Emmanuel Sanders will head to San Francisco next

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Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders’ tour of NFL teams stopped at the Chiefs on Friday and it is set to continue over the weekend.

Multiple reports indicate Sanders will travel to San Francisco for a visit with the 49ers as long as he doesn’t reach a deal with the Chiefs or another one of the teams he’s visited since the start of free agency. Sanders, No. 39 on PFT’s list of the top 100 free agents, has also paid visits to the Buccaneers and Jaguars.

The 49ers have re-signed Anquan Boldin to go with Michael Crabtree, Quinton Patton and Jon Baldwin at wide receiver, but the team’s making it fairly clear that they want more at the position before the start of next season. They’re visiting with Julian Edelman and there’s been talk of interest in Hakeem Nicks as well. It may just turn out to be a question of which target says yes to the 49ers’ offer first.

Whether that’s Sanders will likely have to do with what the other teams on his spin around the league are offering. The Jets are also reportedly interested in Sanders’ services, though there’s no known date for a visit.

16 responses to “Emmanuel Sanders will head to San Francisco next

  1. Sanders is a solid player, but I’d rather the Niners not sign him unless he’s coming at a bargain. If we are going to sign any WR I hope is Edelman or Nicks. I know Nicks has fell off the past few years with that injury, but he’s big, has huge hands and most importantly speed.

    If Manningham could stay healthy I would love to have him back as a #3. Because when he did play he caught almost every ball thrown his way, and had that speed in the slot we need. But was hurt 75% of the time the last 2 seasons. I wish we could lure Steve Smith over here, he can play all over the field and is still quick. That would be my ideal signing. But I haven’t heard the team have any interest in him. I can dream though.

  2. I’m guessing the reason he hasn’t signed anywhere is that he wants to be paid like Mike Wallace. He’s a solid #2, and should be paid along those lines. Carolina should offer him the $4 million they were offering to Nicks.

  3. Boldin, Crabtree and maybe even Patton are good. But Baldwin? I am sure the team does want more at that position before the start of next season.

  4. Why would you want Eldelman? Where would you put him with Davis, Crabtree, Boldin and Baldwin? He’d be your 4 option at best, and he wants more money than a fourth option. Sanders would make more sense.

  5. Sanders is probably more of a #3 receiver, not a #2. He was dinged up here and there over his years with the Steelers, and not all that productive until the 2013 season, when he was reasonably productive. Drops too many passes in clutch situations, though; not worth a huge amount of money. He will not be missed in Pittsburgh.

  6. This guy is not going to get anywhere near the money Miami paid for Wallace. He’s decent but drops a ton of balls and is not a clutch player. He’s worth maybe 2 million a year at best and most teams he has visited so far see that and aren’t willing to pay what he is asking for. Maybe he will find a sucker, lots of stupid teams in the league, just look at the Raiders!!!

  7. Somebody will pay him north of $4MM per season with a ton of guaranteed money.

    I like Sanders and wish he wasn’t leaving but the market is ridiculous.

    Please see Ziggy Hood’s deal with the Jags for proof of that.

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