriots then with free agency.

    Just ask Raji who turned down 8 mil per year last year.

  68. “He’s scheduled to make a base salary of $7.5 million this year, and count $11.6 million against the salary cap.”

    And he thinks he is going to do better than that elsewhere if he is released? A 34 year old run stuffer coming off an achilles would be lucky to get half of that.

  69. The ravens just did the exact same things with Suggs and nobody called them “cheap”. Patriots do the same thing and here come the crybabies.

  70. I love Vince, but $7.5M isn’t realistic. He’d get $5M on the open market and maybe that makes sense for him. The team may want to get more athletic up front and sign Jarred Allen to a cheaper deal.

  71. Its always easy to repeat the mantra “NFL is a business…bottomline” when it’s one of the other 31 teams in the league.

    But it will be tough as a Patriots fan to see Mr. Wilfork part ways with the franchise.

    Stay classy #75 – will miss what you brought to the team on the field and off.

  72. I always laugh when I see a Jags fan trying to taunt Pats fans by calling the Pats failures for losing in the AFCG or Super Bowl.

    Sure it sucks see the team you follow losing that last game of season…but I’d rather my team still be playing in mid January than out of the hunt in October.

  73. He still gets prorated bonus of 4.2 million if they cut him, with 6 million cap hit. And get nothing back.

  74. Be careful for what you wish, especially if you pay him big guaranteed bucks.

    I can see it now. Wilfork goes to the Steelers for a huge guaranteed contract and tying up huge amounts of cap space. He then blows out his other Achilles or a knee ending up on the IR.

    Instead of it could happen, it is likely to happen with an older heavyset guy.

  75. Wilfork is not worth as much as he makes, period.
    He is only there to eat up blocks and free up teammates. He is good against the run, but is horrible against the pass. As the game wears on you start to see him lag and go a 1/4 the speed as he did in the 1st quarter. He is just not worth the
    cap space he eats up.

  76. Love the guy, nothing bad to say about him. But even Brady didn’t get market from the Patriots. Not breaking the bank is the tradeoff you get for all those MNF appearances, and year after year of playoffs.

  77. So many jealous, hating fans of other teams. No matter what happens, no matter who signs with which team, N.E. contends, year in, and year out.

  78. How refreshing to see another player stand up against Billicheat and the darlings of the East.

  79. “The Patriots are the gold standard franchise in the NFL”
    —Shannon Sharpe

    I think he knows what he’s talking about. 5 AFC Championships in 8 appearances in the Brady/Belichick era. 3 Super Bowl titles. Winners of more Super Bowls in the last 20 years than any other team in the NFL.


  80. you were paid all last year just to play 4 games…why did you not give your checks for 12 weeks back or restructure your contract last yr cos u were hurt.ALL they asking you is a fair favor cos u played less for all u earned last yr and you are a big hit to the cap this yr so they cant sign good player if you dont,,be fair cos they were fair to you las yr

  81. Now he can sign with the 49’ers or Seahawks as a role player for a couple of seasons . If worse comes to worse he can sign with the Dolphins because he played at the U.

  82. Most fans don’t understand the locker room dynamics, the fact that every player knows what their teammates are being paid and it gets emotional at times when you feel you are being underpaid.

    That’s the problem in paying Revis the big bucks, it sets this tidal wave into motion and Vince ends up feeling slighted. Granted, he probably won’t make any more money by signing with another NFL team but for sure, he is not going to stay in NE where they haven’t won a Superbowl since the NFL took away their cameras and their advantage.

  83. One other point… at some point the NFL players association has to bear all of the blame for these situations… the owners hold all the cards, have all the leverage, and these NFL contracts are a joke.

    Did Vince really think he was going to get all the way to the end of this current contract??? (seriously?)

    Vince… even Brady had to restructure!!!

  84. Just release him then
    He will get mill this yr especially if ware got paid he was worse n he played

    Pats only have 3 yr window left so yes they can win afc east again
    But they have no wr still. Gronk will be injured again

  85. The Packers have a gapping hole at NT right now, wonder if they’d be interested in Wilfork?

  86. The Patriot Way means come play for us until we make the mistake of thinking you are no longer necessary and then we won’t honor our contracts because we are cheap and have zero loyalty.

  87. Dearly love Big Vince. He’s been a rock for us for plenty of years, but a 33 year old nose tackle with a bad wheel isn’t worth what he’s on the books for.

    My personal preference? Release him and take that cash and go after Rodgers-Cromartie. The Patriots handled the rest of the AFC last season (primarily WITHOUT Vince), but couldn’t keep up with the Broncos passing attack. Give me another strong, experienced cornerback or safety, with some money left over to try and make Edelman happy.

    Happy Trails, Vince. Thanks for the memories, but it’s time to move on.

  88. Trade him to the Jags. He has always talked about riding off into the Florida sunset. Problem is he won’t pass any team’s physical with a half healed Achilles. Sorry Big Vince, but your time is up.

  89. We do not want to lose Vince but Vince knows that he is now a risk with that Achilles …… I hope he quits listening to the Little Woman long enough to come to his senses and restructure…..he knows his value….he knows how the Pats feel about him …… he also knows that they can’t take that cap hit…..Vince has always been a common sense company man (ok….there was that 1 year) …. a man of character who will someday be a Defensive Line coach for the Pats…….don’t react out of emotion Vince….think this through and see the BIG PICTURE…. restructure you will get exactly what you are due just in a different formula… a different time frame….YOU ARE A PATRIOT FOR LIFE…..don’t blow this.

  90. Wilfork has been a great Patriot, on and off the field. I can see this from both sides, but I think the Pats are more in the right. Pats did put him thru the ringer on his last contract, however, he signed for 40 mil and collected 32. That includes 6.5 last yr when he played poorly for only 4 gms. He also had a poor gm in the 2012 AFC Championship gm. He’s coming off an achilles, has always had problems with his weight and will turn 33 during next season. Pats were right to ask him to take a cut, Vince has every right to stand his ground. I just hope at this late juncture, when a lot of guys have been signed, both parties have contingency plan and it works out for everyone.

  91. Difficult to understand how a 31-yr old NT coming off an Achilles tendon injury, apparently feels he’s being slighted by playing for a 7.5 mil base salary…and with a team and city that he’s had a decade’s worth of history with? Has to be ego, I would think…

  92. I like the Patriots but I hate their lack of loyalty to their players. Plus I can’t believe they signed Revi$ and let Talib walk.

  93. Pats lo-balled him when he 1st signed it and now want to cheap their way out of paying him. Thats how they do you…its the patriots way.

  94. I think he knows he’s not going to make that elsewhere. I think he is proving a point here.

    He’s made enough money to tell the Patriots to stick it. He watched players leave, he played his heart out and remained loyal.

    In the end maybe he sacrifices a few mil but will feel much better going somewhere he is truely wanted.

  95. This is far from over. If the Revis deal is the issue, Wilfork has to realize it’s a one year thing, and it plugs a hole that Wilfork also needs plugged if he wants to win a championship. Unlike Revis, Wilfork would get a multi year deal and some security, albeit not at the high numbers he is at now. This happens with just about everyone that stays with a team. Wilfork would normally get more money from another team, but the injury changes that. It’s not like he won’t get good money. I hope they work it out. He is one of those guys that you want to retire in the same uniform.

  96. Yes the Pats will win AFC East again this year. Big deal, and they’ll do it without Vince Wilfork, because the Pats are great at reloading (In fact they may be the best ever at it), and yes as long as BB and Brady are in NE they will be in playoffs…enjoy it now, Pats fans, because once Brady retires (and hence BB retires as well…he’s nothing without Brady and he knows it), then the Pats, who pretty much sucked from 1960 to 2001 (40 years), will have had 15 years of greatness, then go back to sucking. When Dolphins lost Shula they began the slow slide down that really hasn’t let up, so when they lose BB and Brady, it’ll be another sucking sound downwards.

  97. Tough situation for big Vince and the Patriots. Trust me. We’ll be having the exact same conversation in 2-3 years about the immortal Tom Brady. Players rarely know when they are deep into the last quarter tank of the car. And teams don’t much care after they have exhausted most of the gas. Sometimes things just exhaust their life cycles together. And that may be the case here. You can find guys like Vinnie in every round of the draft. But you will be hard pressed to find his enormous heart and grit. I hope both sides figure out a way to work this out. And make him a Patriot lifer from the glory years.

  98. Hey! Vince,
    We would love to have you in Atlanta, that is Falcons.
    You are welcomed with open arms. There is no shortage of waffle houses here or Varsity. What da have!!!

  99. Come to Pittsburgh?!? Much respect to Wilfork, but I don’t want a 31-year-old coming off a torn Achilles who’s not willing to restructure from $7.5 million and an $11.6 million cap hit.

    Can’t believe he’s not willing to work out something with New England.

  100. The CHICAGO BEARS need you Vince!!! Your the piece to the defensive line that’s needed to be competetive next year. C’mon, let’s do this!!!

  101. 31 y/o Pro Bowler coming off achilles tear = OMG washed up, cut him!

    29 y/o Pro Bowler coming ACL tear = OMG Super Bowl Champs!!

  102. Couldn’t make on my vikes! He would beat everyone up and we don’t like tough guys, just little sissies. Sorry Vince only wusses alound on Vikes SKOL

  103. Bill Belichick has always said he’d rather cut/trade a veteran a year too early than keep them a year too long. Big Vince has been dealing with foot/ankle issues the past few seasons and last year something finally snapped. Kobe Bryant couldn’t come right back from a torn achilles in a no contact sport, what makes anybody think a 300+ lb DT will? I love Wilfork, even have his jersey, but he’s just not worth 11.5 mil at this stage of his career and Sealver Siliga filled in for him quite nicely all the way to the AFC championship at a fraction of the cost. I wish big Vince well in his future endeavors and will most likely be seeing him in Foxborough next season sporting either Jet green or Bronco orange.

  104. They will try to do the same thing to brady at some point but I think tom’s too smart for that. He will retire before they abuse him too.

  105. Pats fans on here sound as entitled as the Steelers fans who clog up these pages with their stupidity. Your franchise was the browns until they started drafting players like Wilfork and now you want to toss him away like he’s garbage. There aren’t 3 nosetackles in football that have his skillset and yet he’s “replaceable through the draft” (as was said above by a Pats fan). GTFO. If he was “replaceable” through the draft then BB would’ve done it instead of giving him 7.5m a year.

  106. “Your franchise was the browns (sic) until they started drafting players like Wilfork and now you want to toss him away like he’s garbage. ”

    The Patriots won three Super Bowls without Vince and went to two others without him. They actually traded a potential Hall-Of-Famer in Richard Seymour so they could commit to Vince long-term. Asking a guy to restructure a cap heavy contract is as common as it gets in today’s NFL (see Terrell Suggs). Did the Ravens treat Suggs like “garbage?

    How many of you find it hard to sift through the inane comments to get to the ones worth reading.

  107. Wilfork has been the defensive face of the Patroit franchise for about 10 years. Patriot players that give their all like Richard Seymore, Wes Welker, Vince Wilfork all get screwed by this team in the end.

  108. He’s toast. His age, achilles injury at the age of 32, 10 years in the trenches and his weight – he’s gone.

    NE – Belichik – is as ruthless as they come when it comes to this kind of situation, and that is one of the main reasons why they have been so successful for so long. He should have kept his mouth shut and restructured.

    It’s a business.

  109. He will turn 33 mid-season.
    It’s pretty well known that he’s a lot closer to 400lbs than 325lbs.
    He’s coming back from an injury that’s real serious for a guy of his size.
    Playing in today’s NFL, he’s a very ineffective pass rusher, and they’ll trade off the run stuff for the pass rush. They have to.
    He runs out of gas early second half, which he did not 2-3 years ago.
    This is a “must fix” in terms of restructuring his deal, and lowering the $11.5Mil cap hit.
    He’s not going be paid close to $7.5 Mil elsewhere.

    He’s getting a LOT of really poor advice, from whomever he’s talking to. Dumb pride? IMO, he’s making a big mistake.

    He obviously forgets the Pats trading Seymour to free up the cash for his $40Mil deal.

    If he doesn’t come around, would they trade him, even if they got a conditional 7th? Control where he goes?

  110. Simple solution to the big hole in the middle of the defense: Do EVERYTHING necessary to draft Louis Nix III in the 1st round of the draft. Nix is the prototypical NG in a 3-4 & he is basically Vince Wilfork minus a decade in years & millions in dollars. Almost all mock drafts have him second to Timmy Jernigan from FSU in DT’s, but I think Nix would be a better fit than Jernigan in a strict 3-4 like NE. Nix reminds me a lot of two other players that have made significant impacts at NG right out of college: Haloti Ngata & Casey Hampton. Nix is the type of guy who can take up two blockers at the line & leave the LBs open to make the play. He also has surprising speed & agility for a guy his size & could be good for 7-8 sacks per season. If I were the Pats, I would use some of my stockpiled picks to trade up for Nix (it’ll only be 5-6 spots) because he is the PERFECT guy if they let Wilfork go. Once he’s gone, there are no other like him in this year’s draft (Jernigan will go before Nix). The other option is to trade Wilfork & use some of the savings to sign BJ Raji. However, the Pats still need to lock up Edelman & sign another WR like Hakeem Nicks & I don’t think they will have the cap space, even after moving Wilfork, to land all 3 FA’s. Then again, the Pats 1st rounder would be better used on another pass catching TE so they could go back to their unstoppable 2 TE sets, as well as adding depth behind the oft-injured Gronk who is coming off serious knee surgery. The kid Ebron from UNC would be a perfect pick for them in the first. If the Pats are forced to go Nix in the first round, they could still get a solid offensive TE in Troy Niklas in the second round, granted they don’t have to give up their second rounder to trade up for Nix.

    I am not even a Pats fan, but I LOVE this time of the year.

  111. VW is the heart and soul of New England. I would love for him him to go someplace for less $ than the Pats want him to restructure to. Bill is stepping on the wrong toes with a guy who has been rock solid in the middle for a long time. Patriots are going to need somebody to shut off the lights and it is looking more and more like Brady.

  112. Pats are cheap. They plug and play and have good seasons,but their SB run was done with a core of great players. Now they sign guys to incentive laden contracts or cheaply and hope the dude goes all out in the hopes of receiving a big pay day. When he does,they offer him some lame contract. I’m sure Kraft and the Pats are doing quite well financially,but he refuses to cough up any coin for receivers or his BB gives one guy 12 mil for a year tryout. Maybe it’s time to hire an actual GM to swing deals.

  113. Ruthless is pretty accurate when it comes to Belichick. Wilfork isn’t wanting out because Belchick has his back. For Wilfork its hard to be all warm and fuzzy when your feeling the sting of the knife Bill just planted in your back.

  114. Really? Name me one other team paying that much money to their nose tackle.

    There is a rather large man in Baltimore that makes an avg of 12 mill on his current deal!!!! For all the T Sizzle references, you people do realize he was set to be a UFA and they did a deal so he could retire a Raven. 2 sides agreeing on a fair price. For those gifting the division to the Pats, you might want to look in the mirror. The other 3 teams give them all they can handle, where the rest of the league bows down except for the Ravens.

  115. “The Patriots are the gold standard franchise in the NFL”
    —Shannon Sharpe

    I think he knows what he’s talking about. 5 AFC Championships in 8 appearances in the Brady/Belichick era. 3 Super Bowl titles. Winners of more Super Bowls in the last 20 years than any other team in the NFL.



    Maybe 10 years ago. But if they were the “gold standard franchise” in the NFL, why is it that the “greatest QB” and “greatest coach” of all time haven’t won a Super Bowl in 9 years, while the Steelers (twice), Colts, Giants (twice), Saints, Packers, Ravens, and Seahawks have all been winning. If being the “gold standard” is all you care about, then that’s fine, but I’d rather my team started following the lead of those teams and actually winning, versus being the greatest team who can’t win the big one.

    If any other team went 110-34 in 9 years without winning a Super Bowl, all the talk would be about how they crumble under pressure. As a Bills fan, we’re regularly mocked for LOSING 4 Super Bowls in a row, instead of applauded for GOING to 4 in a row. So sure, from 01-04, the Pats were the greatest, but from 05-14…you guys are just tied for 8th with the rest of the league with 0 Super Bowl wins, and you lost twice to Eli.

  116. These negotiations with Big Vince tend to be shrill and very public– that’s what happens when your wife overplays her hand and acts as your unofficial agent. BB has always believed in a strong nose-tackle, and now with a strengthened secondary, it becomes even more important as Pats can play more 3- D taking advantage of Collins and Ninko at LB. Look for Parts to trade up to get Notre Dame’s Nix, with Tommy Kelly or BJ Raji (ex-BC, the next FA signee) holding the fort. A nightmare scenario for Pats fans though is Wilfork on the Jets. Even on one leg, he’s still good enough to wreck at least one game.

  117. Wow, Bill you really are an arse. Wilfork is the top Pat besides the obvious Brady. This man is your best player on defense by a long shot. I would way rather have Vince a true differance makers and team players than Mevis any day. Wilfork is worth several wins alone, he ties up two blockers easily on every play, these guys are more rare than QBs!

  118. 11 million for him is a bargain! He is so much more valuable than Meivs its not even funny. Good fronts make good secondaries, not the other way around. How’d it work out in Tampa last year…

  119. Amazing how ruthless and realpolitik Americans have become, drinking the team’s PR Kool-Aid, dismissing veteran players who can be released when injured with no stability, no guaranteed contract. I’m sure all the “good riddance” commentary was posted by the same fools crying about the greedy players union during the lockout. Wake up America, it’s , the wealthy vs the rest of us, Wilfork may now be well-off, but Kraft and sure is.
    Also, Achilles or not plenty of mammoth NTs have lasted 12-15 years – Ted Washington, Gilbert Brown, Pat Williams.
    Also Tuck Fom Brady.

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