Breno Giacomin hopes Patriots fans “kick some rocks” after Jets beat Pats

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New Jets tackle Breno Giacomini met the media on a conference call on Friday and the subject of his childhood rooting interests came up at one point.

Giacomini grew up outside Boston and first said that he was a football fan before copping to being a big Patriots and Drew Bledsoe fan while growing up. Bledsoe is long gone, though, and Giacomini went on to say that he’s not harboring any warm feelings for his successor at quarterback Tom Brady or the rest of the current Patriots.

Giacomini said he hoped to “bring a little nastiness” to the games by playing like an offensive lineman “should” to the Jets offense. He also looked forward to enjoying the fruits of a victory over the team that the Jets are trying to take down in the AFC East.

“Maybe after the game will be a lot better,” Giacomini said, via “I can tell my friends and family that are all Patriots fans to go kick some rocks. It’ll definitely be fun after we win.”

Using when instead of if might upset some coaches, but we’re guessing Rex Ryan won’t mind even if he’s toned down his own proclamations in the last couple of years.


50 responses to “Breno Giacomin hopes Patriots fans “kick some rocks” after Jets beat Pats

  1. Seems like a good guy who knows how to have fun with a rivalry without taking it too serious.

  2. Someone should tell him Pats/Jets isn’t quite as competitively equivalent as Seahawks/49ers is…

  3. “Maybe” the Jets will have a chance to win those games, IF Breno, doesn’t rack up fifty or sixty yards in personal foul penalties during each one. Geno had better be sharp as well, or Breno may have a personal against him too!

  4. Not even close to being a Pats fan, but the Jets beating them? LOL…thx for the laugh dude. Go trim those eyes brows and you might think more clearly.

  5. And yes, that garbage win you got off that atrocious call by Rex’s crony in NY doesn’t=a win. That was the closest thing to corruption at the NFL level I have ever seen. First time a penalty was called in over 400 field goals and extra points… So save it jets fans.

  6. These teams barely beat the Dolphins…much less take on the Broncos…
    Oh and the lineman eyebrows look like pushbrooms. Expect the Jets to be 0-6 in the conference.

  7. Giacomini said he hoped to “bring a little nastiness” to the games by playing like an offensive lineman “should” to the Jets offense. He also looked forward to enjoying the fruits of a victory over the team that the Jets are trying to take down in the AFC East.

    You can be nasty and while NOT committing a lot of dumb person foul penalties. Giacomini has yet to figure that out.

  8. That’s funny. Bet if he signed with the Pats he would be talking about how he was a life long fan of the team, so no bigdeal. Just something for the Pats coaches to save in their back pocket for their pass rush guys.

  9. they failed to tell him the qb he would be protecting when he signed the contract, sucks to be him when he finds out it’s geno smith.

  10. Breno is going to have to protect Geno for a long time because Revis won’t even break a sweat while erasing Decker for the entire game.

  11. Breno is an average pass blocker but I watched him hold his own against Al. Smith multiple times. You think he can’t hold of Rob Ninkovich?

    He was a big part of Seahawks physicality and nastiness. I haven’t looked at the numbers but I bet you he had less penalties than Okung who is an elite LT when healthy. Jets picked up a solid run blocker and alright RT. Seahawks I hope give Bailey/Bowie their chance to start. No need for our fans to sling mud.

  12. Jets have been splitting wins with the Pats since Rex arrived, trying winning enough games to win the division……

  13. Any relation to Eddy Giacomin?

    Eddy played goal for the old Providence Reds of the AHL when they were the top farm team of the Rangers.

  14. Jets fans are going to love Breno. Dude is a nasty brawler. An enforcer. Someone takes a late shot on the QB? Breno let’s em know that won’t slide.

    We’re going to miss him in Seattle. He was good and brought more than just blocking skills in his game. Dude set the tone for Beast Mode. Can’t even count the number of defenders I’ve seen get absolutely crushed by Jocko on a big run. Then he’ll run down field and smack a couple more guys just to let em know what’s up. Dude is tough, nasty, violent, and plays through the whistle every down. You will never see him stand there watching as his quarterback is sacked. He makes sure to get his shots in.

    This was one of the few free agency losses that really bummed me out. Good luck in NY, Jocko!! The 12th Man won’t forget what you did for us.

  15. “Go trim those eyes brows and you might think more clearly.”

    Does that even mean anything?

  16. Funny how Dolphin fans are talking trash about the Jets, after spending 150 mil in free agent contracts in a playoff or bust year the fins go 8-8, the Jets in an obvious rebuilding year go 8-8 and based on tiebreakers the Jets finish 2nd, but Fins fans are talking smack about their dysfunctional team, pretty funny, and what has Tannehill done Geno in his second year can easily surpass him

  17. Iono why all these pats fans here acting as if they swept the jets last season lololol

  18. Your’re right, I forgot that the jets won one against Pats last year. I guess that’s because we went on to the AFC championship and your team barely finished at .500 Maybe that’s why this guy didn’t talk about bigger plans than winning against the Pats.
    Congrats on that 2002 AFC East championship though… keep laughing out loud! (or you might cry).

  19. Pats vs Jets 2013
    1-1 record
    40-40 total score
    I’d be worried if I were A Pats fan
    Jets beat them in a year they were 30 mil over the cap
    Now they’re 30 mil under with 12 draft picks
    Added Decker
    Will sign at least 2 more quality free agents
    They’ll be a much better team
    Pats replace Talib with Revis
    lose Spikes, Blount
    Probably lose Wilfork and Edelmann
    How are they any better?

  20. @dlk47823
    When the jets beat the Pats the Pats had over 25mil in starter money sitting on the bench due to injury, including Wilfork. and they still got to the AFC Championship

    Gronkowski back, Mayo back = better.

  21. If Rex, the jets consortium, and their fans would worry less about trying to one-up Belichick and the Pats, and concentrate on putting a decent product on the field for ALL the teams they play against, maybe the result would be better. Seems like Belichick is in their heads obsessively.

  22. Not all…we look at it the other way around. Since the Jets beat the Pats in Foxboro in 2011 after the 15-11 season, I think the Jets are more in the Pats heads. This year will be fun.

  23. With the 9th pick of the 1995 NFL draft, the New York Jets select Kyle Brady….

    Still just as hilarious now as it was back then…

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