Brandon Browner chooses the Patriots


The Patriots’ secondary will be much improved in 2014.  October of 2014.

Cornerback Darrelle Revis will be there from the get-go.  After four games, cornerback Brandon Browner will be joining the effort.

Browner tells Josina Anderson of ESPN that he has agreed on Friday to a three-year deal with the Patriots.

The agreement comes after Browner’s agent, Peter Schaffer, negotiated with three other teams — Washington, New Orleans, and Oakland.

The negotiations resulted in an erroneous report from NFL Media on Thursday night that Browner had agreed to a two-year contract with New England.  Schaffer angrily responded to the report, going on the record to call it “100 percent untrue” and lamenting the fact that his phone was blowing up with calls and texts at a time when he was trying to play in a recreational hockey league game.

His comments also spawned a quote destined to land on a T-shirt bearing a PFT logo:  “I just wanna play hockey.”

Suspended for at least a year in December, Browner negotiated the ability to return to the NFL now in exchange for an agreement to abandon litigation arising from the league’s effort to subject him to substance-abuse testing while he wasn’t employed by any NFL team.  Those tests, which he missed because he wasn’t made aware of them, put him within one violation of a one-year suspension.  Last year, the violation happened, and the suspension was imposed.

But Browner also agreed to accept a four-game suspension.  He’s presumably in Stage III of the testing program, which again puts him one violation away from a one-year suspension.

Browner initially entered the NFL in 2005 with the Broncos.  Cut the following year, he eventually played in the CFL before Seahawks G.M. John Schneider brought him back to the NFL in 2011.

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  1. I guess he figured the grass was ‘browner’ on the other side. LOL

    Did you guys get my joke? There is a saying that goes the grass is greener on the other side. His last name is ‘Browner’. Brown and green are both colors so I just switched them. It’s a nice play on words.

  2. j don’t think he should be suspended at all. he did nothing wrong. I’m not even a Seahawks fan. but he has been wronged

  3. The Boston D Party anyone? After a decade of this value and system nonsense Belichick has finally acknowledged it won’t win him a Super Bowl. He’s FINALLY loading up on defense.

  4. Once again BB making your team’s offseason look silly. The AFC rival Broncos sign Talib, Ward and Ware, so what does the hoodie do? Signs the best F/A available, and then grabs the physical Browner. Like I said in a different thread, only Belichick’s plan B could turn out to be better than Plan A. These two signings alone totally offset what the Broncos did, and gives the Pats their own “Legion of Boom”. Revis, arguably the best CB in the league, in respect to what the Pats like to do, and then being able to rotate McCourty and Browner, have Browner pressing WRs’s at the line, and then add size to your safeties. I mean, c’mon. Borderline unfair. Game, set, matched. Your move Broncos

  5. Pretty exciting additions the Patriots have made so far. Revis and Browner are going to be an imposing corner duo when Browner returns from suspension. And with Mccourty at safety this looks like the best Patriots secondary since the Super Bowl winning years.

    Of course we don’t know how all the new pieces will mesh together, free agency provides no guarantees but after years of seeing Darius Butler, Ras I (IR) Dowling, Jonathan Wilhite, Terrence Wheatley and Brandon Meriwheather these new additions are a breath of fresh air.

  6. Browner is a quality football player with rare size and excellent technique. He will bully smaller and weaker WRs at the line, browner is an excellent red zone defender. His weakness is the deep ball, without the Seahawks pass rush and ET lurking in the deep waters this could be exploited by the opposition.

  7. Finally a strong secondary. Now if Vince insists on leaving, find a way to draft Louis Nix out of Notre Dame at nose tackle. Game on.

  8. Now the Pats should trade Wilfork for a decent pick and go sign Kevin Williams. He was still a beast on the D Line for the Vikes last year and is WAY cheaper than Vince.

  9. Can he play receiver? Last time I looked New England didn’t have much in that department other than a busted up TE (Ward limited him to 1 catch for 18 yards when Cle beat NE this year) and a tiny receiver who’s injured more than he’s healthy.

    I guess “plan b” for Belichick is to try and win games 3-0?

  10. the patriots are actually be aggressive in free agency holy cow, is michael lombardi running the show now or did Bill realize brady only has couple good years left

  11. They still can’t stop the run! They’ll dump Wilfork and Raji re-signed with the Packers…..then what? Oh I forgot to mention they cut their best run stuffer next to Wilfork, Brandon Spikes.
    2 outside corners will never replace run stuffers. Teams won’t need to through against them they’ll just run it down their throat.

  12. I think they’re gonna move Browner into the other safety spot next to McCourty and leave Revis and Dennard as the outside CBs with Arrington in the slot. Makes a lot of sense with Browner’s size and speed and ability to match up with opposing TEs. McCourty and Browner backed up by Harmon and possibly Tavon Wilson makes for a pretty deep safety spot, and they could have a lot of mix-and-match options in the secondary. I’m really liking the moves they’ve made up to this point

  13. atwatercrushesokoye says:
    Mar 14, 2014 8:00 PM
    Can he play receiver? Last time I looked New England didn’t have much in that department other than a busted up TE (Ward limited him to 1 catch for 18 yards when Cle beat NE this year) and a tiny receiver who’s injured more than he’s healthy.

    I guess “plan b” for Belichick is to try and win games 3-0?

    2 2

    NE was the 3rd highest scoring offense in the NFL. It depends on the health of Gronk.

  14. love the signing,but this guy can barely count to ten,(watch an interview)i hope he can understand the defense unlike ocho couldn’t understand the offense!

  15. He did nothing wrong?

    He violated the league’s substance abuse policy. Period. The end. Every player who does this serves a penalty. It doesn’t matter what you think about marijuana (if that is indeed the drug he tested positive for). It doesn’t matter if it is legal in some states. It doesn’t matter that you don’t think it is a PED.

    All that matters is that the NFL and the NFLPA (the players union) have agreed and are aware that it is on the list of banned substances for players in the NFL and what penalties there are for a positive test.

    You break the rules, you get caught, you pay the price. It is pretty simple.

  16. Revis to shut down the number 1, Browner’s physicality and size to press receivers at the line with McCourty behind him. Plus Dennard and emerging Logan Ryan with Harmon coming up as well. This is a scary secondary.

    Add that to Mayo, Hightower to stop the run an Collins to cover TE’s and rush the passer. With Jones and Ninkovich at the ends this defense will scare anyone, not to mention the depth and versatility it has.

    Just have to draft a DT and the defense is young and talented enough to compete with anyone.

  17. sw19womble says: Mar 14, 2014 7:47 PM

    Good luck to Browner. Someone remind him that smoking pot is still illegal in New England tho.
    Mmmm no, not really, it’s just a fine, like jaywalking here. $100. And the great thing is you dont even have to give your name if nailed with it.

    jolink653 says: Mar 14, 2014 8:13 PM

    I think they’re gonna move Browner into the other safety spot
    I think adrian wilson will be off IR and have something to say about that.

  18. Browner got the short end by the league, but he’s still playing…and for another contender as well.

    From the 12s, we’re happy for you, BB. Good luck, and knock the Broncos out at the AFC Championship, m’kay?

  19. Looks like a battle of the two dominant franchises in the AFC going all “in”, in the limited time they have, based on their qb situation. It’s ‘hawks, ’49ers, Pats and Broncos. All others are irrelevant. Cool. Let the games begin. Can’t wait.

  20. Nice pickup pats. He was a run stopper for sure here in seattle. I wish the hawks coulda made a deal happen but it was time to parts ways. Excited to see the former hawk finally suit up even if its w another team

  21. Nice pickup pats. He was a run stopper for sure here in seattle. I wish the hawks coulda made a deal happen but it was time to parts ways. Excited to see the former hawk finally suit up even if its w another team.

  22. 2 corners does not make a D!!! Your other 9 are avg at best. Run or pass the middle of that D will be wide open. Neither one of your big time corners can keep up w/ the speed receivers in the league. Safeties over the top equals getting worked in the middle. It’s almost sad that BB didn’t get any help for Tom yet. Guess none of the FA class is worthy of all mighty Patriots!!!

  23. If there wasn’t a Brandon Browner I don’t know if you get “Legion of Boom”. I have posted it many times, he is the most physical CB in football. He can press man and play zone, plays the run like a safety. The only downside is he can get exposed by smaller, shifty WR. He had lots of PI on players like that. Great pick up in my eyes.

  24. “2 corners does not make a D!!! Your other 9 are avg at best.”

    11 corners? ;o)

    Sorry, couldn’t resist…

  25. Worked in Seattle because each of the four had the other’s back.

    Earl Thomas
    Kam Chancellor
    Sherman Smith
    Brandon Browner

    Possibly one of the best combinations ever.

    Revis has lost a step over the years and I don’t know if the Patriot safety’s are anywhere near Kam and Earl.

    Good luck to you Brandon!

  26. They’d have been better off using that money to resign Edelman. Tom has nobody to throw to and couldn’t even hit open guys in the championship game. Panthers D held them down, Broncos D pummeled them when it mattered and Cincy held them to 6 points. Browner won’t help that.

  27. If Belichick can handle the pot smoking Moss, Talib, Hernandez and others. He can handle Browner. But I don’t think he’ll have to. That secondary is now loaded! And it has a huge chip on its shoulder. Don’t forget that the youngster, Logan Ryan is a real comer. Put him opposite Revis and next to Browner (who will be covering the big tight ends). And this could easily become the best secondary in the NFL. And it will create a ton of coverage sacks, if they can all stay healthy. I say give big Vinnie a good 3 year deal with front loaded bonus money (that doesn’t count against the cap). And load up on offense in the draft. Excellent loadup for the final Brady/Belichick era Super Bowl run. They keep this group together and healthy; they could go 2 for 3 over the next few years IMO.

  28. Clearly they are superbowl champs now because they got Revis and a guy that would have been a backup in Seattle going forward.

    There’s no question they have improved their secondary and closed some of the additional gap Denver had initially made with their 3 signings yet Denver is still the better team and that’s just talking about the AFC. In the NFC the Seahawks and 49ers are better than both those teams.

    One good thing with this is it may put to rest the continual blaming of the Pats pass D every year when the team loses in the playoffs since the media and fans refuse to ever put blame on Brady and Belichick.

    It looks like Wilfork may be done there given his comments and that team’s run D went to crap once Vince went down last season. I guess I am not seeing how Revis and Browner are going to magically fix that. I also don’t see how their offense is going to magically improve because of these 2 guys, especially if Edelman, their best wide receiver, does indeed go elsewhere and the Pats don’t replace him with someone as good or better.

  29. Looks like BB is changing his ways back to the days of 2001-2005. The Incompetion Committee spent years changing rules to combat Bill’s secondary philosophy, favoring the QB and especially Peyton Manning. The Seahawks have brought the style back and Bill sees the opportunity with what the league is allowing and with the players available to return to the old ways.

  30. These loser jets fan make me laugh jealous will get you no where !!! jetfan74 has no clue name me on guy on the jets that cant be covered by revis or browner ? Geo smith is garbage talk about avg 9 jets wish they had mayo and c Jones but they dont . Good luck Decker #2 playing #1 role and who plays corner for the jets ????? Yea thats right you dont even know .

  31. Great pickup for the Pats……He is physical and holds/bumps with the best of them. He even got much better against getting pass interference calls while still making the receiver uncomfortable, which is a learned skill.

    The Pats are not at risk. If he fails a Drug Test, he knows he is gone and the money owed is not given with no cap consequences. Thus, if he is doing what he is capable of doing, the Pats win. If he doesn’t, they are not out anything. Given that he remains in Stage 3 his testing will be often so he knows smoking MJ will be very expensive. He won’t………..

    Thanks for the time in Seattle Brandon and best wishes in the AFC.

  32. BTW. I sure hope BB flush that DBack coach from the Mining College. And get someone credible in town to coach a high profile group like this. Someone who will command the respect of all of them. And one who can teach them all a few tricks of the trade along with mastering the fundamentals. Lawyer Milloy or Ty Law comes to mind. Make it happen guys. Don’t let this slip through the fingers because of a below average position coach.

  33. Pats are a good team that are huge winners in free agency. Even the haters should admit it(they never will). They aren’t done yet, plenty of money left. Taking the plus/minus into account, the Pats made Elway look like the inexperiencecd fool that he is. Keep it going Belichick. The much maligned GM is taking everyone to school.

  34. He absolutely deserves his suspension. It sucks and is a completely unfair rule that if you are playing in the CFL you still have to take NFL drug tests. But thems the rules.

  35. Another fan talking about right and wrong when they don’t even have the information about Browner’s case or knowledge of NFL Substance abuse program.

    Brandon Browner got escalated to Stage 3 because he didn’t report to NFL for testing when he was playing in the CFL. If he got got smoking weed illegal or legal in Stage 1 the player gets a fine, that’s it. In Stage 3 BB went through hundreds of tests in Seattle. Now if that all sounds fair to you- Awesome! But understand that the NFL had to bend to his threat to take them to court because Browner had a great case.

  36. Lol this guys sucks he is gonna be 30 y/0 with only 3 years nfl experience why do think that is? Guy can’t play not on adderol and was protected by two all pro safety’s. Wait till this guy plays for the pats with only one good defensive lineman and no all pro safety’s.

  37. I think this guy replaces Gregory at SS in some ways. McCourty Wilson, and Harmon are the other Safeties. Revis, Dennard, Ryan and Arrington are the CB’s. McCourty and Browner can flex between Safety and Corner for versatility in case of injury. If they use Browner at SS this will be their first big intimidating safety since Rodney Harrison. CB Dennard had a great sophmore year and CB Ryan was a playmaker as a freshman with 5 picks, 1.5 sacks, a forced fumble, and a TD. I don’t think the Pats will need Browner playing CB against most teams, but he may be needed for games against passing teams like Denver, GB, Detroit, Chicago, and San Diego, all Top 6 passing offenses in 2013 and coincidentally ALL on the 2014 schedule. Then there are the playoffs of course. Obviously Belichick is responding to the schedule. I see Browner being schooled to flex between CB and Safety. He will also likely fill that experimental role designed for Adrian Wilson last season as a hybrid LB/DB covering tight ends. The dude is 6’4″ 220 lbs. Browner could be all over the place, especially if they decide to let McCourty play a single Safety. They’ve now got 5 starting caliber CB’s and one of the league’s best Safeties. Now if they could get another pass rusher and resolve the Wilfork situation, it would be game on for the defense. Still need to improve the reliability of the receiver corp, but things are coming along. I’d “hold the horses” on any AFC predictions just yet….LOLZzzzzz

    Check out “Brandon Browner Lays Out 3 Cardinals” on Youtube….

  38. Belichick really sucks as a GM doesn’t he! Not only is he picking up playmakers he knows how to put them into positions to make plays. You know Rex Ryan is figuratively kissing Bill’s rings somewhere because Rex appreciates what adding Revis and Browner can do for a football team on the defensive side of he ball. I would like to hear what Rodney Harrison thinks of these two signings, not what media guy had the story first.

  39. Browner will move to Safety. He’ll bring that Rodney Harrison physical presence to the position that has been lacking in the Pats secondary.

    Revis and Dennard will be the corners.

    They still need another DL. even if Wilfork restructures it’s hard to see him be anything close to his prime in his first year back from the Achilles injury (not knocking VW, love him as a player, just being realistic about the recovery from that type of injury —took Suggs quite a while to get back to full speed and he’s 100 lbs lighter than VW). And I definitely don’t see Vince being a 3 down player during 2014.

    But adding Revis and Browner and getting Mayo and Tommy Kelley back will improve this D over last year quite a bit.

  40. Hasn’t everone heard its a passig leauge now? PATS made it to the AFC Championship without a true nose tackle (Sorry Wilfork). Broncos beat the PATS through the air with a passing attack , not a ground game up the middle. BB realizes he had to sure up the secondary as Talib can’t make it till half in a big game. Addition of one great and one good FA Cornerback. Plus a ton of good young dept at the position who were considered starters last year. Once again BB sees how the leauge has changed and has made the necessary additions to compete against the elite. PATS again poised to make another run. They may have the best secondary in the league now.

  41. The biggest mistakes the BRONCOS made were that they were LONG term deals for Ware, Talib and Co. Next year when the two thomas, and welker are due new contracts,,,along with manning retiring, that team will be a disaster. Meanwhile if in 2015 revis leaves..OK,,hugh cap space..browner is only getting 3 mill,,,not the 7 mill talib is.
    The stated goal of the PATRIOTS is quality winning teams every single year,,not just for one year or two years and then 4 years of 4-12 rebuilding.

  42. If these guys stay healthy, the Patriots will be much better on defense. Belichick will next fix the wide receiver situation and the doesn’t mean just resigning Edelman. Like the Broncos, it looks like the Pats are loading up for the last years with an elite quarterback at the helm.

  43. Too bad none of these guys will help when the Jets run the football down the Patriots throats, just like 2013. How is that defensive line shaping up? Hahaha, plus with all the money you wasted on Revis you wont have any cash for depth. Billy boy can be all smiles in March lets see how that looks in October.

  44. “Too bad none of these guys will help when the Jets run the football down the Patriots throats.”

    Rex is rolled up in the fetal position right now mouthing the words “Revis” and “Brower”.

  45. Leave him in cover 1 press and he’ll be fine. Put him in zone and you’ll see whe he lost his job to Thurmond who then lost his job to Maxwell (who is the real deal). BB would have been our dime DB if he had returned last year (unless he couldn’t beat out Lane, which is a strong possibility).

  46. Like many other players, Browner has his limitations. However, he’ll win the battle more often than not.

    Solid pickup for the Pats. He’ll do very well for them.

    Appreciate what you did for Seattle but, just lay off the grass for a few years.

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