Mixed signals on Nicks and Panthers

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The Carolina Panthers are interested in receiver Hakeem Nicks.  Unless they aren’t.  Unless they are in a range that suggests they really aren’t.

At a time when we’ve consistently heard that the Panthers aren’t interested in receiver Hakeem Nicks, Jason La Canfora reports that the Panthers are more than interested.  Per La Canfora, the Panthers have made the Charlotte native an offer.

But the offer reportedly has a value of only $4.5 million per year, roughly a third of the $12 million annual average given to Mike Wallace a year ago by the Dolphins.  If that’s the offer that has been extended, it’s possible that the Panthers are merely making a half-hearted effort to sign Nicks in order to calm down a fan base riled up by the cutting of Steve Smith.

It also could be a not-so-subtle message to any other veteran wideouts still looking for work regarding the team’s ballpark budget for the position.

Regardless, it would be a surprise if Nicks has acquired sufficient self-awareness to realize that his own market currently is much closer to $4.5 million per year than $12 million.

26 responses to “Mixed signals on Nicks and Panthers

  1. I seriously doubt Gett’s style is to make a half hearted effort to please the fans. He has already proven he could give two poos what the fans think.
    And that’s a good thing.

  2. An injury prone wide receiver who wasn’t even able to put together a halfway respectable season in a contract year?

    I think $4.5 million is about right, actually.

  3. Nicks is better than Wallace, Amendola, and definitely better than Golden Tate. Maybe he should sign for one year with Andrew Luck so that he can prove it. The Panthers are bound to be one of the worst passing offenses in the league next year. The one thing that could make them even worse is if they bring back Brandon LaFell.

  4. None of this garbage matters. Gettleman has blown up the team and thinks he’s in position to do what he wants. That’s proven by his actions.

    As for Nicks, who knows and frankly, who cares whether he was made an offer? This weeks it’s Nicks, last week it was Sidney Rice pushed forward as the perfect fit. Suffice it to say, the media has no clue of who they’re looking at, because Gettleman has no clue.

    One thing is certain, Gettleman is not a guy players wanna play for and that Rivera can’t feel secure as coach. So Panthers fans expect a major setback this year for Cam and the offense and expect Gettleman to have a hard time getting good players to come to Charlotte.

    Gettleman can’t be trusted. An 8-8 season gets Rivera fired and Gettleman can bring in the coach he promised a job, if he ever became a GM.

  5. Nicks has had 2 years now where his performance and his attitude have dropped like a stone. He’s also had several injuries of various severity, and there are questions as to whether he’ll ever be the player he was in 2011. Throw millions at him at your own risk.

  6. Eh…Panthers aren’t signing Nicks. Not enough money – he’ll get that with the Colts. They’ll likely bring back LaFell, sign some vet FA WR for cheap (Nate Burleson?), and draft a guy in the first or second round. Could be worse…but could be a LOT better.

  7. Yeah I would have definitely been interested in Nicks at this price before being interested in Golden Tate at his price, especially for a team that doesn’t have an accurate passer since Nicks has better size. And arguably an even better value than $4MM for Pettigrew. Nicks should find a way to get somebody to come up with a little more money by citing those couple signings.

  8. They have to get Cam Newton some kind of offensive weapons at some point. I’m assuming they’re not bringing Lafell back and Ginn is gone. Who is he throwing to besides Olsen?

  9. They have to get Cam Newton some kind of offensive weapons at some point. I’m assuming they’re not bringing Lafell back and Ginn is gone. Who is he throwing to besides Olsen?

  10. 689 yards is the most Danny Amendola has ever put up in his entire career, he got 5 years 28.5 million. Golden Tate’s best season was 898 yards, he got 5 years 31 million.

    Everyone is quick to point out how pathetic Nicks was last year. He had 896 yards, in what will probably go down as the worst season of his career. 2 less than Tate.

    I think he should retire before he accepts less money than Amendola or Tate. He is better than both of them and is only 26. If he passes his physical he should be paid commensurate or higher than the above mentioned WR’s.

  11. He shouldn’t look for money in Carolina. They mismanaged the cap and now they will suffer for it. The shame is that Cam Newton could really take the next step to being elite if he had top shelf talent at the skill positions, which he will not next year barring a miracle.

  12. You also have to figure in the cost of his stationary bike. That’s where he’ll be most of the time. Ya blew it Hakeem. Now just hope that idiot owner in Indy gets the hots for you. He hasnt tweeted in a while, so you may luck out.

  13. That’s 4 million too much! He’d be a fool not to take the Panthers offer. He must have the same agent as DRC.

  14. Nicks was a stud first 3 years in league. Last year the Giants whole O was a mess. With cap rising, he should take a 1 year deal with a good QB and cash in come 2015.

  15. As a Giants season ticket holder, I can tell you that there were a number of passes where Nicks did not run out the pattern, made half hearted efforts to get to balls, etc.

    I understand he wanted to stay healthy for when he would be a free agent – but doesn’t it say a lot when the Giants haven’t even made him an offer?

    Injuries are sometimes out of your control. dogging it is something else. If he is still as good as he once was – he should take the 1 year deal – dominate, and then return to the market for a Wallace type deal.

    I am not sure there is a market for him, to be honest.

  16. Carolina??? I didn’t know there was an NFL team there. Oh that’s right, they let so many players go in FA that they won’t have the 53 players required to field a team.

  17. When I heard a core of the New York Giants beat writers saying there’s a strong possibility that Hakeem Nicks could sign a one-year deal with the Giants I thought they were foolish.

    However, Nicks picked the worst time to have his worst career year. A one year deal is most likely the smartest move, ball out for one season and enhance your value.

  18. it would cost us more to dump the running backs. Just because we live in the south doesn’t mean we can’t add……..The previous gm set up contracts with guarenteed money that will have to be paid no matter if we release them or not.

  19. What if we have the next thing on our roster, what if mcnutt , king or clemons is the next superstar , we need dbs and lineman , draft is filled with wrs were bound to get 2 early ones . Panther fans well be fine , great players come from drafts not freeagency

  20. This offense will be terrible. I don’t care what people say, Cam is not accurate and not a leader and it will be a disaster. I feel fr Ron River and me (that I have to watch this garbage-on offense) – def can only take u so far

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