Donald Penn to meet with Raiders

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The Raiders were left with some egg on their face when their deal with Rodger Saffold fell apart because the team thought he needed immediate shoulder surgery.

Saffold went back to St. Louis and the Raiders went back to the drawing board, which is where they might have been sitting when another option all but fell into their laps. The Buccaneers released tackle Donald Penn on Thursday after 108 straight starts for the team and the Raiders didn’t wait long to open up a conversation.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that Penn was on a plane to Oakland on Thursday night to meet with the Raiders. Penn’s pass blocking slipped in 2012, but he’s been a productive tackle for a long time and would be a good fit for a Raiders team that let Jared Veldheer walk away while they were briefly signing Saffold to the roster.

Schefter reports Washington has interest in Penn and the Panthers could also use a left tackle, but the Raiders still have good money left to spend after signing Justin Tuck and LaMarr Woodley. That’s usually what winds up mattering in these moments so Penn’s first visit might be his only one.

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  1. Egg on the face is a lot better than 21 million for saffold as anything with raiders you get a bunch of cute and unoriginal jokes meanwhile the team builds and makes a few nice moves keep it going GO RAIDERS

  2. How is signing a player to a contract, then giving him a team physical, finding injuries that aren’t what you are willing to deal with for the money you spent, leaving egg on their face? That’s just taking a cheap shot, that has no merit. For your information, this is the process for EVERY NFL franchise, and Penn is certainly NOT the first player to fail a team physical…SMH

  3. oh you main stream Raiders hating media are so funny!
    How does The Raiders have egg on their face?
    They did the smartest move any team made. They got out of paying a guy that is not that great like Saffold. Raiders knew that Penn was going to be released and other guys. So why over pay a below average player like Saffold. Saffold obviously was not 100%, if the Steelers were int he same situation this website would call them brilliant…
    So happy now there are sites like TheRaidersDaily on twitter.
    Guys who actually have credible sources that don’t work for ESPN or NBC..
    They are the future plus they absolutely killed Schefter and the rest of the “insiders” I found out where players were going on teams hrs before ESPN, NBC OR NFL network guys posted it!
    The best was La Cafornia saying that Justin Tuck will not sign with #RAIDERS right after TheRaidersDaily posted he has agreed to terms and then 20 min later La Cafornia posted Tuck agrees to terms like he broke the news

  4. This whole “egg on their face” thing is media driven, players don’t seem to have a problem going to Oaktown.

    Michael Silver, SMH.

  5. Everyone won’t be laughing when we take he division. I don’t care who the QB is going to be. With Run DMC and whoever our TE is and whoever our Safety is we WILL SWEEP the talentless Broncos and the talentless Chiefs. Who ever heard of Damarcus Ware for the Broncos anyway? He’s a nobody. He ain’t better than the LA Raiders!

  6. El Pollo Loco; you mean Anthony Collins. Penn will be missed due to his grit, but production was on the decline. Again, the business side comes into play here. FYI: The man was undrafted and a warrior who NEVER missed a game since starting at LT in 2007. We’ll miss you big guy. Wishin you all the best! GO BUCS!

  7. What you failed to mention was that the Raiders and Bucs were in trade talks for Penn before. It seems once the Raiders found out the bucs wouldnt keep him they waited for his release. (Maybe thats why they backed out with Saffold?) anyway seems like the boys are doing some nice work picking up key veterans, despite the media including the local media to try and tear them apart. We Raider fans are used to the hatred. Keep up the great work Reggie and company.


  8. As a buc fan I can tell you, Penn will start the season at 320 lbs, then balloon up to 370 lbs at least… For real.. He was solid up until last year when he gave up 11 sacks .

  9. I really wish we franchised Veldeer but it is what it is . Hopefully he will be serviceable for a year or two . I think we have to burn our first on an O-tackle now and get a qb later .

  10. If the is egg on their faces, it’s for not tagging or resigning Veldheer. A training staff saying a player isn’t fit to play and a deal being scuttled happens at the time. But, keep trying to force that narrative. There are plenty of willing consumers.

  11. The Saffold debacle made most of us the Bay Area just sigh. Just when the Raiders were finally ready to take the big steps toward sobriety they fall off the wagon.

    However, if they can land some solid free agents like Penn and draft well (fingers crossed) the team will get back on it’s feet.

    Hell, the acquisitions so far are better than anything we had on the field last year.

  12. If you look closely to the past say, 3-4 seasons. We’ve been competitive with most teams to start the season. The problems have and always have been with INJURIES. from branch, valdheer to dmac, Jason Campbell. Were grabbing guys who are going to be in it the whole 16weeks. Of course dmac is a gamble, but for that price the gamble is waaaayyy worth it. The lack of talk with other teams and raji makes me think he waiting to see what moves the raiders/Reggie mac are making. He wants money but also a chance to win. I hope I’m right! #RAIDERNATION

  13. I dont understand what all the hate is for the Raiders. The team tries to make some good moves and all the comments seem to be about is how crappy they are. Yeah, they have had alot of bad seasons, but dang! Lions went 0-16 one year, something the Raiders have never done, no one has anything to say about that??? Its like the Raiders beat the brakes off of some of your teams in the past, and now its seems to be Screw the Raiders every chance you get. Can they try to at least be competitive first before all the dissing starts??? When you dont mention the Raiders at all, i think that would be the coldest diss because they are not even being mentioned in the media. Haters, get off it.

  14. We can go 0-16 or 16-0, doesn’t matter. We are the team everybody loves to hate. That’s fine, we accept that. All I can say is if you have less than 3 Lombardi’s….go take a hike, you have no room to talk junk. Go Raiders.

  15. Imagine how Penn must feel, knowing the only the pathetic Raiders are interested in him. If they don’t sign him, he may as well retire. Beside, who would want to live in Oakland?

    Anyone considering signing with the Raiders should wait until they inevitibly move to another city.

  16. Unbelievable how many Raider Haters there are out there. All I gotta say is when your own team who (unlike the Raiders) probably has an empty trophy case has a bad spell, karma as always, will catch up with you. GO RAIDERS!!

  17. pooflingingmonkey says: Mar 14, 2014 1:34 PM

    Imagine how Penn must feel, knowing the only the pathetic Raiders are interested in him. If they don’t sign him, he may as well retire. Beside, who would want to live in Oakland?

    I guess you didn’t read the article. At least two other teams are interested in Penn, and if you’re a millionaire, you certainly can afford to live a short distance away from Oakland … like San Francisco. Last I heard, there’s some decent neighborhoods there…

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