Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie scheduled to meet with Jets

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The Jets parted ways with cornerback Antonio Cromartie, leaving them with a need at cornerback this offseason.

Enter Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Maybe.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Rodgers-Cromartie is scheduled to fly to meet with the Jets.

Rodgers-Cromartie ranks 12th on PFT‘s Hot 100 list of the top free agents, but wound up as the odd man out when the Broncos signed Aqib Talib and the Patriots replaced him with Darrelle Revis. That works well for the Jets as Rodgers-Cromartie is the best cornerback left on the market and would fit well on the outside of Rex Ryan’s defense. The Jets have the cap space to make a deal happen if the interest is there on both sides.

Dee Milliner is on hand at cornerback as well, which unfortunately makes it unlikely that the Jets would sign Rodgers-Cromartie, bring back Cromartie and add Carlos Rogers for a secondary built for an Abbott and Costello routine.

45 responses to “Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie scheduled to meet with Jets

  1. “rogers-cromartie’s on wallace”… “cromartie’s on wallace?” … “no, ROGERS-cromartie” … “oh, rogers then?” … “no, rogers-CROMARTIE is on wallace” … “you already said cromartie wasn’t on wallace!” … “i know, i said rogers-cromartie!” … “is it a double team?”

  2. AFC East better look out for what? There isn’t a team in the league that fears the Jets except maybe the Bills.

  3. Which Cromartie is the one with 10 kids (that we know of) out of wedlock again? Rumor has it that he didnt even know all of their names. Stay classy Cro…

  4. With New England signing Revis, the Jets are desperate to keep up. They’ll offer him the farm.

  5. DRC does not tackle. That will not fly with Rex. He got rid of Kerry Rhodes for allegedly the same reason.

  6. That’s a joke. Who fears the dolphins ? The only real threat to the patriots are the jets . Defense wins championships like the Seahawks proved . Rogers cromartie is better than a hurt cromartie that would cost 14M next year .

  7. Hey Dolphins fans, how’s Wallace and that guy from the Ravens whose name I can’t even remember because he’s so marginal treating ya? And the rest of the zillions they spent last year on other slappies? Was all that money worth it? Well, did your team at least learn its lesson about wasteful free agent spending? Oh, they’ve signed Branden Albert to a big money deal? Oh, brother. Keep bashing the Jets though, it’s good for a chuckle.

  8. This move makes no sense from a musical standpoint. Rodgers and Hammerstein in their prime would have been sweet. For my money I’d be looking closely at John Williams. I think his contributions would be epic.

  9. Its so funny how Pats fans think they dominate the Jets. This year, 1-1, 40-40 total score. That’s dominance…..??????

  10. DRC is a better tackler than his cousin. If I were the Jets I would sign DRC to play CB. Bring back Antonio Cromartie but to play safety. We have a big hole at safety. Cro is tall, fast and very athletic. Let him play free safety and ball hawk. Is cover techniques are suspect at CB

  11. It doesn’t matter what lineman the dolphins pick up . Wilkerson,Harrison, Coples, and Richardson can handle that. And why can’t the jets say anything because they shut down great offenses like the saints?

  12. Dolphin fans talking smack about the Jets, they spend 150mil in FA contracts and go 8-8 in a playoff or bust year, the Jets go 8-8 in an obvious rebuilding year and finish ahead based on tiebreakers, Tannehill is nothing special, Good chance Geno will surpass him this year, and love that dysfunctional locker room and idiot HC, but Fin fans are talking about Jets, pretty funny

  13. micknangold

    wallace is working out pretty well, tannehill doubled his td output, threw for just under 4k yards, hartline had another productive 1k yrd year, clay was able to find room over the middle to become a playmaking TE and all of that can be credited to wallace and his ability to draw coverage, oh, and wallace did score a td in both jet games because they couldnt hold his jock strap, ellerbe switched positions to middle LB and still had over 100 tackles despite missing 2 games…..not bad at all…..just need to fix the o line which is happening very soon, and dont forget, you still have a qb who threw what…12 td’s and 21 int’s, might want to quiet down there jet fan.

  14. anyone who really believes that geno smith is going to be anything other than a 2nd or 3rd string qb in this league should really re-evaluate thier priorities. when your own coach admits that he is not the starting qb going into the 2nd year…..there is something to be said about that, and that coming from a coach who endorsed and got a tatoo of mark sanchez!!!!

  15. I would prefer Anonio tha DRC. He is familiar
    with the system. If I am not mistaken, Denver’s
    secondary couldn’t stop a nose bleed in the Super

  16. Even with our ROOKIE qb’s horrendous stats the jets still managed to have the same record as the dolphins . Dolphin fans should not speak . Don’t forget your spot in the afc . Behind the jets and pats . We don’t even respect the bills and dolphins . That’s why we’re not referred to as a rivalry . You guys don’t keep up with the big boys in the afc east.

  17. yup, 8-8 for both teams, neither won the superbowl so it does’nt matter. dolphins had o line issues, jets have qb and passing issues. both teams blew eachother out, both teams have quality wins against good teams, both teams beat the pats, now it’s time to retool and go again next year.

  18. I am laughing my head off at the jets and fins fans going at it. LOL to the comment, “the pats and jets are the big boys in the AFC East.” Pretty sure the pats sit alone on the top of that hill haha.

  19. The patriots better win a Super Bowl soon because there time is passing . When Brady leaves belichick won’t be their either . Pats will never be the same

  20. Phinfan- As a lifelong jets fan, I enjoyed the fairness and common sense of your post. well done.

  21. People are going to see the wisdom of Jets staying out of the FA orgy. Players want big money or one year contracts, wise to not overpay or be used as a staging area for next years shenanigans. 8-8, losing only two starters, securing Folk, and getting Decker were just as important as signing glamour divas. I totally love the idea of getting talent via the draft.

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