Michael Oher signs with the Titans


Michael Oher is heading to Tennessee.

Oher, the offensive tackle who has spent his entire five-year career with the Ravens, agreed to terms today on a contract with the Titans. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, it’s a four-year, $20 million deal that includes $9.5 million guaranteed.

Although Oher has started all 80 games since the Ravens selected him in the first round of the 2009 NFL draft, he struggled at times last season. And although he was drafted with the hopes that he’d be a franchise left tackle, he seemed to be more suited to the right side.

As the subject of the best-selling book and hit movie The Blind Side, Oher is the NFL’s most famous offensive lineman. In Tennessee, he’ll be counted on to help turn around an offense that new coach Ken Whisenhunt was hired to revitalize.

Oher is the No. 29 player in our Free Agent Hot 100.

51 responses to “Michael Oher signs with the Titans

  1. First Oher, then McCluster… Titans are going after those Ole Miss free agents I see. Might as well go get John Jerry too.

  2. Whisenhunt has something up his sleeve for the draft. We have signed a def end…mid lb..kr/wr/rb…a tackle…and backup qb(front)…i think we gonna move up and trade multiple pix…too get manziel or clowney

  3. I like these moves. Not overpaying for over-the-hill guys like Cleveland and Oakland. Just filling holes. Now the first pick can go to help building the new defense.

  4. This guy is a penalty machine along with being terrible at blocking. He’s not worth anything close to those numbers. An average OT prospect taken in the mid rounds of the draft would be better.

  5. Micheal Oher has to be one of the most frustrating guys to watch play. I am a Baltimore fan and have seen this guy play his whole career.

    Raw talent, this guy has it. Strength, he’s got amazing quickness on his feet, and he is tough and mean at times. But he has a brain-body disconnect.

    He leads the NFL in false starts I think pretty much every season he’s played. You make a great play for a critical third down conversion, nope, holding penalty on Oher.

    His technique needs a lot of help. Bull rushers/straight ahead guys he can stop. Speed guys with moves, he’s helpless. They will beat him all day long, and to compensate he will false start even more in an attempt to set up quicker.

    In all honesty I think if you move him to one of your guard spots you have a monster in the making. He’s got the footwork to pull and lead block. He’s got the strength to road-grade block in the run game. We were just paying him WAY too much to be a guard and he was the best option we had at T. Think about it though, he lost his job to an overage, past his prime, out of shape Bryant McKinnie at LT, and the Ravens drafted Osemele and if he’s healthy he will take over at RT for Oher.

    I wish you luck with him. He will amaze you at times, but frustrate you more often than not.

  6. Ravens fans are no better than Steelers fans.

    Player is on Ravens: GREAT PLAYER. Solid. Helped us win.

    Player leaves for another team: Ehh, he wasn’t that good anyways.


  7. Great person. Unfortunately, he still seems to be learning and making too many mistakes. Perhaps the new change of scenery will do him some good. Wishing him nothing but the best.

  8. Thank God we didn’t re-sign him. He’s your problem now Tennessee. Oh, and by the way…if you’re a Tennessee fan and you think this was a good move, you’re wrong! This is coming from a fan who’s watched Michael Oher play every Sunday since being drafted into the lead and who’s team is in desperate need a RT.

    Cant believe you paid that much for Oher. LOL You got hustled.

  9. outlawtrn1999 says: Mar 14, 2014 7:17 PM

    “Ravens fans are no better than Steelers fans. Player is on Ravens: GREAT PLAYER. Solid. Helped us win. Player leaves for another team: Ehh, he wasn’t that good anyways. Losers”

    What a completely vapid statement. You obviously don’t know me at all. While I will always cheer on the players that make up the Ravens roster, I will always try to be objective. Oher was never that good. He is a solid player, but certainly not that 1st round draft pick, franchise LT that he was drafted to be. By that measuring stick, he’s a bust.

    I think my view of him is very fair. He’s got some strengths. But, with that comes some glaring weaknesses. Like I said, I think he will make a fantastic guard, but just a solid Tackle.

    He’s never been in trouble, been a tough guy, plays every snap, never complained. He can dominate at times, but also gets owned. All you have to do is watch him play every game over the course of a season. He hasn’t improved in the time he’s been in Baltimore, instead he’s regressed a bit.

  10. outlawtrn1999
    I think a lot of Ravens fans are just excited for the possibility of acquiring a better right tackle in the draft.
    Oher, like mentioned above is a good guy, player and teammate, but his multitude of untimely, costly false start and holding penalties make you want to rip your hair out. The penalties outweigh his really good plays 3 to 1.
    Good luck to Mike, I wish him well.

  11. He had a good rookie year & that was it… No one inBmore is sorry to see him go. He definitely is a hard worker, good person, capable lineman. But he’s nothing special on or off the field. $5M/year for an average player is too much. Certainly wish him the best & I’m sure he’ll do fine…just nothing special & too many penalties.

  12. So Oher is the king of false starts? Better buckle your helmet down because as soon as the Steelers cut Levi Brown, Whisenhunt will snatch him up as his franchise left tackle. Brown was Whisenhunt’s top first round draft selection before other legit stars were taken (Vikes’ Adrian Peterson for one). With Oher and Brown, they will compete to see who can commit the most false starts in NFL history.

  13. rockthered1286 says: Mar 14, 2014 7:47 PM

    “No Ravens fan EVER praised Oher. Ever. Always bad against speed rushers and always good for a false start and hold per game.”

    I’m a Ravens fan and I praised him on what he does well. I don’t think I have to repeat it again.

    But you have to weigh everything when you look at a player. Expectations, where he was drafted, what he was paid.

    The expectation for Oher was to be a dominant, franchise left tackle for many, many years. He was a first round draft pick. He was PAID a ton of money because he was drafted before the new rookie deals.

    The results: He was moved to RT because he can’t handle LT as a passblocker. As a RT he is a roadgrader run blocker, but still has issues in pass protection.

    So you tell me objectively what people should think of that.

  14. Tennessee is getting a fine player. I’ll surely miss him. He did everything asked of him here in Baltimore and was serviceable at a minimum on each side. The false starts, while some are egregious, may come from his extreme athleticism meeting old referees with less than perfect vision\perception. Very solid nfl starter. Wish he was still a Raven.

  15. Ravens fan here for an honest assessment….

    Titans fans, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by this signing. When Oher was drafted, he was immediately elevated to icon status because of the whole blindside thing and as a result he was immediately glorified as the next coming of Jonathan Ogden.

    While he did not live up to that billing, he is not as bad of a player as many Raven fans will lead you to believe. He is a solid RT in this league and if he cleans up the penalties and mental mistakes that have plagued him you will have a good find.

    There was no chance of him coming back to Baltimore because it was time for both parties to move on, but I for one think he can find success in Tennessee….good luck Michael!

  16. Michael ‘ drive killer ‘ Oher isn’t the Ravens problem anymore. Thank God. This guy peaked as a rookie, and the knock on him about not being cerebral enough to really be a good player, well…..those people weren’t wrong. They say he threw a fit when they traded for Monroe last season, and typically Harbaugh doesn’t put up with that kind of thing. Hopefully Rick Wagner isn’t as bad as Oher, but if you have to have a line weakness it’s better if it’s at RT.

  17. Here is the truth:

    The guy CANNOT play Left Tackle.

    The guy false starts too much. Last year’s numbers were down, but he false starts at frickin home games.

    He doesn’t hold much, and isn’t a turnstile at Right Tackler. He is serviceable there, and is an outstanding teammate and person.

    The Titans got that person, which is not a bad thing. Good luck Michael, and thanks for giving it 100% every game and practice in Baltimore.

  18. Ed Bandell is right on the money.

    I’ve been wishing that Baltimore would move Oher to LG for two years, but they haven’t done it.

    I don’t know if all the shuffling back and forth from RT to LT to RT has overloaded him, or what…but after his rookie season, I really thought Oher was going to be one of the better RTs in the league. His 2nd year, they moved him to LT, and that was an unmitigated disaster, so the follow year, back to RT…and he hasn’t been nearly as good as he was in his rookie season since.

    If the Titans put him at Guard (and leave him there), he will be a terrific player. If they put him at RT (or worse, Left), the fans are going to sour on this signing quickly.

  19. Ed Bandel

    Praise can be objective. But let me throw this fact at you: from 2009-2013 Michael Oher was the most penalized player in the entire NFL. That speaks volumes about Oher. Good teammate and guy doesn’t warrant a hefty payday in my opinion.

  20. Here’s a stat to make Titans fans happy about this signing: Oher allowed 8 sacks and 43 QB hurries last year. He’s received the worst grade of ANY offensive lineman last season in run blocking. And he’s the most penalized player in the NFL from 09-13. Enjoy!!

  21. Its funny how the roots of the Ravens Franchise are planted in Cleveland. Cleveland fans were happy there for awhile, Cleveland didn’t lose a football game for three years, that’s probably the most success they’ll ever have.

  22. I have a feeling Jumpball Joe will be on his back a lot more then he was last year. Ravens fans clamoring that they are glad Oher is gone. Be careful what you wish for, things might get worse.

  23. you guys are clueless. first it’s Oher is terrible. now it’s the ravens are done since Oher is gone. the ravens have signed Pitta Monroe Steve and Darryl Smith and Jacoby. what have the Steelers done…nothing since you are mismanaged and broke. enjoy many years of Not making the playoffs

  24. Face it Ravens fans, the famous Oz “magic” is gone…??? Are you an idiot. Don’t answer that. Ravens have done about as good as any team out there during free agency. Add Steve Smith to the list. Ozzie hasn’t even drafted yet. Ravens are going back to the SB.

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