Dolphins in touch with Zach Strief as visits continue


The Dolphins were able to land left tackle Branden Allbert moments into the free agency period, but they continue to work on rebuilding their offensive line.

According to Andrew Abramson of the Palm Beach Post, Rams guard Shelley Smith arrived last night for a visit with the team, and they continue to talk to Saints tackle Zach Strief, though a visit hasn’t been scheduled.

The Dolphins are also expected to host veteran cornerback Cortland Finnegan today, after losing Nolan Carroll to the Eagles yesterday.

Considering the near total-rebuild the Dolphins need up front, landing Smith would be a good step, and maintaing contact with Strief make’s sense after last year’s Tyson Clabo experiment.

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  1. “Considering the near total-rebuild the Dolphins need up front, landing Smith would be a good step, and maintaing contact with Strief make’s sense after last year’s Tyson Clabo experiment”

    im not used to columns that are written without some sort of backhanded comment in there, hard to get used to.

  2. Nothing flashy this FA season and that may finally make all the difference. The Fins need an OLine and they are contenders. Just ask all the AFC Playoff Teams we beat last season and the Seahawks we beat the year before. Times are a changin’! Nice job new GM Hickey.

  3. Hickey is doing what Ireland should have been doing for 5 years now!!! I LIKE IT!!! I still think Ross should sell this team because he STILL has no clue!!! Do or die for Philbin so get it done!!! GO FINS!!!

  4. owners are not supposed to have a clue, thats why they hire gm’s and head coaches. ross and put hundred’s of million’s of dollars into this team and is still opening his wallet to get this team to win, and now he has said he is paying $400 mil to renovate the stadium, there is nothing wrong with the owner, he is committed to this team.

  5. I feel Strief is the key to their OL next season. Bookend solid tackle play with young athletic guards and Pouncey and it’s a good line. Draft a RT and it’s all up in the air, may work out or he may struggle. At least Hickey hasn’t put two players with psychological disorders right next to each other on the O-line. Ireland SMH

  6. Why is Miami not interviewing Ben Tate formerly of the Houston Texans? We need a powerful addition at RB and so far, all the news has been Tate going to Cleveland. Please, Dennis Hickey, so far you are doing a good job to help restore hope to Dolphins fans who have been stung repeatedly by all the adverse news about this team over the past 4 months.

  7. I like what Hickey is doing, we really need to solidify the line and i hope we sign Shelley Smith AND Zach Strief, to really help Tannehill get there and weaken the need for the draft so we can focus on more skill positioned players. Also not to sure on Delmas, thought Clemons did a good consistent job last year, but i guess that’s why Miami only signed him for a 1 year make it or break it deal. Also, not a huge fan of Daniel Thomas, actually, I don’t like him at all. I think we could address a strong power back in the draft like Andre Williams from Boston College who I’m a big fan of, or maybe even a veteran back like MJD, I’ve even heard trade rumors for CJ2K

  8. Other than Mike Pouncey I see a entire new o-line this year. I remember two years ago when we beat the Rams, in a close game that we won the game but their offensive line was pushing our tough defense all over the field. They were bigger stronger and to pick up one of those pieces for our o-line. I know there are still some Ross haters around. But I think Mr Ross is doing a great job in taking this team in the right direction. Getting rid of Ireland and pumping in $400 million into the stadium shows he is the owner we want. Look at Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys he been a owner for ever it seems and he still doesn’t do it all the time.

    Rome wasn’t built in the day and now that we have a QB that has skills, mobility, smarts and hopefully protection to give him more time to execute plays to Wallace-Keller-Hartline-Gibson-Miller-Clay in a wide open game plan vs that boring game plan under Tony Sparano.

  9. there are more pressing needs on the offense than running back, why pay tate $4-$5 mil a year to come in. spend the money on the o line and miller will thrive, plus they can get a good RB in the 3rd or 4th rd for next to nothing against the cap. i would be dissapointed if they brought in a RB and paid him more than $3 mil a year.

    i still believe miller is a good back and can put up 1k yards a season, with the o line blocking and opening up the passing game. it all starts up front.

  10. i would like to see them sign strief or smith and draft martin to play RT or G depending on which FA they get and they can get a really good G in the 3rd rd, if they bring in 4 FA’s on that line it will get really expensive and may have to sacrifice elsewhere in later years, if you have 2 good rookies they will be low cost for 4 years and they can still continue to draft players to develope and bring in to the mix after the FA’s deals expire. i believe that is Hickey’s plan and that is going to really put this team to compete now and in the future. dont forget that pouncey, oderick, tannehill and clay are all up for new contracts next year.

  11. RT – Zach Strief
    RG – Shelley Smith
    C – Mike Pouncey
    LG – Zack Martin (ND)
    LT – Brandon Albert

    Back ups
    Andrew Garner C,G,T
    Benner, G
    Dallas Thomas G,T

  12. Strief is coming back to nola. Numbers have been finalized, just hammering out the finite details.

    Glad to have the big man back.

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