Report: Cortland Finnegan nearing a deal with Dolphins


The Dolphins are reportedly close to a contract with a cornerback seeking to recapture his best form.

According to Albert Breer of NFL Network, ex-Rams corner Cortland Finnegan is in the process of striking a two-year deal with Miami.

Finnegan, 30, is poised to join a Dolphins secondary with a clear-cut top cornerback in Brent Grimes. Finnegan and second-year corners Jamar Taylor and Will Davis seem the primary contenders for the other prominent spots on the depth chart at the position.

Finnegan comes off his worst season as a pro. Injuries limited him to seven games for St. Louis, which released him last week. However, he has 99 career regular season starts to his credit, and he was named to the Pro Bowl in 2008, which are just a couple of the measures of the quality of his play at points of his career, which began as a seventh-round pick of Tennessee eight years ago.

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  1. 4 years ago, this would be a huge signing… but this certainly isnt 4 years ago

  2. I’ve been a fan of all of Hickey’s moves in FA so far but I cannot approve of this one. Not only is the guy past his prime to the point where he was absolutely awful last year, he’s also a total d-bag.

    There are still plenty of other guys out there that I’d rather have over Finnegan. Hopefully Jamar Taylor can step up so this guy never has to see the field.

    Remaining areas still in need of improvement: OT, OG, RB, TE, LB

  3. when healthy, guy can play, he will not be the #1 cb anymore so i believe he will be very good for them, both in coverage and also bringing an attitude to that defense that they need. as long as he can stay healthy.

  4. Hopefully they can bring back Dimitri Patterson on a cheap, one year deal. There’s a decent chance Finnegan won’t make the opening day roster and neither Taylor or Davis showed anything significant last season.

  5. He sucked last year but was hurt. Wasn’t bad in 2012. Fins need some fore on their team and this guy should provide some if he can stay healthy. Its not like he’ll be squaring off against opponents #1 WR’s anyway.

  6. taylor and davis did’nt show anything significant last season….haha….im sure they did’nt, hard to show anything when you injured all year smart one. i was not aware that teams are supposed to give up on players 1 year after they are drafted.

  7. decent move, let him battle the youngsters Jamar Taylor/Will Davis for the starting corner opposite Grimes.

  8. Finnigan is fiesty not a fan of his but maybe he will work out. I’m sure plenty of people thought grimes was done too. Kevin Coyle is a excellent coach resurrected reggie Nelsons career in Cincinnati so we will see

  9. As a Miami fan I do not like this deal. I do not like the idea of paying aging veteran CB’s. Maybe this is a signing to capture a more veteran locker room due to the bullgate stuff. From a pure performance standpoint not sold on it although it can work in the Fins favor. They got lucky with Grimes last year so who knows.

  10. I like this type of signing. Take a recent quality player coming off a down year due to injury and sign him to a prove it deal. Nothing better than taking a chance on a player with something to prove.

  11. @scmems07 Nobody is giving up on Taylor or Davis. It’s the exact opposite in fact, they’re going to be relied on to step up. But a lot of the time they weren’t injured and were just healthy scratches from the gameday roster. There’s no harm in bringing in another veteran to push them along or replace them if the coaching staff hasn’t seen any improvement.

  12. I think this is a terrific signing. Cortland is no slouch in coverage and knows how to get into people’s heads. And if you haven’t noticed lately, Miami hasn’t exactly been intimidating anyone lately.

    No one cares if you think he’s a D-Bag. This is Football. D-Bags make a living here and their skills are valuable. If you want a smile and wave player, go watch Tim Tebow highlights.

  13. IF Finnegan can reclaim his play along with Delmas, Fins just signed two very hard hitting players that like to mix it up. I like that attitude change.

  14. Finnegan was signed to bring along the young CBs. He’s going to show them how to play and how to break down film. If he regains form, great. That’s a bonus. If you think Miami signed him to be a Pro Bowl CB, YOU are the idiot.

  15. It’s hard to listen to all the people on here say what a bad move this is when no one has any real knowledge of the type of player this guy will be if healthy. They signed the guy to a contract hoping he can return to form like drc , grimes etc…. If not they cut him. Big deal happens all the time. The word is Cartland is a great locker room guy who plays with and attitude. Wow that’s unheard of in nfl. So he got smacked around by aj. Who wouldn’t. Although he won’t come close to Talib on field. Talib was universally thought to be a locker room cancer. This is just a low risk hope move. Wait and see cuz no one knows if it’s good or bad move yet. Peace

  16. 2 years 11 million for a player that was injured last year and his play was awful. Explain to me why we didn’t keep our other injured CB Patterson. At least he was playing well before his injury and he would if cost us 5 million or the same thing we’re paying this clown.

  17. This is another great deal for the fins, don’t forget that he was hurt last year just as Grimes was the year before, he will undoubtedly come in with something to prove and some swagger and toughness. Those saying he is washed up, come on he is 30 not 35, he has some good years left and something to prove for even a longer contract just like Grimes got. That’s a heck of a duo at the corner position, two tough guys, both that have had pro bowl seasons…. Great job fins, love what we’ve done this offseason and financially it’s much better picking up guys with something to prove that are a little cheaper rather than the guy that’s going to get a huge guaranteed contract that can now cruise, ie Aquib Talib!

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