Walter Thurmond to visit 49ers

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The Seahawks and 49ers have built up a good rivalry over the last couple of years and it has included several players shuffling between the two teams.

There could be another one added to the list. Cornerback Walter Thurmond said on Twitter that he’s headed to San Francisco to visit with the 49ers. Thurmond seems to anticipate what kind of reaction that news will get from Seahawks fans.

“It’s never personal it’s business, just how the Hawks let Red [Bryant] and everyone else walk. Obviously there is a reason I haven’t signed back yet,” Thurmond wrote. “People need to chill, I haven’t made a decision. It’s a visit. You know like college recruiting,same thing smh”

Thurmond, who is No. 60 on PFT‘s list of the top free agents, wrapped up a visit with the Jaguars before heading to San Francisco, which means that, for now, he’s not hopping on the Seattle-to-Jacksonville pipeline that Bryant and defensive end Chris Clemons have taken to reunite with former Seahawks defensive coordinator and current Jaguars coach Gus Bradley.

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  1. Walt Thurmond should worry about what is best for Walt Thurmond.
    Walt, if you choose to leave, best of luck to you.
    Must admit, I’d rather it be a different team, but what I or anybody else thinks should not matter.

  2. Looking like the release of Red and Clemons has had a negative effect on our free agents. Tate also mentioned the fact they were cut. They are afraid of the same thing happening to them. This, however happens with every team. There are very very few NFL contracts that see the last couple of years fulfilled.

  3. If that is where the money is and the Seahawks aren’t competitive, then do it……..If it is equal, we may not be happy if you take them over the Hawks…….In any case, it is a business and you need to do what you need to do.

    Best wishes.

    All the whiner fans cracking on this guy and now he will be one of you!


  5. I wonder how he made it out of Jacksonville without a contract? He is great player when healthy but that was rare for his first couple of years. Plus, he is one failed drug test away from another suspension.

  6. The shehawks are useless in the nfl.ban them completely or they will forever be Minnesota’s lil brother.they want to be us but never will cause they are classless.SKOL

  7. Come to Jacksonville, Walter, and be a part of the renaissance. Beaches, fishing, sunshine, no state income tax…

  8. Seattle, you’re really pissing me off – get it together and stop letting good players go – geeze, Bennett signed back and now your getting rid of all his guys – dammit, knock it off

  9. There is a reason they’re free agents they can live without them. Don’t worry hawk fans. If they wanted they could resign them but they don’t need them.

  10. Raider Fan,

    How in Gods name can you laugh? You are right down there with Cleveland… Obsolete, un-interesting and going to end up where you spend a ton of time… The basement.

  11. I’ve liked the Jags offseason moves so far. I think they have a chance to be one of the more improved teams next season.. as for the Raiders.. lol rough offseason to say the least.

  12. Why would he want to come look at 5 dusty ass trophies from 20 years ago when he can marvel in all the glory of the new shiny one the Hawks just brought home to Seattle? There’s TWO reasons Thurmond hasn’t signed back…Jeremy Lane and Byron Maxwell.

  13. I’d love to have him back in Seattle. My guess as to the reason he isn’t back already is because he’s asking for too much money and the Seahawks have enough depth at the position that they don’t need to overpay for him. I don’t hate guys for leaving to make more money somewhere else, but as a fan it would really suck to see him in a 9er jersey. He’d immediately be their best corner. He’s a stud when healthy. “When healthy” being the operative term.

  14. If 20 years pass and I am still talking a Lombardi Seattle won in 2013 as the reason my team is great and free agents should sign someone please look up my IP address and come slap me back to reality.

    The Judas line was a joke by the way. If signed, 49ers would have a great nickel CB and weaknesses at every other 3 of 4 other secondary spots.

  15. What Niner fans were cracking on Walter Thurmond? The only Hawks player I hear Niners constantly bashing is Sherman, but that’s not just Niner fans. Personally when I heard Thurmond was available I was hoping the Niners would go after him. He played very solid last year but was outshined with all that star talent in Seattle’s secondary. He’d be a huge upgrade from Carlos Rogers.

  16. I hope he doesn’t sign with them. Not because “how could he do that to us”, but because he is pretty damn good and I don’t want to play him.

  17. I think we all had high hopes for WTIII and wouldn’t mind him back, but man the moment you got your 3rd opportunity to start and it wasn’t related to injuries you get popped for weed and a 4 game suspension. I guess we should be thankful because it called upon Richard Sherman and Byron Maxwell to fill in for you during your absences and those two have proven they can ball. Hope you are back but I have a feeling that bridge has been burnt so best of luck wherever you wind up.

  18. We are thin at the CB position and bringing in Thurmond for a “meeting” isn’t a bad thing.

    Now if they were bringing in Sherman for a visit, we would all be pissed.

  19. Learning more about WTIII, maybe he represented too much of a character concern for Jacksonville to sign him? Gus Bradley would know all there is to know about him, though, and still extended him the invitation…yet no contract signed.

    Red flag?

  20. What does Jarius Byrd, Walter Thurmond III, T.J.Ward & Patrick Chung all have in common?



  21. I love Santa Clara fans that talk about their “dynasty” and “5 Lombardi trophys.

    Do people here remember CompuServe and America Online of the early Internet age? Both of those were introduced AFTER Santa Clara won their last Super Bowl.


  22. Seattle Is a small town no one cares about and everyone looks like they shop at camping world…Oh yeah great downtown place is dead by 10:00..nerds got their trophy and don’t know how to act

  23. Jealousy is fun to watch.

    We’re the best team in the country.

    Everyone who’s ever traveled already knew we were the best city in the country.

  24. I hope the niners sign this guy he has a ton of upside and is a upgrade from rodgers. as far as him becoming the best cb we may have i think culliver has somthing to say about that i think many people forget he was hurt in the preseason and is now back. He was a big part to the defense before he went down

  25. He cited the release of Red Bryant, which could significantly weaken the team. If he goes back to Seattle, he may have only a slim chance to get another ring. So why not sign with another team that has a better chance of getting a ring for the same money, or sign with a lesser team for the most money? Loyalty goes both ways. Seattle has so far displayed little loyalty to the players who brought them their first Lombardi trophy in franchise history.

  26. Seattle is the land of new money and a new championship. I live on the east side of Washington state and can’t get any relief from the posers and fair weather fans…sigh

  27. Now the Seachickens is not sure of their team because their little Legion of Gloom is unfolding right before their eyes, everybody said that they are going to be a dynasty, the real dynasty is the Niners and Walt Thurmond is coming to a team that have 5 titles and it’s going to be 6, it will be great if we get Browner too, Edelman is coming for a visit and we are going to sign him too so like I said to your #12 men, enjoy that championship because it’s gonna be your last…….WHO HAVE IT BETTER THAN US……NOBODY

  28. The Raider fan has now gone mad. The laughter was and has been directed at the Oakland Raiders for the past decade!

  29. The whiners are no dynasty you lost your mind in real life when’s the last time they won a ring yeah they have more then us but your living in a past the whiners are sorry go back to candlestick where there is no flame

  30. Traitor hands down……. However I doubt Thurmond gets singed by the 9ers. The Skins the Bucs and the Jags have all kind of lost interest in him because I think he wants to much money. He is a great corner and I would love to have him back in Seattle but he isnt going to get paid like Revis or Talib he needs to be more realistic. I think if the whiners did give him a contract it would be out of spite and yet in vain because Thurmond would go from winning to losing quick.

  31. Are people really saying Seattle is a sinking ship because we are letting free agents walk instead of paying them? This is laughable! First, that’s what we do. We bring in young, CHEAP talent that fits our system and we develop them into badass mama jamas. Second, sinking ship? The guys who are leaving our defense are all replaceable via our existing roster, free agency, or the draft. Third, our defense boasts the best free safety, strong safety, and cornerback in the league! Finally, as the world clearly saw last season, defense wins championships. We have a QB that doesn’t turn the ball over, a running back that is simply bout that action, and a defense that will continue punching every other, soft NFL offense directly in the mouth as we repeat as SB champs this year! Based on what we’ve seen the last few years, there is an extremely high level of trust in GM Schneider and Coach Carroll- they have a proven track record. There is no denying what they’ve done and how they’ve done it. Simply put, we own all your teams until proven otherwise. Nobody flat out beat us last season. If we lost, it wa because of what we did. GO HAWKS!

  32. A couple of interesting stats: Russell Wilson hasn’t lost a game by more than 7 points since he was in high school. The Seahawks haven’t lost a game by more than 7 points in over two years.

    Let’s just leave it at that, shall we?

  33. To all you little She hawk 1 YEAR WONDERS.
    Thurmond would be the happiest man in the NFC west IF he was signed by the 49ers, he’s leaving the 12 fake green turd disturbers for the Gold standard. you mitches took one year off from licking our our boots you will assume that position in 2014

    So BOW DOWN AND KISS THESE 5 superbowl rings & the empires SOLID GOLD NUTTS

  34. I’m a Niners fan, But the guys above posting that the Seahawks are suddenly toast are idiots. That kind of fan said the same thing about the Niners last year. Both teams are still going to be among the best in football again this year. Both are young, highly talented, have great depth, and are equally well managed and administered.

    Seahawks 6-10? Sure you’re right! I’ll be stunned if they lose more than 4.

  35. YEA the niners are a dynasty I watched it two weeks ago….on nfl network….along with the steelers,greenbay,cowboys,patriots,,and the 49ers
    I watched all of the games,,,but for some reason they did not mention the seacheats…..

  36. Solidgoldnuts has lost his mind yeah you have five rings but your living in the past bro the niners are going no where fast you have no salary cap room and kalperdick can’t win games on his own we stomped him twice last season and we will do it again next season blue and green nation red and gold is old news you have joe Montana to thank for your rings welcome to 2014 whiner

  37. All these immature trash talking on both sides are getting old, don’t you all think?

    The Seahawks and the 49ers are probably the top 5 teams next year again, if not the top two. Let’s just enjoy the off season and get ready to enjoy the 2014 season because NFC West will be the top division once again.

    Go, Seahawks!

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