Bills moving Kiko Alonso outside in hopes of more impact


Bills linebacker Kiko Alonso was spectacular as a rookie in the middle last year.

They think he can be better if they move him.

Bills General Manager Doug Whaley said the Bills plan to move Alonso outside, and find someone else for the middle in Jim Schwartz’s 4-3 alignment.

“That right now is the plan,” Whaley said, via Mike Rodak of “We’re going to move him outside. Have Keith Rivers on the other outside [spot].

“We think with his athletic ability, his speed, and his instincts, why limit him by having to take on those big guards? Let’s cover him up and let him run and hit.”

Alonso’s not the prototype size for a middle linebacker, but his mobility allowed him to make plays all over the field, with four interceptions, two sacks and a forced fumble to go with his 159 tackles.

Whaley mentioned some “on-campus” possibilities to play in the middle, but a player such as former Patriots inside linebacker Brandon Spikes makes some sense there.

26 responses to “Bills moving Kiko Alonso outside in hopes of more impact

  1. Alonzo has a great year, so move him to a different position……that’s why you’re the Bills.

  2. Dumb. He has elite sideline to sideline speed so let’s limit him to one side. When it fails to produce the results they can just move him back though. It won’t be a disaster but it’s still dumb.

  3. I’m a Ravens fan, and I watched him in the game we lost to the Bills. He is just fine at MLB. He was everywhere, and was a HUGE reason we lost. Don’t fix what’s not broken!!

  4. All of you who keep saying “If it aint broke dont fix it” either didnt read anything beyond the headline or dont know anything about football.

    He played inside on a 3-4 schme. An OLB in a 3-4 schme, especially in Pettine’s 3-4, is essentially a DE. Kiki was a pseudo OLB last year. In a 4-3 scheme Kiki is grossly undersized and would be underutilized on pass coverage and exterior runs. If you have a half a football sense youd understand this makes perfect sense in a 4-3 scheme, assuming they can find someone solid to play the role of MLB.

  5. The reason he didn’t win ROY last year was because he tired in the second half of the season because of taking on those huge guards every play. Its a smart move. He’ll still be a tackle machine in games 12-16, or beyond. It will lenghten his career also. I love how guys who never coached or played in the NFL know more than coordinators and coaches.

  6. All of you who keep saying “If it aint broke dont fix it” either didnt read anything beyond the headline or dont know anything about football.

    The difference is Keko is not your typical linebacker….he can play the inside and was responsible for stopping the run up the middle as our outstanding pass rush was a sieve against the run….move him to the outside and the opponents rush will be going up the middle to the house regularly…unless the Bills address that issue….

  7. Fact of the matter is, a MLB has to be the QB of the defense; meaning he needs to be a well spoken/intelligent player.

    Have you heard this dude talk before? Great player, but a little doopid.

  8. All you Negative people must NOT read correctly…..Whaley states with Alonso playing in the middle was restricting him to be even better. This gives Alonso free reign to run all over and be even better next season.

  9. I don’t think it matters where you put this guy! He’s a monster and can play anywhere. He has natural instincts and can hit like a semi. He can play the mascot and have better results than most of the LB in the league. PS: He got the shaft for not getting DROY & All Pro!

  10. For all those that don’t like the move, how did the Bills fare in the run game, not very well. This is a very wise move. Kiko will still be an animal and a 3 down backer!!!

  11. Moving Alonso to the outside linebacker spot is a great move, he will do even better than he did on the inside. Besides, not only does he belong in the position, but he wants to be there, It is where he feels comfortable. This was something the team was contemplating doing last season, a no-brainer.
    This move leads right to the draft, where in round 1-3 the Bills will select an inside linebacker. I am not sure Mack can play the ILB spot, but even if he could, the Bills would have to trade up to land him. Other players that would fit the ILB position that should be there for the picking are: CJ Mosley or Anthony Barr in the first, Chris Borland or Ryan Shazier in the second/third. Any one of those 4 players would be great for the position and team. I fully bill-ieve in Whaley and think the team is headed in the right direction.

  12. Hence why the Bills haven’t made the playoffs this millennium

    so the Bills havent made the playoffs in 15 years because they want to move Kiko to a position in which he will not be accounted for by guards moving to the second level to block him? ok,
    maybe if you have watched the Bills the past decade plus you would have seen that they have had some decent teams, and some bad bad teams but the real reason they have gone so long without a playoff run is because of coaching and no qb.

  13. realnflmaster says: Mar 14, 2014 12:06 PM

    Sheldon Richardson >>>>>>>>>>> Kibo Alfonso
    How can you compare them when they don’t even play the same position, Kiko was responsible for the defensive calls, adjustments and played EVERY SNAP. I doubt Sheldon had all those responsibilities on top of being good

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