Arthur Jones claims he can whip his UFC champion brother’s butt


New Colts defensive end Arthur Jones would like to send a message to opposing offensive linemen: You wouldn’t want to start a fight with him.

At his introductory press conference in Indianapolis, Jones claimed that he can beat up his little brother. And for those of you who are thinking, “I can beat up my little brother, too,” remember that Jones’s little brother is Jon Jones, the light heavyweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

“On record, and you can tell him that, too, I’ll whoop his butt, and it’s no secret,” Jones said. “If you look at articles out there, he’ll tell you, me being the older brother, I’ve never lost a fight to him. Our last fight was probably maybe a year or two ago, but I’ve never lost a fight.”

Arthur Jones did acknowledge, however, that the rules for going one-on-one in the living room aren’t quite the same as the fighting style in the Octagon.

“I’ll give it to him, this is what he does for a living. He’s a UFC fighter, he’s the world champion,” Jones said. “I’m smart enough that I’m going to fight him in a closed area, if it goes down, not in an open space where he can kick and punch. I wasn’t a slouch, myself, not to toot my own horn, but I was a two-time wrestling champ. I wasn’t too bad and I can carry my own.”

The youngest of the three Jones boys is Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones, and Arthur said the three of them all benefited from having each other around.

“Man, constant competition growing up in my household,” he said. “We were all wrestlers so we would compete over everything. If the lights were going to be on or off, we were tearing up the house. We broke a lot of furniture growing up and we’re paying our mom back for it now. Whether it was the last piece of chicken or a cookie, we were fighting over it. For pecking order on the video games and it just made us who we are now. It built so much character.”

The 315-pound Arthur also acknowledged that he’d never make the 205-pound weight class his brother fights in, without an amputation.

“I’d probably have to cut off my left leg and maybe an arm,” Arthur said.

If he did that, the little brother would probably win the fight.

22 responses to “Arthur Jones claims he can whip his UFC champion brother’s butt

  1. He will give it to him in regards to being the world champion? That’s kind of unnecessary since Jon already took that title for himself by crushing everybody that didn’t want to give it to him. I would bet on Arthur to win a fight that takes place in a phone booth, but if you start allowing kicks and punches and elbows then I’m not betting on anybody to beat Jon Jones. He’s the most impressive fighter I have ever seen.

  2. Thanksgivings must be interesting in that household. The fight over the last drumstick has never had a body count associated with it in the one’s I’ve attended.

  3. I bet no one messes with their mom……to have these 3 looking for you would cause you to lose plenty of sleep

  4. I would love to see him test his mettle as a HW when he retires. Lots of guys get into the UFC at 30 years old. Love to see it. He was supposedly a great wrestler in HS.

  5. If anybody here has younger brothers they know Arthor Jones is saying. My little brother is a few inches taller than me and about 30-40 lbs heavier but if we wrestle around he is always the one on his back. Not saying my brother is world champion or in NFL anything but I think there is a mental block when it comes to siblings.

    The Jones’ family is athletically gifted and doing something right. 1 world champion fighter and two other brothers are starting NFL lineman.

  6. How do you last fight with your bro when you are that old, shoot you do that when you are kids. Reminds me of Marshal play wrestling, how old are they 2???

  7. Like reading articles like this. All of those guys are great athletes and great people in and out of their sports. Must be a blessing to have three incredible athletes all in the same family at the same time.

  8. I like how all we hear from Redskins and Vikings fans is what they’re going to do next year. Funny, next year never seems to come for these guys. Oh well, maybe the following year or maybe 3 years from now. Maybe never.

  9. Never fight a wrestler, better yet, never fight a wrestler who became a stud D-lineman in the NFL.

  10. “Way to develop a coordinated adolescent:


    You understand that wrestling and hoops are the same season, right? Tough to do them both. You can leave hoops out of that equation–the only thing it offers that wrestling and soccer don’t is the hand/ball shooting/passing skills that aren’t too useful in football (i.e. less useful for a football player than actually playing football, I mean). And for a lineman/linebacker, there’s no better second sport than wrestling. Julio Jones might add in WRs to that list.

  11. Silly…He has him by 110 lbs. Of course he’d win. They were both wrestlers. He’d just take little brother down and ground and pound.

  12. You may win a street fight, but remember your little brother a patriot beat you on the field! That’s what counts when you a NFL player.

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