Jonathan Martin looking forward to “blank slate” with 49ers


While reuniting with collegiate head coach Jim Harabugh in San Francisco, newly acquired tackle Jonathan Martin is ready for a fresh start with the 49ers.

The 49ers sent a conditional draft pick to the Dolphins on Tuesday to acquire the player – along with Richie Incognito – at the heart of the bullying saga in Miami last season. After passing his physical to complete the deal on Thursday, Martin is excited for the new opportunity in the Bay Area after a tumultuous year in South Florida.

“It’s a blank slate for me,” Martin said. “I’m looking to revitalizing my career, getting back to playing I’ve started 23 games to this date. I’m a young player but I’ve had some starting experience. I want to do whatever I can to contribute to this (offensive) line.

“I couldn’t be happier.”

Martin says the initial correspondence he’s had with his new teammates in San Francisco have been positive.

“I’m getting along just great with those guys,” Martin said. “I felt a warm welcome from the entire 49ers community, fanbase, coaching staff, everybody. I’m just looking forward to the future and getting back to playing football.”

With Joe Staley and Anthony Davis entrenched as starters at the tackle positions, Martin will likely start his 49ers career as a backup swing tackle.

“I have to earn my spot on this team,” Martin said. “I’m open to anything.”

Martin played in just seven games with Miami last season before walking away from the team.

“All that’s in the past at this point,” Martin said.

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  1. The Niners just got a whole lot softer in a hard division. Good luck with this guy. Addition by subtraction for the Dolphins.

  2. “Martin played in just seven games with Miami last season before walking away from the team. ”

    You cannot change the stripes on a zebra. Players will be on egg-shells in the locker room all season long. Nice environment to be in? I think not.

    Need we say any more?

  3. J-mart endured pure hell in Miami – he was never given a proper chance. His O-line team leader (and chief bully), Richie Incognito gave himself a $200 fine for mentally breaking him.
    J-mart needs to get physically stronger but could be a low risk, high reward player. Full marks to Jim Harbaugh for being prepared to give him a second chance.

  4. Sorry, we can have all the ‘tough guy’ talk you want on here.
    But if I was being harassed, and people from my family begin explicitly and aggressively discussed in a sexual manner, I too would feel trapped, in my professional workplace and in almost any.
    This guy was in one where he can’t just go to the guy and say ‘STOP, otherwise I’ll take this up with the boss or HR’

    Say what you will about him being a coward or part of the problem, and I have played college sports too to know the male culture. But there still is a line, and I challenge anyone here to not be uncomfortable in that, especially if your family is somehow in the conversation – unless that didnt bother you.

  5. Here’s hoping he falls flat on his face. Nothing but a trouble maker. He will be on with out a job soon. San Francisco,he will fit right in with the people of this sick city.

  6. I hope for Martins sake this trade works out well for him.
    Seems to a good start.
    No pressure to start, no high expectations needed to be met, no trash talking from the other teams (expect a few preseason games)

    My concern is what isn’t brought up with the “Bullygate” hype.
    His on field performance at either RT or LT wasn’t that strong.
    If you read the Wells Report, he often missed team events because of excessive marijuana use. (“dude, I’m so baked I can’t move”). And most importantly, his mental state. The after affects of PTSD often take tough men, years to get over. Not to say what Martin suffered is comparable to what military vets see and endure, but he did mentally breakdown and also had suicidal thoughts twice on the last 16 months resulting from perceived bullying, not only by team mates but critiques from local press.

    Remember, the bullying only came to light, not after one particular mean incident or text, but the day after Miami announced Martin was demoted publicly when they traded for Ravens benched LT McKinnie.

    As long as Harbaugh is there, Martin has a chance.
    Bring him along slowly, and he might actually be the player he should be.

  7. If by earn a spot you mean melt down and acuse the team of bullying because you were about to be benched…

    I know Harabugh eants to give him a big hug but he should be careful…he might end up with a knife in his back

  8. Thank god he’s gone back home to be with Mommy and Daddy. He was horrible in Miami, so I would be surprised if he starts with the 49ers.
    He isn’t good enough and of course don’t be horrible to him, or he may “walk out”,

  9. Nice that it’s in the past for you Mr. MArtin, but not for those who lost their jobs because you couldn’t of handled things the right way. While I don’t condone bullying, I can never condone someone who benefits at the expense of others.

  10. Ha!!! Ha!!! Ha!!!

    Martin has a job and lil’ richie incognito is locked in a mental institution.

    Who is the weak one now?!?

  11. See just like I told everybody he is capable of putting things in the past, which means he could have been salvaged by the Dolphins if they played their cards right. Maybe not easy to figure out, but something that would have been better than trading a recent 2nd rounder for a maybe 7th.

  12. Destroyed a franchise during a playoff run, created a media firestorm, had coaches lose their jobs (lol), lost the respect of an entire locker room… Despite the fact that everyone on the team says I’m to blame and could of handled the situation differently, mom and dad and the NFL’s hired gun and NBC Sports think I’m right. … So there. Can’t wait to get started in SF … a much more Understanding HC and Gotta love that California PC.
    Much love,
    Revolving Door at Left Tackle

  13. Any true football fan would rather have 5 Richie Incognitos on their OL than a single Jonathan Martin.

  14. I’ve got to think this is this guys last year. Not one guy seemed to come out in support of him on the Dolphins…not one. That says something. I hope I am wrong, but it just looks like this guy is not cut out for the NFL (Not to mention he doesn’t block very well)

  15. He’s bragging about his consecutive start record? Really? What about the games he didn’t start because he walked off the job and quit on his teammates in the middle of a playoff race? What about those games?

  16. It may be a “Blabk Slate” for you pal but unfortunately you’re on thin water with most of the guys in any locker room!

    As a Dolphins fan I’m gonna say, Mr. Martin the biggest thing I’m upset at is the fact that you walked out on your team. I wasnt a huge fan of you as a player because I think that your talent level is mediocre at best for an Offensive tackle…but as a “man” you’re the lowest of low to do what you did. You’re telling all of the kids in America that play the sports they love to not go to authority if you cant handle the situation yourself, let alone nipping this thing in the bud when it started.

    I hope that Mr. Harbaugh gave you a big hug and comforted you because I’m sure the rest of the locker room doesnt share the same feeling when they know you’re not willing to finish the war with them. Good riddance to you and I hope your “blank slate” didn’t come with a smear of chalk!

  17. Funny, Martin tweeted many times he couldn’t be happier in Miami and living a dream. All until he lost his starting left tackle, was demoted and then he lost it on a simple joke he pulled on someone just the week or so before.

    Go smoke your pot in SF and be the “swing” player you are.

  18. How fishy does this move look or just another oh look at me how nice I am Hairbugh move.

  19. Any true golf course volunteer would rather have 25 Jonathan Martins on the golf course than a single lil’ richie incognito.

  20. Maybe it’s a ‘CLEAN SLATE’ to you but you broke unwritten rules and guys don’t forget that.

    I could get arrested, go to jail, do my time and get out and have a ‘CLEAN SLATE’ but my reputation and track record would still effect me moving forward in many aspects in life. Very short sighted and unaware for a Stanford educated person. It may be a new team but Jonathan Martin your slate is stained forever.

  21. He had no chance to develop whatsoever in Miami. Ross is quite possibly the most incompetent owner in all of sports, and Philbin has zero leadership ability and therefore no respect in the locker room. The guy reads his postgame speeches off note cards given to him by Dawn Aponte, for god’s sake! Martin didn’t cause the dysfunction in Miami, he just brought it to national attention.

  22. i believe he did this on purpose, his parents told him to throw this fit so he could get off the team, still get paid and knew that he could either get traded to the niners or get cut and the niners would pick him up so he could be closer to home. going to be really telling if he gets there and all of a sudden he is fine in that locker room.

  23. Martin’s Agent/Lawyer team
    “Alright Mr. Ross here’s the way it’s gonna work. You’re going to give J Martin’s rights away, lets say a 7th rounder because there has to be some type of compensation, to his old coach in SF and we won’t sue the living crap out of your organization. How’s that work for you? I thought so!”

    Then Martin signs an agreement not to sue the Dolphins and get a fresh start, only problem is Karma a ….
    And Harbaugh has maybe a year or two left with the 9ners, then what?

  24. By “BLANK SLATE” he means his stat sheet because he’s going to be the back-up’s back-up.

  25. first of all, why all of this vitriol for a guy who is being brought in as a backup?

    secondly, not all locker rooms are toxic like the one in Miami was, anyone who’s ever played competitive sports will tell you that there are good locker rooms and bad locker rooms, and Miami definitely didn’t fall on the good side.

  26. Well now Martin can go back to his Stanford coach who stuck up for him in the Wells report and whom Martin said that his college team was “soft.”

    We’ll see just how well this works out for him. Whether the issues in Miami were because of him, or the environment. What a lot of people don’t realize is just how awful a person Martin is. The Wells report and the media in general made Martin out to be an angel.

    If you read all of the texts between Incognito and Martin you would discover that Martin also made gay slurs towards “Player A,” used the same type of language on the field towards opponents, was a womanizer who routinely hired “ladies of the night,” made a video of himself with a woman and shared it with Incognito, used drugs, and threatened to kill Incognito and his family.

    Sounds like a real victim, right?

  27. Its no wonder Miami hasn’t been a playoff team for such a long time. Anyone who knows football knows that “toughness” isn’t defined by a bunch of morons who go out of their way to insult one another. That isn’t how its done in pro football. Maybe in middle school, but not the pros.

  28. Personally, I think this is a burial. I doubt he makes final roster. I firmly believe that they are doing this for Goodell in order for him to get his “shot” and to eventually get cut. He’ll get that training pay and then he may go to the practice squad.

    And look, it’s not going to be the other O-linemen that will look at him sideways. It’s also going to be the quarterback. I mean, I wouldn’t want to have some guy who quit an NFL team because he couldn’t handle bullying to be protecting me.

    I mean, here’s the bottom line: In order to have a playoff or Super Bowl winning team, the baddest, toughest and nastiest players on your team needs to be your offensive linemen. You win or lose games at the line. So you must trust your linemen to do just that: Win the GAME by imposing your will on your opponent. But you’re going to let a meat-head like Richie Incognito punk you out so bad that you clean out your locker? Really?! So how can I trust you to go all out and impose your will against someone like Ndakumong Suh or Geno Atkins? And you think Incognito bullied you…

  29. A conditional 7th round pick for a back up o-lineman seems like a great buy to me.

    Not sure what all the hubbub is about.

    What’s all this talk about Martin walking out in the middle of a playoff run? The team was 3-4 having just lost 4 in a row. MIA fans are delusional if they think this was a playoff run.

    Incognito was suspended from his college team and then walked out rather than serve his suspension.

    Incognito was released by the Rams because he couldn’t control himself.

    Incognito was named the league’s dirtiest player.

    And this is your hero?

  30. No one should have to endure what Martin endured, and yes Incognito is a meat head, there is a reason he has flamed out everywhere he has been eventually.

    But…. Fact is Martin walked out on 49 guys that did not harrass him. He walked out on a coaching staff that supported him and wanted him to succeed. And he walked out on millions of fans. He handled this situation in the worst possible way. While the tough guy theory is just stand up for yourself, the sensible theory is you let the coach know that you are reaching a breaking point. You contact your union rep. You go to the GM.. You go to other leaders on the team.. YOU DON’T QUIT and scew over all the guys in that locker room that weren’t “bullying” you.

    Martin’s break down was more about his weak mental state, his losing the starting position at LT, and his soon to be benching at RT. That was more in play in terms of his breakdown than any bullying, or name calling, etc.. The bullying was his cover and excuse to do what NO ONE in the history of the NFL has ever done. Guy is simply not mentally (or physically) tough enough to play in the NFL.. He will be gone soon and never amount to anything as a player.

  31. I hope none of the 49ers will tease Miss Martin, or else she will pout and run away. Again. What a traitor.

  32. All that any can do is give the guy the chance, to either exorcise his personal demons, or ultimately lose the battle. Not a happy prospect for him, either way.

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