Redskins to release center Will Montgomery

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The Redskins were thinking about making a change at center anyway, so they figured they’d save some money.

According to Mike Jones of the Washington Post, the Redskins are releasing center Will Montgomery, a move which will save them $1.9 million worth of cap room.

The team was thinking about moving guard Kory Lichtensteiger to the middle last year, and that’s the likely move in response, after they signed guard Shawn Luavao in free agency.

Montgomery, a former seventh-round pick of the Panthers, has also played for the Jets, but settled into a niche with the Redskins, starting every game the last three seasons.

23 responses to “Redskins to release center Will Montgomery

  1. I’ve been waiting for this for years. he’s had more bad snaps then any several centers put together, not only that if you watch film on him i don’t know how many times i’ve seen him get knocked on his arse and then gets called for holding…I honestly don’t know how he lasted this long.

  2. No way Alex Mack leaves one dumpster fire in a factory of sadness to play for an even bigger dumpster fire under Dan Snyder.

  3. um…no hes not good, ive seen every snap of his for the past several seasons. he gets pushed back so often during running plays. i have thought theyved needed to upgrade from him BADLY since 2011.

  4. The Turtle is gone!!!! This is how every other play went for the past three years: “Hut”….. the ball is snapped…Montgomery is on his back looking up at the sky!!!!

  5. You know, for about 2 mill, why not keep him for dept? He rated out as a good center last year. Wouldn’t hurt, unless they cut then bring him back. A tactic alot of teams use. Plqyer gets guaranteed money still, then come back under new deal same money but saves on cap, meaning player makes close to same but cap wize we save

  6. If you only rely on PFF then he’s a good center

    If you watch skins games you know he is a backup at best. We can get a backup center for half what we were paying montgomery

  7. Obviously anyone who has played in the NFL is better than 99% of the others who ever played the game. Having said that, the Skins have just released an undersized, underpowered center and are moving Lictensteiger, an undersized, underpowered guard to take his place. The OLine can’t push the pile on short yardage or goal line stands. Lauvao is bigger than Lichtensteiger and Montgomery, but a recent B/R report rated him behind both Chester and Lichtensteiger. I hope that there is something going on in the background, because the OL just looks worse every day.

  8. He isn’t strong enough. We had jail breaks on passing downs up the middle. Clearly Shannahan wanted stronger guys too but for some reason he never gave the young guys a chance. Now it will happen, we need to protect RG3, he already has injury concerns. I said before FA that we needed experienced guys to make sure we know he will be protected. I’m glad changes are being made. Let Kyle grab the guys from last year. If he doesn’t, what does that say? They should have been gone.

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