Richard Sherman feuds with LeGarrette Blount, DeAngelo Hall on Twitter


Richard Sherman believes he’s the best cornerback in the NFL and he’s willing to defend that title against anyone who wants to question his abilities.

That put LeGarrette Blount and DeAngelo Hall in the cross-hairs on Thursday.

In a lengthy back-and-forth with both players via their Twitter accounts, Sherman defended his view that he’s the best cornerback in the league against perceived slights by Blount and Hall.

Blount called newly signed Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib the league’s best cornerback in a tweet directed at Sherman.

Sherman chalked it up to friendship between Blount and Talib, who played together in both Tampa Bay and New England. But Blount defended his belief that Talib was better and the two began to debate their respective positions.

Blount pointed to the fact Sherman doesn’t tend to follow an opposing team’s best receiver all over the field, instead sticking on the left side and playing whoever lines up across from him. Hall voiced the same point in his own, separate war of words with Sherman.

Sherman responded by pointing to the fact he led the league in interceptions last year despite being the least targeted corner in the league. And in regards to not following the opponent’s best target like Talib and Hall, his responses basically boiled down to “and how did that work out for you guys? We won a Super Bowl.

There was far more to the conversations than we will detail here but it was an entertaining give-and-take between players confident in their abilities and willing to back their opinions. And ultimately it doesn’t hurt that Sherman is rarely willing to walk away from a challenge.

113 responses to “Richard Sherman feuds with LeGarrette Blount, DeAngelo Hall on Twitter

  1. Get those 2 clowns Sherm. Cant argue with the I have the Ring card, meanwhile Me’angelo Hall has never won anything, Blount is a solid RB, but we saw his act vs Boise St.

    SuperBowl Ring is the ultimate shut up card, on top of being the best corner in the NFL.

    Sherm, ask De’Angelo Hall to ask Talib how Josh Gordon’s dust tasted?

  2. The ‘shadowing’ argument against Sherman is a really poor one. Sherman has never ‘failed’ to shadow a receiver, it’s just that Seattle plays Cover 1 & 3 and that’s the scheme he’s asked to play. Should Sherman instead tell Carroll “Hey man, I really need to shadow these receivers for the cred, I don’t care that it doesn’t fix the scheme that allowed us to put up the insane numbers we did last year”?

  3. lol Won a superbowl . . . all that matters . . . but the stats prove he the best too . . . like h aving y our cake and eating it too

  4. When Sherman reduces it down how he grades out versus Talib — to who won the Super Bowl —> in essence, he’s crediting the Super Bowl victory solely to himself and placing the failure to get a Super Bowl victory squarely on Talib’s shoulders.

    That’s the only way Sherman’s “We won a Super Bowl and you didn’t” argument would make sense.

    The reality is football is a TEAM game. If winning Super Bowls were any kind of legit trump card when discussing individual players, Trent Dilfer, Jeff Hostetler and Brad Johnson and would all be better QBs than Dan Marino, Fran Tarkenton and Warren Moon. And Jim Plunkett would be far and away the best of this bunch.

    Football is a team game – with more than 40 starting players in every Super Bowl as well as every other game.

    If Sherman wants to test himself in an individual contest where such boasts would be legitimized, why not step into the Octagon versus Jonny Bones or Chris Weidman?

  5. Sherman is right… He is the best. His stats prove it.

    who has the most picks the last 2 years? Sherman. He is a machine. Picks, passes defensed, catch percentage given up, yards allowed after catch… Sherman ranks 1 in most categories.

    Imagine his stats if he lined up against the number 1 every down, his stats would sky rocket.

    This Blount character along with Hall AND Talib need to put the breaks on.

  6. Sherman, you have no need to talk! your team won a super bowl, and you had a huge pass deflection in what was last year’s true “superbowl” seahawks/49ers that led to the game ending INT.

    be like jerry rice, let your game do the talking. you have talked enough. we get it. I think the league gets it. its the offseason, take a breather,

  7. Seemed like Hall wanted some attention. After all, he gained over 7k followers, as if that matters.
    Neither guys were really out of line. Just another boring twitter “debate”

  8. Why do foolish people try & debate with Sherm ?! The man is a Stanford grad and also happens to be right ; he IS the best corner in the league . And then there’s that whole Championship Trophy thing – you know , the one Blount and Hall wish they had ..

  9. Shermam, you’re my boy and all, but you gotta let stuff go once in a while! We know you’re the best CB in the league, you don’t always have to debate it with the pretenders. Just keep doing your thing on the field and leave the talking to the people whose play doesn’t match their hype

  10. Qualifications to being the best CB according to Dick Sherman

    1: Great pass rush
    2: PED’s
    3: Holding
    4: Lining up against inferior opponents.
    5: Self proclamation
    6: Sensitivity to tweets

  11. When you’re good, you have to keep telling people about it……you may not be as good as you think you are.

    When you’re great, other people talk about how great you are. Sherman needs to shut up and play. If he’s the best corner in the NFL, his peers will let him know.

  12. If Sherman is so good, why does he have to keep telling everybody about it? When you’re great, other people will do your talking for you.

  13. Is Sherman’s 15 minutes not up, yet?
    I don’t care if he is the best player in the history of the NFL. The blow-hard attitude got tiring LONG ago.

    Find some grace, Dicky.

  14. It also doesn’t hurt when you are the least targeted and have the most interceptions and have a super bowl ring. I read the tweets, Sherman was far from aggressive and was pushed by Blount.

  15. if he does a repeat performance then I’ll become a believer I’m not sold on big mouth at the same time since he’s the best why doesn’t he request to watch the #1 WR like ike Taylor USE2 do most of the time he’s covering average to below average WRs….name more than 10 top flight WRs that he totally shut down and took out the game who did he make a non factor???? And crabtree is nota megatron

  16. I might even take Brent Grimes, Ladarius Webb, and Leon Hall over that bigmouth. Its pretty easy to say your the best CB when you have a dam near dominating pass rush and 2 safeties the caliber of Thomas and Chancellor. What does Joe Haden have ? Pretty much nothing. And he shuts dudes down !!!!

  17. Sherman is a great football player. Having said that, he sure is annoying. Also, the truly great ones don’t have to tell everyone they are great, everyone already knows.

  18. “… his responses basically boiled down to “and how did that work out for you guys? We won a Super Bowl.“

    Nuff said. NEXT!!!

  19. If a player has to fight as hard as Sherman dose to try and prove he’s the best CB in the league then it’s not the case. If the rest of the NFL players were saying it that’s one thing but when a player has to say it about himself that’s totally different. Sherman is the product of a system that works, He has talent all around him and it makes him look better than he is!!. He is a 5 round pick that would look like a 5th round pick if it weren’t for the players around him!!!!!

  20. Sounds like someone is looking for a trouble. I think Blount has a few loose screws. He was the one who whacked his teammate with his helmet right?

  21. DeAngelo nailed it. The moment Richard decides to leave his little nest in Seattle, he will Nnamdi 2.0 having to cover the best Reciever on the other team. DeAngelo has to cover Dez, DeSean and Victor Cruz every year and does a STANDUP job despite having terrible teammates. DeAngelo Hall is elite, Richard Sherman is a FLUKE. Period. #CaseClosed

  22. Sherman is evidently now crediting the Seahawks’ Super Bowl victory solely to his superiority to that of then-Patriot Talib.

    Anyone who heard Sherman’s faux-humility pitch he spun after the uproar of his classless behavior in the NFCCG — knew this day would not be long in coming.

    The reality is football is a TEAM game.

    If winning Super Bowls were any kind of legit trump card when discussing individual players, Trent Dilfer, Jeff Hostetler and Brad Johnson all would all be superior as quarterbacks to Dan Marino, Fran Tarkenton and Warren Moon. And Jim Plunkett would be far and away the best of this bunch.

    With nearly 50 starting players in every Super Bowl as well as every other game, football is the ultimate team game.

  23. Hall isn’t in the top 20… Dude needs to learn to shut his mouth…. Never will tho.

    The Sherman haters need to have a slice of pue called shut the heck up. Till someone proves him wrong on the field, don’t mess with the best.

    – A Vikings fan who is incredibly jealous of Seattles defense

  24. If Sherman’s head gets any bigger, he will have to put a phone call in to the director of “Space Balls” for Dark Helmets prop helmet for next season.

  25. Sherman’s the one who gets attacked on twitter and judging by his responses, he really doesn’t care about these two nobodys. Also, Hall is as dumb as a bag of rocks.

  26. Enjoy it while it lasts Mr. Sherman. Life at the top for an NFL cornerback is brief. Very brief. While you may rest on reputation for a while (aka Revis), such a position crowns a new “king” every few years. Or sooner.

  27. Talib has been in the league for seven years and has never played in 16 games and left the two biggest games in his career with injuries early in the games. He is a very talented player, but can’t be relied on. He is just not in the discussion with Revis or Sherman. He’s in the next tier.

  28. Sherman has been impressive so far. But what happens when he gets challenged by the one that can put him in his place? Can he avoid defeat forever? He better hope some other team out there doesn’t all of a sudden get smarter than the Seahawks and build an even better team. Cause an even better team than the 2013 Seahawks can definitely be constructed. Sherman is only in this position now by default because there isn’t much competition in this league right now, but that might not be the case for the rest of his career.

  29. To be the considered the best, (if you are into self promotion) you have eliminated yourself from contention!
    Sherman goal is ONLY $ based!

  30. Sherman’s right on the money. “Following around” a #1 receiver for most of the game largely means the rest of your secondary is trash.

  31. Is there anyone more annoying than Sherman?
    Also – NONE of these “I am the best” players are ever anywhere near as good as they think they are.

    Put him on a team with no passrush and make him cover the other teams no 1 – and he will get burned regularly just like the rest of them.

    he is good – but not a superstar – and his big mouth takes it all away

  32. One was a high draft pick and nothing else. The other wasnt eaven that. And Richard Sherman aka the best corner in the nfl is a two time all pro and a Superbowl Champion.

  33. Well…Blount and Hall have a point….any CB who sticks to one side of the field and takes on any receiver on the left side can claim to be the best CB if you are covering the team’s worst Receiver.

  34. And, thankfully, I discovered that if you pay no attention, it’s like it never happened.

  35. They didn’t win the super bowl because of him being the best..he proves their point he doesn’t have to try An follow anyone’s best because they have the best defense period put him on a team with no pass rush an horrible safteys an see how he fares

  36. People/Players who use the one side of the field argument are funny…they act as if Pete Carroll doesn’t know what he’s doing or something. By having Sherman lock down an ENTIRE side of the field…it essentially forces the offense to either test him one on one, or attempt the middle or other side of the field, where guys like Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Byron Maxwell, etc. are trusted to make plays…and do quite often and reliably. There’s a method to the madness.

    As for the twitter beefs…take them for what they are…entertaining, dumb and part of today’s athlete.

  37. As long as the nfl refuses to call penalties on Sherman…. There’s no doubt he is the greatest. Can stop anyone with the stuff he gets away with weekly. And the rest of the Seattle secondary for they matter.

  38. I wanna see him play a game without Earl and his freakish range, if he can still be dominant I can argue best CB. But Revis is the best to me, the Bucs went from dead last to 17th in Pass D with Revis alone. Sherman has a Elite pass rush and two elite safety’s so I don’t know how he could carry a defense like Revis

  39. Sherman actually said the reason he doesnt follow receivers around is because it hurts the integrity of the defense, because there is another corner on the opposite side of him that he fully trusts to do his job. Then he went on to say that they all trust each other -AND THEN he went on to say the whole “hows that working out for you guys, we won a superbowl” bit.

    just had to clarify

  40. Nice of ALL these guys to not recognize the contributions of their teammates, huh?

  41. I don’t think people are fully appreciating Sherman. He is shutting down a third of the field. Think about that–a third of the field is gone for every QB. And on the rare occasions when a QB decides to test him, he gets another INT. Think about that: least-tested, most INTs, a third of the field gone.

  42. We can all agree Hall is nowhere near Sherman’s level. That’s all that matters here.

  43. Put your bank accounts and SB rings where your mouths are….

    Celebrity boxing matches for charity. If the teams are worried about injuries, wear headgear like Olympic boxing.

    Get it done.

  44. This just shows how insecure and immature Sherman is.

    You’re a Stanford grad, top 2 corner in football, won a super bowl, and he goes around on twitter finding people to argue with and continuously tell people he’s the best.

    It’s pathetic.

  45. WRs D hall shut down last season:
    Calvin Johnson
    Demaryius Thomas
    Dez Bryant
    Aj Green
    Victor Cruz
    Desean Jackson
    Brandon Marshall

    WRs Sherman shut down last season:

    Golden Tate
    Michael Crabtree
    Larry Fitzgerald
    Steve Smith
    Kenny Britt
    Greg Jennings
    Marquise Colton
    Justin Blackmon

    O ya…. Sherman plays against the greatest that’s why he’s the greatest

  46. Assuming it is true, hard to disagree with Sherman if he led the league in INTs despite being targeted the least. I wonder what his stats are for comp% and yards per attempt?

    Anything else is just opinion.

  47. Richard Sherman is the best corner back in the NFL for last season. He sucks as a person, and would not want to shake his hand. If you feel you need to pump this guy up, thats all he cares about. And calm down Dick Sherman, its just a game, when the game stops, why not try and be a better person and move on…stop trying to live in the past….

  48. I know he was coming off an injury, but how can anyone not say Revis is the top CB? He literally shuts down the entire side of his field because QBs don’t even bother looking at him. If Tampa had used him properly, he would still be universally on top of the list. He’ll show everyone this season

  49. Sherman is a system CB. Revis makes the D better Sherman is just a piece. Brandon browner us a LOB and he was out for almost the whole season and nothing change nothing Hawks D was still the best! Hawks run more cover 3 than any team and it’s simple Sherman play a deep zone and he has help underneath and play the left side of the field! Other nfl corners and just don’t respect that! So what if he has 8ints Deion never had 8 so Sherman better than dion? No! Revis numbers say he is still the best! Sherman there or not that D is still gonna be grays corners do not make that D! Now browner is on his was to team up with Revis pats D will improve.

    And hall was actually tryna tell Sherman he want get the money he deserve because he is clearly just a system CB. And when Sherman do man up with no help he gets burnt. Sherman only base he is the best off pics and that’s half the story! Stats don’t lie rite? Well stats show revis is still the best even I’m a system that was cover 2 based.

  50. Sherman, you are the best corner in football. Period.

    I haven’t read the tweets and perhaps it was all in good fun…I don’t know. But Sherm, you just got to let this stuff go once in a while because it makes you look ugly to be getting into twitter battles every few months.

  51. Stats don’t lie? stats say revis is still the best end of story!

    Don’t is a deep zone corner that play left side anyone can replace Sherman he is a system corner, why you think hawks will not worry about losing Brandon Browner, Talib got paid because he can do anything at that position Revis still highest paid because he makes the D better and can do anything at that position Sherman can’t the zone helps him to make up for his lack of speed also.

    Look at the Super Bowl Sherman did nothing and I mean nothing! But get injured and the back up CB filled the spot why cus Kam and Earl bobby and the pass rush make that D! CBs on Seattle all they do is play deep zone the whole game it’s simple!

    Even that 49ers game for those who don’t know football let me break if down simple. Sherman played a cover 3 deep zone CB Sherman tip the ball and guess who catch it the LB why? Cus that’s the help underneath! Deep zone help underneath Earl I’m the middle all game!

  52. Pin this on Blount. He involved Sherman when Sherman wasn’t part of the story. Sherman even stated he was cool with the comments.

    Then Blount kept going, trying to goad Sherman more. Sherman tried to just let it go, but Blount was goading more and more.

    Yet, many on here are picking on Sherman when he was minding his own business until Blount involved him.

    Sherman has been in the league 3 years and has been a starter since week 7, I believe, of his rookie year. Since being a starter he’s led the league in Int’s. Was the least targeted DB last year, and still led the league in Int’s, and he’s a two time all-pro.

    Like it our not, he’s real good. Blount didn’t need to involve Sherman in a story that had nothing to do with him.

    But, haters will hate, so carry on…..I guess.

  53. Richard Sherman is a perfect candidate for the Bad Girls Club. Yea ok you’re a good CB, but how long have you been playing, 1 good year and you think you’re Dion Sanders or Rod Woodson……

  54. Sherman is hands all over the opposing receiver the best cornerback in the league. This is a completely subjective discussion. Sherman plays in a system and the system works and they won a SB. Talib and Hall play different systems and have different personnel and didn’t. Football is a team game clowns so anyone that feels the key to being the best at a position is looking at SB trophies better go back to following the NBA. Each of the people have a point. Sherman certainly has a point in saying he’s the best in what they ask him to do but again that is subjective. Another thing is the personnel. If Sherman had to cover a guy for 5 seconds, he wouldn’t have the results he is having. Nobody would. Is Sherman good at what he does? Yes. Are Talib and Hall good players as well? Yes. We can leave it at that. Sherman isn’t going to start shadowing the other teams best player for credibility because it will hurt the defense and the team because it’s a team sport. The Lombardi trophy is awarded to a team, not a player. Seattle had the best TEAM last year. Sometimes the sum is greater than the individual parts.

  55. You tell them Sherman! As a pats fan I have to say you are the best CB , Talib didn’t do a good job when it counted most. All he does is ICE UP on the sidelines or in the locker room. That’s why he got traded. You won that ring and you have the stats.

  56. Stop all the bloviation and pontification already and just play ball! Sick and tired of hearing all of the self promotion. Football is the ultimate team sport! Let that front 7 not apply consistent pressure and we will see how “great” Richard Sherman is, or any other DB for that matter! Also, playing in a secondary with two very good safeties doesn’t hurt either. Seattle’s defense is outstanding! The entire defense, including Sherman! But he isn’t playing by himself! His legacy is yet to be written. After the sun sets on his NFL career, then it can be judged and debated where he ranks among the G.O.A.T.’s. Until then, Sherman, let your game do the talking for you! Remember, the NFL stands for Not For Long!

  57. The sheman of the shehawks is just MAD Talib and Revis just got PAID and he still got no money.

    A SB ring means nothing with NO MONEY LOL!!!

  58. Have to go with LOB Sherman here. He doesn’t chalk up the Seahawk defensive philosophy, which is right CB, left CB, where they stick to one side. It’s just as impressive if you stick to your side in the scheme that your coach teaches and work with the other players in your defense to shut the opposing pass game down, which Seattle does very well. LOB for the win on this one.

  59. Most people that say Sherman had 1 good year have no clue what they are talking about.

    He was an All Pro two years ago and led NFL in passes defensed and had 8 ints. Last year teams wouldn’t even through his way and he still got 8 ints, that’s not counting his directed tip balls to his teammates.

    Pete Carroll’s scheme calls for Sherman to stick to his side. It allows Earl Thomas to free lance and Kam to sit inside the box nearly every play. This may go down as the best secondary of all-time. Yet people still hate and talk non-sense.

  60. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s me listening to all these people talking about Sherman. I’m sure it really bothers him. While you nobody’s are venting on a comment board he’s living the life you all wish you had. What a bunch of losers. I’m sure he’s thinking of ways to please you all right now.

  61. Everyone replying and saying Sherman loves to talk about himself or he needs to shut up…

    read past the headline fool.

    Legarrette Blount is the one who initiated it by making the comment and tagging Sherman in it. D Hall jumped in on it.

    Don’t let the media manipulate you so hard. Almost every time Sherman has been in the spotlight on some beef, it’s been someone else who started it 99% of the time.

    Don’t be a mindless drone

  62. My team has him.

    Yours doesn’t.

    You don’t like him?

    Good. That’s what we want to hear.

    Its less painful this way.

    When my team beats the tar out of your team.

  63. I love how Sherman continues to think he is the best CB in the league and takes every opportunity given to him to talk about it, while the actual best CB in the league sits in Cleveland quietly letting his play do the talking.

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