Browner heads to Washington today

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Yes, Brandon Browner was scheduled to travel to Washington on Thursday night to visit the Redskins.  No, the visit wasn’t canceled.  It was moved to Friday.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports, and PFT has confirmed, that Browner’s visit to Washington will happen on Friday.  Per a league source, the visit was delayed because Browner’s Thursday visit to the Patriots lasted longer than anticipated.

Negotiations also are occurring with the Saints and Raiders for Browner.  While his four-game suspension to start the season could be regarded as an impediment, his availability for the offseason program, training camp, and the preseason allows him to be fully prepared for his return.

Cut by the Broncos in 2006, Browner returned to the NFL in 2011 and became a starter with the Seahawks.

Last night, Browner’s agent, Peter Schaffer, reacted angrily to a report from NFL Media that Browner had agreed to terms with the Patriots, providing a quote that is destined to land on a PFT-commissioned T-shirt:  “I just wanna play hockey.”

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  1. I heard his team was up by three goals in the third period, but by the time he got back from answering all those phone calls the other team came back and they had already lost the shoot-out

  2. Browner isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, so it’s entirely possible that he thought he was going to NE, and that they had a deal in place, and then he told his friends.

    Meanwhile, his agent is trying to find leverage from other teams to squeeze a bit more money on a guy that has – let’s face it – a limited shelf life in the NFL.

    Which is why the story of his agent trying to play hockey while Browner is out visiting these teams is funny to me. My guess is his agent would rather be dealing with anything other than this knucklehead. Probably why he’s not with Browner on these trips!

  3. Has this team ever won a playoff game since Heath Shuler was drafted

    For Somebody that thinks they know football why are you so uninformed??? 1999 playoff berth and advanced to the next round

    2005 same thing

    watch out 2014 times up!!!!

  4. We need Browner bad. Our secondary was so difficult to watch last year. The major problem with the Skins last year wasn’t the offense. It was the secondary that gave up big points and took us away from utilizing Alfred Morris (who average 5.0 yards per carry). Some games he wouldn’t even carry the ball 12 times a game. And because he isn’t much of a receiving threat our best offensive weapon last year was on the bench when the score got out of hand for good chunks of the game. Fix the defense and we have a fighting chance.

  5. Best you’ll get is a 12-game season out of Browner next year, so it’s a bit complicated. The Redskins have a real need, moreso than even the Saints or N.E.

  6. As a Seahawk fan, I love Browner. He was out played by Byron Maxwell once Max got on the field. He is a press corner and his size allows him to do that very effectively. Do not try and use him in a zone defense too much and he will be fine. He could also move to SS and be effective although at this point in his career he would probably prefer to stay at CB.

  7. Come to New Orleans, Brandon. Please leave the PEDs in Seattle so that they can remain competitive.

  8. Browner’s agent is playing basketball and is highly annoyed at having to stop dribbiing to debunk the irresponisble journalists who are reporting that Browner will visit the Redskins. “I just wanna shoot hoops.”

  9. But, but, but…. Where are all the PED people at NOW!!!
    I seem to remember when he was on the Seahawks he was a worthless cheater that should be banished for life from the NFL.

  10. Im happy the Raiders are showing interest. Im willing to look past the suspension. We did the same thing with Andre Holmes last year. I think he can be a corner but I wouldn’t mind turning him into a FS a year from now to replace Woodson.

  11. I hope we dont sign him. We have six corners under contract and three are still on their rookie contract. They will never develop if we keep signing losers from loser organizations

  12. It is rather hilarious how many Seahawk haters are on here desperate to poach Seahawk players, PED’s, pot and all. Fortunately, the Hawks have a deep bench. Browner was replaced by Maxwell and this turned out to be an upgrade. We cannot keep them all. Good luck, BB.

  13. If he left Foxboro without signing that means he’s probably not going to the Patriots. I can see why the agent was so aggravated about the false report now.

  14. He hadn’t left the area as of this morning. I’m not saying he isn’t going to Washington…but when this story was written he still hadn’t left.

    Albert Breer just tweeted about an hour ago and said two Redskins sources have told him Browner trip to DC has been cancelled.

  15. “If he left Foxboro without signing that means he’s probably not going to the Patriots. I can see why the agent was so aggravated about the false report now.”

    Nothing worse than a Jets fan looking at a fact pattern through the lens of a New Yorker and talking trash about the Patriots. The agent wants the most money and Browner wants to have that and play for a winner. No one in their right mind would pick the Redskins over the Patriots if the money was in the same ballpark.

  16. I’d be surprised if the Redskins let him leave the building without a contract. Also, the Patriots might want to focus on a pass rusher and bringing back Edelman. Browner would be a luxury with Revis and Dennard in the fold.

  17. Ian Rapoport is a complete buffoon. All i gotta say is watch his pathetic backtracking after his ben roethlisberger “breaking news” last year regarding ben asking out of pitt. You lost all credibility Ian. Sorry buddy, I actually used to be a fan.

  18. “Brandon Browner has spread the word to those close to him that he has agreed with the #Patriots. Thus, my report that he has agreed.” Ian Rapoport

    These tweets need a qualification but the agents can’t blame reporters for their own guys talking out of school. The Patriots keep negotiations close to the vest so Peter Schaffer should just state the facts (no deal is signed) and not pour gas on the media reports.

    As for Adam Schefter, he is the biggest blowhard of all the reporters. Let’s see if Browner actually goes to Washington.

  19. Well, watching what Denver and NE are up to it’s quiet obvious they are in for the now the window is closing in on them quickly Peyton and Brady who knows how much longer they have or what state the respective teams will be in???? Seattle won the SB and are losing players then you have the Denvers and NE’s grabbing up whatever big name they can to try and win one more before the aging stars can’t get it done anymore…

  20. not sure how you’re lumping the patriots in with the broncos spending frenzy? denver handed out 56 million in guaranteed money over 9 years in the last few days. pats are on the hook for one season at 12 million with revis. even if they sign browner, it won’t be the same as denver throwing money around to take advantage of the manning window.

    the patriots are never in the ‘win now at the expense of the future’ category.

  21. Browner, if winning is important to you come to New England. It will allow you to inflate your value for a big payoff in the near future. And, lets be serious, Oakland, New Orleans (who just blew up their team), and Washington, as our competition? Really though, I’m still laughing.

  22. Skins won division in 2012 with offensive rookie of the year. How quickly folks forget! Just an off season in 2013. Will be right back in the hunt for division title in 2014.

  23. Always laugh when I see Seattle fans talking trash about how long the Redskins have been bad.Like they have been good for soooo long.

  24. New Orleans blew up there team? You my friend are an idiot, they got rid of aging vets and added the best safety in free agency to a defense that improved more from one year to the next than any other team in history. Get a grip bro, it’s called switching philosophies and realizing defenses still win championships, Seattle showed Denver and everyone else that.

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