Justin Tuck says Giants’ offer was “disrespectful”


Raiders defensive end Justin Tuck says he would still be Giants defensive end Justin Tuck if the money he was being offered in Oakland and New York were even close.

But Tuck, who signed a two-year, $11 million contract with the Raiders, says the money wasn’t close. In fact, Tuck says the Giants were only offering about half as much as the Raiders offered, and considering all the years of hard work Tuck has done in a Giants uniform, he felt that offer “was pretty much disrespectful.”

Tuck told the New York Daily News he would have accepted less money from the Giants. But he wasn’t going to accept a disrespectful offer.

They wouldn’t have had to match it,” Tuck said. “You know, at the beginning of free agency I’m going in thinking I’m not looking for a lot. I understand the Giants have a lot of holes to fill. If they were trying to sign me before free agency hit, or at least were trying to communicate with us, then I probably would’ve took somewhere around a two-year deal, $8 million, somewhere around there.”

Tuck also said that if the Giants were never going to offer him even close to what he was asking for, they should have told him that from the beginning.

“That’s the disrespect part,” Tuck said. “I don’t want people to think I’m bad-mouthing the Giants. I’m not. I understand the business and I have so much gratitude for them giving me the opportunity to have my presence felt in New York and be the man I’ve become. I’m just frustrated with how it ended. I’m upset about it. But I’ll move on and hopefully one day time will heal all wounds. Right now, I just don’t understand a lot that’s gone on and how they strung us along.”

And so after nine years with the Giants, Tuck will head to Oakland with a bitter taste in his mouth.

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  1. The argument may be that Tuck has been hurt the last couple years before his great 2013 season, but Jerry come on 2 years 8 million… You couldn’t match that for a guy who’s been a leader on our defense for years? Even 2 years 6-7 millions, yet you offer O’Brien 2 years 8 million. I’m still scratching my head, but we’ll see what happens. Good luck Tuck.

  2. I think the last paragraph he speaks for himself very well. And if they wouldn’t even offer 8 million over two years, it does seem they had very little interest.

    I just wonder how Oakland feels knowing Tuck would have taken 3 million less than what they offered. =)

  3. At least he’s on the correct path to retirement as a pro.

    Win a Super Bowl somewhere and then sign a filthy contract with the raiders when you have nothing left in the tank.
    It’s like free money.

  4. Doesn’t Tuck know that while he thought the Giants were low-balling him…he would have made the difference up in all endorsements he would have done had he stayed in NJ/NYC…

    Cyaz Tuck…You needed the giants more then the giants needed you

  5. What are they doing there in New York exactly? Their defense is a mess, there offense is even worse.

    How does this team win more than 3 games next year?

  6. You’re going to need more money Justin cuz $5 Footlong’s in California are $7.81 after taxes.

  7. So it is ALL about the money, lol

    You are an aging veteran who is about washed up (8 of his 11 sacks last year came in 3 games, meaning he got 3 sacks in the other 13).

    Should have taken the disrespectful offer and had a chance, now you are going to end your career like so many before you, in the black hole (literally and figuratively, lol). Not only are you on a team that will win 4 games, but you went from one of the top facilities in the NFL to the absolute worst, lol

  8. Justin: The Giants’ offer wasn’t disrespectful. It’s just that the Raiders are finally forced to spend some of the money they’ve been sitting on for years!

  9. If I were a Raiders fan I would be very nervous to know that Giants were only offering half of what he signed for.

  10. No..1 sack in the first 11 games is disrespectful. I like Tuck, but spending more time on the sidelines than on the field is not what “captains” do. So enjoy the retirement money in Oakland, and we’ll see you in a couple of years for your one-day contract to retire a Giant.

  11. Teams offer contracts based on your anticipated future performance, not what you’ve accomplished in the past. Smart teams, anyway.

  12. teams have almost no loyalty to players, and vice versa

    But the Giants are worse than most. Tuck should of retired a Giant, period. The face of the defense that won you 2 superbowls…..nah, no reason to let him finish out his career here

  13. I have never felt a cash offer, even one that I could say no to without a second thought, was disrespectful. That’s just a childish reaction. Can you imagine any other business where you walk away from an offer, close with another group, and then publicly say the offer from the first group was “disrespectful”. Talk like that is just nonsense.

  14. Maybe if you played better and had had the season they expected you would have a better offer.

    Did you disrespect them by taking the money in 2013????

  15. Tuck I love you man but if the Giants offered you $6 million that would have been over paying for you. Thanks for the 2 Super Bowls though

  16. Please … you went for the money. This is America. You can do that. But stop with the whining about respect and being insulted. At least you didn’t say you had to feed your family.

  17. “We made Justin an offer that we thought was responsible. We thank Justin for his years of service to this franchise and are excited to move forward with the lazy JPP and the totally unproven Damontre Moore.” – Jerry Reese

  18. Steve Smith, Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs, Osi Umenyiora, Jason Tuck have all said the same things about the Giants…. Terrible operating procedure and way to conduct business. These guys were important guys to championships on this team for years.


    Just kidding. Though I am surprised they didn’t offer more. They must have been wanting to cut ties for other reasons than a cost to performance ratio for a proven vet that’s bled for them for a decade.

  20. DE – JPP
    DT – Jonathan Hankins
    DT – Cullen Jenkins
    DE – Damontre Moore

    Draft Aaron Donald with the 12th pick.

  21. Wow if they could have got Tuck to return for 3 million less than what the Raiders paid that would have been a really sweet deal. The Giants seem to be collapsing pretty hard lately.

  22. I agree they should’ve offered more. However that being said what is it with all of these athlete’s saying that they have been disrespected. Do they know what that means? It isn’t disrespect, it is that they have a different value for your services than you do.

    Disrespect, that is what the Panthers did to Steve Smith.

  23. So what would he have done had the Raiders not come out of nowhere offering the deal he got? It doesn’t sound like teams were lining up for his services.

  24. These players don’t realize you aren’t given a new contract based on your past performance. For that you have already been compensated. You are given one based how they think you will perform in the future.

  25. considering all the years of hard work Tuck has done in a Giants uniform, he felt that offer “was pretty much disrespectful.”

    Peyton Manning wants a 10 year, $500 million contract for the hard work he did in a Colts uniform.

  26. If he wants to make some real money, go play in a state like Florida that doesn’t have a state tax. He’s been playing in NY and now California…dude would pass out if he realized what he COULD be making in states that weren’t ran by thieves (aka politicians)!

  27. Monetary respect comes from consistent and continued production, not past laurels.

    Strahan retired a Giant because he continued to produce at a Pro Bowl caliber. His 15th and final season (2007, SB42), Strahan had 9 sacks and 45 solo tackles with Osi (13/40) on the other side and a young Tuck (10/48) often playing DT on passing downs. Strahan’s 9th season was his 22.5-sack year… Tuck’s 9th year is 11/41, which reads more like Strahan’s 15th.

    If Tuck really wanted 2 years and $8M from the Giants, he didn’t show he could consistently produce enough to earn that final “retire with 1 team” contract.

  28. Justin, the NYG were not disrespectful. While it was common for Tuck to play hurt, let’s not forget how he played like crap when he was hurt. And he was hurt A LOT….. and good luck with the windfall of endorsements that come rolling in at Oakland…. maybe a used car dealership print ad?

  29. Sounds like he just wants to take a shot at the Giants and make them look bad. Sorry, but I just don’t believe he would’ve taken three million less to stay in NY.

  30. Seem like Tuck is the one being disrespectful here. How many millions has the Giants owner given him already? Where else would he make that kind of money?

  31. In the end, Tuck chose money over his legacy. This has nothing to do with “disrespect” and everything to do with him looking to get the most he could from any team who would listen for a guy who might only play half a season.

    I’m a Giants fan, and I wanted him to retire as a Giant (as he should have; I’m disappointed in Reese’s handling of the situation as well), but if a guy of his pedigree wants us to believe that he’s still about winning Super Bowls over getting paid, as per his introductory conference call yesterday, I’m sorry, you’re not getting that any time soon in Oakland.

    There’s a reason why Jacobs and Osi seemed to express regret over leaving recently. I would not be shocked if Justin, who felt more like the life-time Giant of the three, eventually feels the same.

  32. Don’t get it twisted, Tuck had a good last quarter of 2013 season…not even the last half. His play had diminished for 2-3 years. Everyone in New York knew it. Who’s left to play on the line? Real Giants fans know that: JPP, Moore, Kiawanuka, Ojomo, etc. Solid Linval gone, but Gmen will close the gap.

  33. At least he’s on the correct path to retirement as a pro.

    Win a Super Bowl somewhere and then sign a filthy contract with the raiders when you have nothing left in the tank.
    It’s like free money.


    If you think this is free money you should check out the NBA. Fully guaranteed contracts are lol

  34. dycenyne says:
    Mar 14, 2014 1:57 PM
    Steve Smith, Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs, Osi Umenyiora, Jason Tuck have all said the same things about the Giants…. Terrible operating procedure and way to conduct business. These guys were important guys to championships on this team for years.

    ….Jacobs also came back to the Giants and said there was no other place he wanted to be. It’s always terrible operating procedure when it doesn’t go their way. Grass isn’t always greener, even if the money is.

  35. Translation: “I wish I accepted the Giants offer”. He regrets accepting that Raiders’ offer already! Sorry to see you go, big fella.

  36. dycenyne says:
    Mar 14, 2014 1:57 PM

    Steve Smith, Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs, Osi Umenyiora, Jason Tuck have all said the same things about the Giants…. Terrible operating procedure and way to conduct business. These guys were important guys to championships on this team for years.


    These were all important guys to the championships but what did any of them do after leaving the Giants? The Giants know when a player is done and have showed it over and over again. All of the able (less Tuck (for now)) did nothing for their new teams and you can add Kenny Phillips, Jeremy Shockey, and many others to the list. Even if Tuck goes on to have 2 productive years in Oakland I can’t fault the Giants for letting him go because they can’t be right 100% of the time although up until now they has been…get it.

  37. The Raiders were not competing with only the Giants offer, there are a number of teams that would have been willing to pay him more.

    Decent price for Oakland, and now have an angry eager to prove he’s still got it d-end to rush the passer. Not bad at all

  38. The Oakland’s of the NFL world will pay 33% more for FA talent at that level.

    That number does come down when you have players in Oakland like Tuck, and of course you start winning!

  39. Even with JPP getting doubled up on you had 5 sacks the year prior and sure you sacked RG3 like 8 times last year but so could my mom the skins are a joke. Without Osi and Strahan and Canty you just are not a 5 million a year guy. I like you but sorry dude.

  40. JT, pay no attention to these haters insulting the Raiders who are clearly just clock watching in the office on a Friday afternoon. We may not be in the elite, but as a fan I can promise you that you will be loved and appreciated here.

  41. My guess is there were different views within the Giants organization. The Maras probably wanted him back, and wanted him treated respectfully. Coughlin is a very loyal guy. Reese has no loyalty at all. So the mixed messages Tuck was receiving probably reflect that Reese wasn’t going to re-sign him, but also wanted to mollify his owners and his coach.

  42. Now that the Raiders know Tuck would have taken less, it won’t be long before he fails his physical too.

  43. >>and considering all the years of hard work Tuck has done in a Giants uniform, he felt that offer “was pretty much disrespectful.”

    Tuck, congrats on the good offer you got from the idiot raiders, but let me clue you in on something. Teams that get emotional in contract negotiations and pay players by what they did in the past, pretty much screw themselves going forward. Contracts are written based on who you are now, not what you did in the past.

  44. At least he’ll disappear in Oakland and we won’t have to hear him sing on anymore Subway commercials with his egg shaped head.

  45. Sorry, Tuck. Your sack numbers this year would have been supremely low if it weren’t for the two bully games against RGIII and his even worse offensive line. If it was a decision between re-signing you or Jon Beason, the Giants made the right choice.

    The Giants have also hurt themselves in the past by trying to be loyal to Veterans. It helps nobody in the end. It’s a cold but truthful business. Thanks for your years. Time to get youthful.

    – Every Giants Fan.

  46. if players want to get paid for past performances they need to switch to playing baseball for a living

  47. I think Tuck represented himself well. From what I read he didn’t feel disrespected because of the low money the Giants offered, but from the manner in which they handled it. I think Tuck clearly articulated that he didn’t think the Giants were every serious about retaining him and he simply wished they would have communicated that up front. I think he would have liked the Giants to say something like:

    “Sorry but we are in a rebuilding mode and a player in his 30’s simply don’t fit with what we are trying to do. We appreciate everything you have given to our organization and know you have some good years left in your tank {even if they didn’t believe this statement}, and we wish you well in providing those services to a team with an immediate future plan that fits well with what you have left to offer”

  48. Where the Raiders are at they knew they were gonna have to over pay. Unlike Al’s final years though it ain’t gonna be breaking the bank over paying though. I loved Houston but let’s be honest he is a beast against the run and somewhat disruptive against the pass bottom line. I would rather over pay somewhat for Tuck than really overpay for Houston as a top line pass rusher. Go Reggie!!!!!!!

  49. I always have to laugh at Fans. They hear their Team might be signing someone and like it, he is the man, a beast. When he ends up going someplace else he is a bum, washed up. No wonder deep down players really cannot stand the Fans.

    As for the Giants?, they are on the down word spiral and have very little money. Looks to be that way for sometime as player after player, young and old are being allowed to walk for lack of the dollar. I know one thing, he sure looks good in that Silver and Black Helmet. So Sour Grapes by Fans that say one thing while feeling something all together different, wish him well you know class NYers, he was one of your Warriors.

  50. I can’t pick, choose and say which side is right and which side did wrong in this particular situation. I can understand Tuck and his sentiment. It really sounds like he’s genuinely hurt and offended. But at the same time, and he said it himself, this is still a business and as much as I don’t condone it, a few million dollars means a heck of a lot in this day and age of free agency.

    When it comes down to it, he had to make the best decision and move that is best for him and the Giants had to do the same for them.

    Best of luck, thanks for the years of service.

  51. Another pro sports player complaining about $$$. What a joke. This dude is a millionaire for playing a game.

  52. Guess Tuck learned a life lesson the rest of us have realized over the years in the real world, you’re rarely ever worth more to your current company than you are to other company.

  53. This is what pressure does to executives and face it, that’s what a GM and HC are. After last season’s stinkeroo, and the lack of production since the last Super Bowl, the Giants management are feeling the heat from upstairs. Or as Confucious might say, “You snooze, you lose”. Desperate to turn things around NOW, vets like Tuck, are now expendable, as Coughlin and crew try to concoct a new winning formula. Its also quite possible that they’re envisioning some high dollar free agent signings, and need to clear some cap space in anticipation of that.

  54. As a Raider fan and a realist I see Justin Tuck as a a nice addition, but when I hear this it painfully reminds me of Seymour. I hope tuck doesn’t turn to Seymour where he just just shows up to collect his check.. And when I hear he would’ve tool less money to stay in NY is not encouraging

  55. Honestly, who says what they “would” have signed for? That’s ridiculous. He’s clearly bitter about the Giants not stepping up, and is throwing that number out there to stir things up in NY.
    Welcome to the Raiders, JT. Looking forward to seeing Manning and Rivers on their backs more often!

  56. Oakland has become the Florida of the NFL. A place where old, washed up people go to retire.

  57. I never like it when any player chooses to leave town by dissing his old team. It’s just not classy.

  58. What is it with these Notre Dame players who act like a$$holes? First, Tate-the donut breaking into WR and now Tuck complaining about money.

    How you shut your pie hole and act like a professional? That would be a welcome change.

  59. What a world he lives in where he can be offered multiple millions of dollars a year to play a game, and consider it disrespectful.

    He’s had a couple of down years and is on the wrong side of 30 for a pass rusher. Still, if his head is on right and he’s looking to prove the Giants wrong, this could wind up a pretty good signing for the Raiders. They need some guys to provide some leadership and also have some talent to back that up.

  60. Way to disrespect your new team on the first day of your new job.

    “I would have taken less to play for another team, but because it was Oakland, I made them pay an extra $2M”


  61. So are you happy to be a Raider, Justin? How about saying something nice about the team that just hooked you up with all that coin?

  62. You are very good player, Justin, but the Giants never ‘disrespected’ you lest you forget the MILLIONS of dollars you were paid to play a game for them…a game, for crying out loud. You also must recognize and accept that you aren’t worth more money when you are past your prime than you are during it. Offers that reflect that are not a sign of disrespect, they are indicative of the profession that YOU chose to pursue.

  63. Millionaires whining about billionaires not wanting to part with their money. WAAA, WAAA. However, Tuck’s leadership may be missed in ’14 just as Bradshaw’s toughness was in ’13. That would be the only reason to offer him something close to what it would have taken to keep him. Don’t lose all the Super Bowl leaders at once – keep some continuity

  64. I thought the Giants were stupid, we had the 8th rank defense and they lived on the field because of our o-line was MIA most of the year.. Sacks??? When your playing from behind every game how are you getting sacks? Robert Ayers is the talk now? His stats 23 tackles, and Justin Tuck had 41 with 22 assists, but Ayers is younger?? Tucks worst year is like Ayers best year.. This is not a upgrade… As of right now the Giants replaced Linval Joseph, Tuck, with Hankins and Kiwanuka, who cannot get off a block.. Right now our entire pass rush is based on the hope that JPP will rebound after being MIA for 2 years. Damontre Mooore? He is too small, people forget he was projected as a situational pass rusher.. They offered a guy who had 11 career sacks 8 mil and he couldn’t past a physical.. Go figure…

  65. Has there EVER been a player in the NFL who hasn’t declared that they have been “disrespected” at SOME point in their career?

  66. So he was offered five and a half million dollars per season to play football and he believes he was disrespected. Please, disrespect me!

  67. andreboy1 says:
    Mar 14, 2014 1:46 PM
    The Giants were direspected when you were being paid 10 mil. a year and had back-to-back years where you only had 5 and 4 sacks.

    Oh, to the players the bad years don’t count. Only the 1 or 2 great ones.

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