Bengals extend Marvin Lewis’s contract through 2015


Bengals coach Marvin Lewis just got another year added to his contract.

The Bengals announced on Friday that Lewis has signed a one-year contract extension, which puts him under contract through the 2015 season.

NFL coaches hardly ever go into the final year of a contract. Teams almost always either fire a coach if they’re not confident that he’s the right man for the job in the future, or extend him for another year so he doesn’t become a lame duck. Now Lewis has that extension.

Lewis is the winningest coach in Bengals franchise history. Before Lewis arrived, the Bengals had missed the playoffs 12 straight seasons. Under Lewis they’ve been to the playoffs five times, including each of the last three years. But Lewis has yet to win a playoff game. That may be what he has to do in order to get another contract extension, beyond 2015.

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  1. So he is being rewarded for 3 straight wildcard losses? This team is one of the bigger mysteries in the league IMO. Some weeks they play like they are unbeatable with a monster defense then turn around and play down to lesser teams.With 2 new coordinators this will be a telling season for Marvin as a HC.

  2. So if he has a miserable year this means the team just shelled out a lot of extra money for nothing. I like Marvin, but he’s had a long time now to do nothing but come up short. He’s ok at what he does, but they need to find somebody who can take things up to the next level and Marvin hasn’t been able to come close to doing that or adding the kind of impact that this team needs. At some point you have to make a decision to move on. Or if you really are sure you know you have the rightful coach, then lock up a long-term deal and don’t worry about what the critics say. This kind of conservative putting around with key personnel decisions isn’t the best way to establish yourself as better than everybody else in my opinion.

  3. The old Mike Brown is back. Still remember his quote saying it wasn’t worth going to the Super Bowl because it cost the team more than they made. He doesn’t care to get there. He just wants a team good enough to keep hopes alive every year. We’ve lost a lot in free agency and they’ve done nothing but retain a couple players nobody else wanted and sign this clown to an extension. God why can’t I just pick another team to root for?! lol

  4. Stunning…simply stunning. A champion of mediocrity if there ever was one. How can not winning a playoff game in a decade be thought of as acceptable!?

  5. I like Marvin. Many people forget that it wasn’t until the after 2010 that Marvin was given more control over the team and Mike Brown had less say in the decisions if the orgization. Since then, three straight playoff appearances.

  6. Coach Giggles, but hey people should remember how bad the Bengals were prior to Lewis coming on board.

  7. So why are players allowed to play their butts off in the final year of a contract to prove their worth, yet we have to coddle head coaches and won’t force them to prove themselves?

    This seems “lame duck” crap, is like an unwritten “rule” of NFL history that needs to be re-examined. It doesn’t make sense. You can have a lame duck QB, but not a lame duck HC?

  8. I was going to ask why and then I remembered we’re talking about the Bungals.

    Seriously, this is insane, you have to aim higher.

  9. Mind = blown.

    Let MJ walk – check
    Let Collins walk – check
    Let Hawkins walk – check
    Let Ghee walk – check
    Cut the one guy signed last year (Harrison) – check

    But extend Marvin for his lack of playoff victories.

    Honestly this failure started after the last playoff loss against the Texans. The team was young, primed, and had cap to burn. Instead of pulling out all the stops by signing the big names last year and making a run for it, we do nothing. Extend a couple of guys who likely will be on the downswing mid-contract and watch another flame out against a team the Bengals should’ve manhandled.

    Now we are losing key pieces, by the time Green, Burfict, and Dalton (ugh) are extended there will be no cap space, and we will b stuck in 7-9 win mode for several years

  10. This is how a cheap owner shuts up his head coach when he doesn’t spend money to improve weak depth at wide receiver/cornerback/center/guard in free agency (even though he has a lot of cap money available).

    mike brown is and has always been the problem.

  11. 2013 AFC North Champion Cincinnati Bengals who knocked both pittsburgh and baltimore out of playoff contention.

  12. Hmmm. 5 playoff games in twelve years, three in the last five. I bet there are a half dozen teams that would fire their coach immediately for that lousy record. A few that come to mind: Oakland, Buffalo, Miami, Detroit…etc. Sure, fire the coach that has been consistently taking you to the playoffs. People are really dumb sometimes. By the way, Bellichek has not won a super bowl in how many years? Maybe they should fire him for incompetence too.

  13. While I’m not Marvin’s biggest fan, I’m not sure how you justify firing someone who just won the division with a team that now has a coherent philosophy regarding personnel and the draft; I agree that the playoffs ultimately matter the most, but his last 3 years in particular have been a huge improvement over decades of horrible teams. A one-year extension seems about right.

  14. What a waste. Too much talent has passed through that team in 10 years to not have at least 1 playoff win. Been living off his Baltimore reputation for too long.

  15. Not winning a Super Bowl and not winning a playoff game, you can’t even compare that. I’m sure there have been plenty of teams who have fired coaches who recently took them to playoffs but found now success there. Have you ever watched this guy manage a game? I mean seriously his clock management isn’t even in the top half of the league. He’s god awful. He’s like a deer in headlights when something goes wrong. He doesn’t ever get fired up at anyone. Andy throws a pick 6, he gets a slap on the back side and a “nice work” by this guy. He’s lame and not the guy to take us farther than the first round of playoffs. I don’t know how you even compare Bellichick to Lewis. You should be ashamed.

  16. While I agree that the “lame duck” status is overblown, the reason owners let players play out their contract is because they can always use the franchise tag on that player if he plays well. No such deal for coaches.

    That said, I’m fine with the extension because it’s ONLY for one year. AKA it’s a “prove it” contract. It also possibly means that Andy Dalton WON’T be getting an extension this offseason. Why you ask?

    With Marvin only signed on through 2015, if the Bengals decide to go a different direction at the end of 2014, a new head coach would most likely want his own QB (see Kelly, Chip; Smith, Lovie; Reid, Andy, etc.). So why would the Bengals sign their coach to a short contract and extend their QB with a long contract? If the Bengals are smart (and they have been over the last few years), they won’t.

  17. Am I the only guy that remembers the 90s?

    Ill take being in contention vs all those years of sucking… I do feel like if ML can not get us over the hump this year that he will be shut down.. We get 5 year windows at the playoffs so its time to get us a win ML..

  18. 5 games over .500, winless in 5 postseason games (have the Bengals even come close to winning one of those?) and the second longest tenured coach in the NFL. Let that marinate for a moment.

  19. Everyone knows that if Marvin Lewis is fired…. mike brown will generously open his bank accounts and wallet to the new head coach in order to gather the pieces necessary to compete deep into the playoffs.

    Yeah, right.

  20. Marvin Lewis has a 90-90 record when you factor in the 5 post season losses. Mediocrity is enough to keep your job at Paul Brown Stadium though.

  21. He better be fired with 1 year left if he’s not in the playoffs.

    A lot of subtractions, few additions, questions at QB, no playoff wins, and two coordinators gone.

    Not the best start to 2014.

    Plus, his d didn’t become elite until Zimmer came.

  22. Brown is the problem there. Lewis tried in vain early in his tenure to get Brown out of or at least minimize his personnel picks and to model Bengals free agency and drafting after highly successful organizations like the Steelers, Patriots, Giants and the Ravens–top four. Brown needs to hire a professional football executive like Dallas needs to do. In recent years Brown has taken Marvin’s advice and they have been successful to make the playoffs. It does seem Brown is highly content on just making the playoffs to keep the fan base happy. How many Super Bowls within its division have Pittsburg and Baltimore won since 2000 and how many playoff games have they won since then. Those two teams have been extremely successful. I think Brown with the loss of key FAs this year is reverting back to his old self instead of becoming a class North Division team like Pittsburg and Baltimore. Brown is placating Lewis with new contract for a poor start in FA.

  23. Funny how people say we let people walk. 1st- if we signed mj, collins and hawkins for anything close to what they got from other teams our cap would have been shot. Then you would have been back next year crying that we didnt have the cap space to sign Green and Burfict among the others. Next man up. (Isn’t that where Collins stepped in). By the way, don’t you think Marvin Lewis is doing something right if half the NFL teams are raiding our roster. Guess what? Same thing will happen next year, only we will be able to keep Green and Burfict with the money saved by not overspending this year. NEXT MAN UP…..

  24. Marvin Lewis couldn’t win a pee wee league Championship…let alone an NFL. Now sign Dalton to a long term deal and we can continue to suck. NFL please take the Bengals to LA….

  25. I love all the excuses from bengal fans, and even the blaming of a cheap owner. Here’s a thought, maybe the answer to get a QB who doesn’t choke in every big game he plays.

    David Klingler was a better QB than Dalton will ever be.

  26. Great move!Because keeping a coach with no playoff wins is exactly what you’re supposed to do!

  27. I’m so tired of people talking about the 90’s in order to defend Marv. The 90’s were a long time ago. I’d rather take a risk on a new HC than be happy about 8-8 seasons with the occasional wild-card loss. Marv’s time is up. He’s only had a dozen years to win a lousy playoff game.

  28. I have nothing against Lewis. I mean really, who else gets to go 13 years without a playoff win and get paid millions? A professional LOSER. bahahahaha

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