Antonio Smith lands in Oakland

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The Raiders have responded to the Rodger Saffold fiasco by systematically locking up veteran talent for the other side of the ball.

On Thursday, they added defensive end Justin Tuck and linebacker LaMarr Woodley. On Friday, they added cornerback Tarell Brown.

Now, per a league source, they’ve signed former Texans defensive end Antonio Smith. It’s a two-year, $9 million deal.

The 10-year veteran played five years with the Cardinals before joining the Texans, where he spent five years. Perhaps best known for a Ninja Assassin sack dance, Smith famously has feuded with Dolphins guard Richie Incognito on multiple occasions in the past.

Most recently, Smith was suspended for two preseason games and one regular-season game after removing Incognito’s helmet during a preseason contest and swinging it at Incognito’s head.

Now that Smith is with the Raiders and Jonathan Martin plays for the 49ers, maybe there’s a way to find some other common ground among the two rival Bay Area franchises.

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  1. That Raider D is gonna be old, but there’s no doubt in my mind that Tuck, Smith, Woodley, and Brown are going to make it a much better one.

  2. Da Raiders, what better team to sign Richie Incognito, then Antonio and Richie can play against each other everyday in practice!

  3. Raiders defense should be solid with these additions, but at the moment I’m thinking they have one of the worst if not the worst offense s next year. Rashad Jennings gone, McFadden 3.3 yards per carry last two seasons, pretty much no WR corps. Poor O-line, Poor QB group.. I respect you Raider fans for staying loyal, but your team is going to struggle next season.

  4. Raider fans, as we said…..PATIENCE
    Look what the boys are building. Veterans to mix in with the young guys, AND WE STILL ARENT DONE!


  5. I like it as long as they come hungry and motivated to play not just for the money. We need more olineman though. We should build a solid core of lineman on both sides of the ball and weapons on offense to help our qb, because whoever that will be this year will not be a superstar that can carry a team by himself.

  6. say what you want, maybe not all the glitz and glamour, but reggie is keeping true to his model….highly productive blue collar guys that get the job done….now please ….Melton!

  7. Raiders keystone cop defense reloading with more stiffs all the solid Raiders are leaving the sinking SS McKenzie. Expect 2-14 from this bunch of misfits.

  8. I honestly feel terrible for Raider fans. They actually believe these moves improve their team. Fourth in the division, again. But keep believing. You’re adorable.

  9. hahaha, every off season, Raider fans…the same thing
    then the time comes to actually play…and every time…saaaame thing…hahaha

  10. raiderlyfe510 says:
    Mar 14, 2014 8:09 PM
    Building a Bully….

    The Raider beast is starting to awake. I’m starting to feel it.

    this is why Raider fans are made fun of year after year..

  11. I’m very depressed 70 million cap room and all we add is 30 year old people no body else wants some rebuild ……we couldn’t sign l Houston because he had six sacks bit we can sign all these washed up veterans with 5-6 sacks what rebuild all 2-3 yea nor contracts for 30-31 year old players RIP A DAVIS

  12. Everyone was calling for Mackenzie’s head
    2 days ago but he just signed 4 quality defensive
    Players for the same amount as lamar Houston’s
    contract from the bears! Let’s go Reggie!

  13. Glad to see Big Reg not going all Washington, Philly, or Al Davis in FA. Getting some solid players to be competitive while they build/blend in/ mentor some young guns they’ll get in the draft.

    Best part is, OAK still got money to spend and there are still some quality players available.

  14. Edleman would make the QBs look a little better by getting open on the short-intermediate routes over the middle

  15. It is a shame that the Raiders have a ton of money to spend and are forced to spend a certain amount of it.

    I see them spending a lot of money on players that may have more name than game right now, and just spending money because they have to.

    If spent wisely, the Raiders could go a long way towards rebuilding what was once a great team.

    If the veterans they are signing can stay healthy and aren’t about to hit the wall, they could be in for a very good season. I personally always liked Darren McFadden, just too bad he can’t stay on the field. If he could, I think he’d be one of the best backs in the game right now.

    Not sure if Pryor is the answer, they really need to figure out their QB situation.

    Love me some “Korea Smith” Aka: Taiwan Jones.

  16. Kind of reminds me of when we had Brown, Rice, Romo, R. Woodson. Old yes, but players none the less. Now we need our modern day Gannon.

  17. And the guys that you should be developing are walking out the door.

    Sounds like a “lets get older” strategy.

    When does the GM get popped? The Saffold incident is without rival.

  18. I was a bit nervous at first.. but it appears Reggie is on to something. when you overpay a player, you rarely get the same production out of that player. So for the same money… you can overpay 4 superstars or sign 9 solid players to fair contracts and get the same production out of those players. Overpaying needs to stay in the past. The left tackle loss sucks but I suspect they have one targeted in round 1.

  19. Remove Youth, Check

    Somehow destroy the worst offensive line in the NFL, Check

    Lose the only offensive weapon on the team to free agency, Check

    Fail to sign a guard to play tackle only to see him re-sign with his old team for 12 million less, Check

    Sign a bunch of 30 year old players that no one else wants, that play a 3-4 Defense (hey Raider fans Tarver runs a 4-3) and hope no one notices, Check

    Fail so badly that you are literately forced to Draft a LT with the 5th pick no matter who falls to you, Check

    Hope that the sad desperation of Raider fans will take over and they will find the silver lining in the total abomination that is the ownership and front office, Check

  20. What I like about these signings is that all these guys play nasty and like to hit. The Raider defense has a lot of young raw talent in there, that’s what McKenzie has drafted the past two years: Miles Burris, DJ Hayden, Sio Moore, Bilukidi, Crawford, McGee.

    I assume he will continue to bolster that lineup in this years draft. They definitely need somebody to fill the middle still. Excited about the Terrel Brown signing, think thats another good pick up. This defense was not terrible last year, and I would say it has gotten better so far in free agency.

    Keep picking up solid guys and writing up fair contracts. The Raider defense may be a group of guys offenses don’t look forward to playing each week.

  21. This guy mckinnzie or however it is spelled is showing his old boss ted thompson that you can sign free agents .. Me like 🙂 He should try and trade for aaron rodgers since ted thompson refuses to put a defense around arod where as me mckinnzie will ..

    Just offer ted a 1st round pic and a unlimited supply of 6th round picks and hell be happy

  22. Peyton will be wearing orange (losing SB colors for Denver) for 2 more years. Now we got some guys who can actually out some pressure on him.

  23. Guess Jonathan Martin should have called Smith for some advice on how to deal with Psycho Incognito.

  24. I wonder how long we’re going to have to see a Rodger Saffold reference precede every article written about the Raiders. How about a reference to the Justin Tuck and Lamaar Woodley signings instead? Or better yet, nothing at all?

  25. Dennis Allen better be up to speed; it’s one thing telling a bunch of younger players anything; they want to play.

    But vets like these? They don’t want to hear that bland, nondescript mess young coaches pull out, trying to sound tough when they sound like they don’t know what they are doing. They see through that.

  26. Past time for new stadium this is also holding free agents from signing toilets backing up in the locker room b. really if you have to move to la or Portland time to be a modern franchise with modern facilities and stadium fact of life

  27. Baby Steps… I like it.. I like it a lot.

    “God how I miss the playoffs.”

    Screw that thought…

    “God how I miss even a whiff of the playoffs.”

  28. Nothing wrong with signing old vets past their prime just as long as Reggie knows they can’t play every down. He better start hitting on his draft picks … more than 50% would help.

  29. Tuck and Woodley are 31 and 29, thats not that old. Tuck had double Houston’s sacks last year and is a pass rushing demon and they bring experienced Super Bowl leadership with them to the team.

  30. I’m not happy with Reggie. The players he is signing are past their prime. You don’t build for the future with players that don’t have one. I’m sure he would rather sign younger talent. But why would they want to come to Oakland. They are a long way from being competitive. There is not one playmaker on the roster. Our only pro bowler is our fullback. The stadium is a big pile of crap. California taxes are too high. The city of Oakland is a big ghetto and the mystique of being a raider is long gone. And if Reggie doesn’t Draft better than he has the last two years we will remain at the bottom for years to come.

  31. PS Woodley played DE in college.

    PPS Tuck had twice as many sacks as Houston last year. Double.

    Our defense is going to be much better and we still have the draft and the 2nd rd of FA where we have more leverage than any team in the league.

    Sparano is a guru and our OL believe it or not will be better too. Actually if Watson is healthy, we dont have to pick a LT with our 1st pick, he can play LT and be dominant.

    Pity you know nothing about the Raiders and have to speak. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh. 🙂

  32. Think about this: Charles Woodson, Justin Tuck, Lamar Woodley, Tarel Brown, and Antonio Smith all on one defense.

    That’s over 40 years of NFL experience. All these guys have been on Superbowl teams, Pro Bowl teams, and around guys who know what it takes to win.

    I can’t help but think having all these kind of guys around each other and around the young players will have a positive affect. If anything, it breeds a culture

  33. Jared Alan sign him he would fit in nice with this group of veterans We need some impact players to go along with the players we have already signed.

  34. El Pollo Loco-

    I see you on Raiders post all the time. Never do you have anything insightful to say. Or even close to the truth. You are a sad sad person. Go do something with your life.

  35. Could the reason the Texans didn’t resign Smith is that they are drafting Clowney 1st overall? Thanks you Texans, we will gladly take him. Keep it going Reggie!

  36. slick50ks says: Mar 14, 2014 8:15 PM

    We’re all laughing at your older than dirt defense, LOL.
    The last time the KC Chokes won a playoff game, Joe Montana was the quarterback. Joe Montana is 57.

    Signing a few older guys to one or two year deals isn’t the worst thing McKenzie could do. Bad teams don’t get good through free agency, and these guys won’t still be on the books long after they’re gone.

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