Alex Mack plans to visit teams, has none scheduled

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Earlier this week, Browns Center Alex Mack’s agent Marvin Demoff said that he was confident that he could put together a deal for his client that the Browns, who placed a transition tag on Mack, wouldn’t be able to match.

So far, though, there’s been no offer and no deal to force the Browns into making a decision about how to proceed with Mack. Tim Younger, another one of Mack’s agents, said that Mack is in no hurry to sign the transition tag and that he’s willing to be patient while the process plays out. One part of the process that’s still on tap is visiting with teams that are interested in signing Mack away from Cleveland.

“We do anticipate Alex making visits — but he’s not in any hurry to do so either,” Younger said, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Mack has until late July to sign with another club and the transition tag would guarantee him $10.039 million in 2014 if he signs that tender. One team that has reportedly expressed interest is the Colts, who signed Phil Costa on Thursday. Costa’s deal wouldn’t appear to preclude a move on Mack should the Colts want to move in that direction, but, for now, it’s still a waiting game for Mack.

16 responses to “Alex Mack plans to visit teams, has none scheduled

  1. Sign your tender already, you are being paid for a year like a left tackle – wait until next year for a long term contract. You are distracting all the positive momentum the Browns are having through free agency

  2. Unless Mack gets a huge payday, he needs to get rid of this agent. Alienating your client from the fanbase is not a good look.

  3. Why is Marvin Demoff (his agent) so Hell-bent on getting Mack out of Cleveland? Mack doesn’t seem to care too much one way or the other. It’s like a personal vendetta with his agent though. (Of course if he had been dealing with Joe Boner this last year, it probably did become personal, like with Whisenhut.)

    If the Browns are going to go legit, they NEED Mack on that line. In Ray (Farmer) we trust!

  4. He clearly has a strong desire to compete. I personally think Baltimore will make an offer. That would seal that line up for years. Can’t a man dream! Take that ART MODELL EXPRESS DOWN TO BALMER Hon!!!

  5. The Colts will offer a contract that states Mack “HAS” to be the highest paid offensive lineman on the team, the Browns cannot match that because Joe Thomas’ contract states the same thing.

  6. Why is everyone banging on Mack maybe he would like to Win, like with the Colts. Brown’s fans seem to not even remember that is the goal, not look good loosing.

  7. kyblue33 says: Mar 14, 2014 11:11 AM

    Why is everyone banging on Mack maybe he would like to Win, like with the Colts. Brown’s fans seem to not even remember that is the goal, not look good loosing.

    Well the problem is if you’re a STARTER and your team isn’t winning part of that is on YOU. What team wants a center who has a revolving door of QB’s he’s blocked for because they all get INJURED. The guy is an above average run blocker but he’s a turnstile at pass protection. If you like Andrew Luck, you might want to look elsewhere for a center. If they guy actually goes for what he’s worth he’d be a great pickup but it sounds like he’s been taking contract advice from Chris Johnson and Peyton Hillis.

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