Seahawks spike season-ticket prices by nearly 12 percent

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The Seahawks may be taking the whole “12” thing a little too far, from the perspective of the paying customers.

The team has announced that prices on season tickets will climb for 2014 by an average of nearly 12 percent.  For 70 percent of the season-ticket holders, the increase will range from $3 to $11 per game, which translates to $30 to $110 per season.

The team currently has — you guessed it — 12,000 fans on a paid waiting list.

For single-game tickets, the Seahawks will join the teams using variable pricing.  it’s a concept that adjusts prices based on the perceived quality of the game.

“Through variable pricing, ticket prices will better reflect the value and demand for each game once the schedule is announced next month,” Seahawks president Peter McLoughlin said.

This year, the options for variable pricing likely will be high and really high; the Seahawks host the 49ers, Rams, Cardinals, Cowboys, Giants, Broncos, Raiders, and Packers.

Throw in a pair of preseason games and the possibility of hosting two postseason contests, it all adds up to, once again, 12 games at CenturyLink Field.

97 responses to “Seahawks spike season-ticket prices by nearly 12 percent

  1. No biggie. Fans will pay. Selling out every home after last season will be guaranteed.

  2. After the last time the Seahawks played the Giants, I would argue that the “perceived quality” of that game is much lower than any other on the list.

    I’d pay 90 bucks to see that game. But I don’t think I’d pay 120.

    I just hope the Seahawks home opener is against the Broncos. That’d be a barn burner!

  3. Is the line for the Cowboys game Seattle -20? If so I would like to put money on the ‘Hawks now please.

  4. This is one of the few cases a price hike is justified, though unpleasant for consumers. The team is coming off a historically dominant blowout win with a team full of young and charismatic stars.

    It’s not like how the Broncos recently raised their prices so fans could have the privilege of Peyton raise their hopes up before choking once again.

  5. Don’t worry about it. Still well worth it to see the best defense in football. Not to mention hanging a banner. I think us up here in Seattle can afford it.

  6. I go to a game every year. They will sell out in 5 minutes. It’s crazy trying to get tickets. Then on after market cites tickets are triple the price. It’s a shame it’s so much for the true seahawk fans.

  7. Since Peter McLoughlin became president of the team, my tickets was $100 a ticket two years ago.
    Went to $125 last year to $140 a ticket coming this year. That’s a $40 per ticket increase in two years- $400 extra per season in last two seasons.

    This comes from an owner who is one of the richest men in the world. I paid the PSL price (Charter) that goes into having the stadium built which was built with public money not the owner. They are treating people as if each are super wealthy.

    It’s no accident they release this information on a late Friday to hide the news. No wonder why people stay home more and more than go to games.
    Just because you can charge the prices doesn’t mean they should. I looked into it, Steelers dont try to squeeze every dollar out of their fans.

  8. Way to take care of the do called “12th Man”. Cashing in only after 1 Super Bowl! Only in Anerica!!! Seatless young homeless can’t see the games at any price so it just doesn’t matter! Thank you for pounding the “Bronc-a-ho’s!

  9. So much for the league lockout to get the player costs under control and pass those savings along to the seat paying customer. They have fixed player costs and fans prices still keeping going up.

  10. Texas A&M seeing more dollar signs after this. Since they are paying for the 12th man usage that A&M™

  11. Sure I don’t like shelling out more.
    But AT LEAST we’re not the Vikings!

  12. they have to get the money when they can, in 3 years when the team is not nearly as good, the fair weather Seattle fans will disappear and prices will recede.

  13. It’s all about supply and demand. They would be stupid to leave money on the table that fans are willing to give them.

    Ideally, any team should try to charge the highest price that still supports guaranteed sellouts. It’s not always easy to figure out that exact price in advance though.

    Of course, as a gesture of good will, they should also provide a couple thousand tickets per game at a more accessible price for the average fan.

  14. So what is the big deal? The Ravens raised their ticket prices after winning the Super Bowl too. I am paying $8 more per ticket for my season tickets and I sit in nose bleed seats….can’t imagine what the good tickets are going for. Teams raise ticket prices…Nothing New Here…

  15. Might as well enjoy it because you have nothing else up there! with over 200 days a year with no sun and Seattle on top of depression , you deserve something!

  16. Wonder how the prices vary throughout the NFL? What is the season ticket price for a 50YD seat in the first section, second section and top tier? End Zone? Etc……

    Now that would be some good reporting and great fodder.

  17. low-class move by a low-class organization

    the fans should get a discount just for having to be in the stadium with that idiot that dresses up like “the thing”

  18. Supply and Demand. Season ticket holder for 11 years and I’m not mad. I can sell 3 games and pay for the whole season with what i can get for them so…

  19. I would just like to know if the NFL can produce ONE legitimate champion. Look at the last 15 years of so called champions. Seattle- whole team juiced. Baltimore- deer antler spray. Saints-bounty gate. Pittsburgh- teams top physician richard rydze busted with 1/4 mill worth of PEDs. New England- spygate. Aside from the colts and giants SB victories this is the last 15 years of NFL history tainted! Its getting ridiculous and is the NFL doesn’t start cracking down on CHEATERS im going to start watching freaking soccer!

  20. Dycyne

    I hate the seahawks

    Good we hate you! Best part is we talk trash and then smack around you favorite team

    Keep hating loser…. We feed off that

  21. Didnt the 12th man get really quiet last year when Arizona came in and hoe slapped y’all???

  22. The games will continue to sell out (last blackout was 2002) and because of that, the people needlessly complaining here will continue to watch the games on TV for free. For the 3 actual season ticket holders in here, yeah, that kinda sucks. One less beer to offset the hike?

  23. Finally I can see all the hate that the Pats got all those years ago directed towards my ‘Hawks.

    I’ll leave you angry fanatics with this awesome tidbit:
    Russell Wilson hasn’t lost by more than 7 points in his NFL career.

    Can’t wait to see how many downvotes I can get!

  24. Fans should be collectively upset that owners do this stuff to us. You know, instead of taking shots at each other when it happens…

  25. Gotta keep that profit margin from getting smaller. The ticket prices went up in concert with the rise in the salary cap.

  26. The Century Link experience is unlike any I have ever been to in sports. That’s covering basketball, soccer, hockey and even Olympics.

    These games have been selling out since 2003. I made it to a game or two every year up until last year where we couldn’t get tickets for the 49ers game with no luck. The prices are going to only go up but that’s every NFL Stadium. Maybe it doesn’t make me as big of a fan but I am 100 % fine watching the games on my big screen at home with quality drinks. Go Hawks!

  27. “Russell Wilson hasn’t lost by more than 7 points in his NFL career. ”

    I think the Seahawks defense has a lot to do with that. I would think that you would get at least 11 downvotes from all of the starters on that defense.

    I don’t think I will see the boisterous Seahawk fans coming to my team’s news and posting ridiculous comments about this.

    “Your team didn’t raise ticket prices like my SUPERCHAMP SEAHAWKS DID! YEAH!”

    Somehow that doesn’t strike me as very effective trash talk. Just goes to show you, it isn’t about you Seattle fans, it is always about the almighty dollar. Pay to play…or in this case, to watch play.

  28. The “12th man” has been around since 1900 when the University of Minnesota started using the term. In 1989 Texas A&M applied for the copyright. The Seahawks and Texas A&M have since settled out of court.

  29. The 12th Man just got priced out of the game. Empty stadiums will be the norm for most NFL games. Why pay exorbinate prices when you can watch every game in the comfort of your Lazyboy? Idiots!

  30. Love how hawks fans brag about demand for tickets and how they sell out so fast blah blah blah. When you sell out EVERY home game since 1968, regardless of how the team is performing, then you can brag.

  31. the 12th man has been reduced to the bruised 12th red-headed stepchild. Ahhhhhhh, freakin supply and demand. WATCH Allen have to explain this in 2 years when they re-up with another $40m in post rookie contracts. keep pooch’in me NFL

  32. Expected with the SB Win and the bigger fact that since 2003, the team has sold out 95 consecutive games, including playoffs.

  33. And when the cap gets tight, they can’t sign quality players and they turn back into the team that everyone looks forward to having on the schedule… How is that price hike going to work out for them?

  34. “Russell Wilson hasn’t lost by more than 7 points in his NFL career. ”

    That is the sign of a great D. Seattle’s offense was 18th in the league last season. Lots of praise for players from fans when the player has little to do with their team winning. Both Seattle and SF have bottom of the list offenses that are able to score just enough to win playing second to their defenses.

  35. WOW, amazing after what the 12th man brought in to the seahawks organization in the last 10 years this is the thanks they get?

    Allen must not have enough money yet..

    greed the cornerstone of destroying a winning team,

    now watch em go low budget on the salary..

    from first to worst in a single season, can ya do it mr allen, you’re off to a great start, now all you have to do is pay wilson like a $80 million contract and get rid of everyone else starting with the defense..

    what a chode, this should be fun

  36. If they don’t raise the prices then some of us will make more from their product. Some of us Seahawk season ticket holders aren’t fans of the Hawks but we sure enjoy profiting off of the bandwagon Seahawk fans.

  37. Please…..I have season tickets to the Eagles. They DID the same thing….for what? There’s NO Super Bowl Championship here! My tickets were $95 two years ago….$105 last year….and to my delight…$135 THIS YEAR!!!! Since there IS a long waiting list and since I want to be AT the games….I have no choice but to suck it up. The NFL has most season ticketholders by the NADS!

  38. In three years, the prices will decline back by 25% when theyre back to a 6-10 record, their quarterback requires payment for his services and the shine rubs off Pete Carroll as his real character is again revealed.

  39. “Based on the perceived quality of the game”

    … Oh, so that means they will reduce the prices for pre-season, er, exhibition games.

  40. Think of the fans of the other 31 teams that pay ticket prices and have absolutely no chance of winning the SB as the Seahawks coast to the second straight. Fait accompli.

  41. I guess the new Pete C & Seatlle :cough: ::cough::
    “Workout” regimen, as evidenced by 7 suspensions in 12 months is becoming costly…Will Steroidgate continue in 2015?

  42. I understand many fans of other teams don’t get it, but a Rolls Royce costs more than a Kia

  43. And everyone in Seattle was thinking that the FA players on the team would give a hometown discount to stay. Welcome to the reality of success in the NFL. No hometown discount on either end.

  44. it would be worth it for fans to go to the game where they honor the superbowl win, it’s not everyday you get to see a once in a lifetime event.

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