Zach Strief turns down the Dolphins invitation to visit


We mentioned earlier in the day that the Dolphins were interested in talking to Saints right tackle Zach Strief.

He, on the other hand, seems less interested.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, Strief told the Dolphins he wasn’t interested in coming for a visit, without giving a reason.

Maybe he’s staying with the Saints. Maybe he knows what the Dolphins’ financial parameters are and he thinks they don’t suffice. Maybe he’s got something better lined up. Maybe he doesn’t think he looks good in aqua.

Whatever the reason, he’s not interested, and the Dolphins will continue to search for help to rebuild an offensive line.

44 responses to “Zach Strief turns down the Dolphins invitation to visit

  1. A blessing in disguise because he’s an overrated player. A word to the wise, never sign a free agent OL coming from a team with a great QB and a greast offensive system because you will invariably be disappointed. Conversly, if you sign lineman from a team with an inexperienced QB and a bad system you might be pleasantly surprised at the results.

  2. As a Saints fan, I hope we can retain Strief and can understand why Miami’s offensive line situation this past year would create a red flag.

  3. Zach isn’t going anywhere.
    He started his career with the Saints and he will finish with us.

    He was our highest rated Olineman last year and he still has a few good years left in him.

  4. Players who are used playing for winning organizations with coaches who are true leaders are going to be leery of our sad franchise. Clearly he values winning over money.

  5. I was at an event in Cincinnati last night that Strief attended for his high school here…

    He said that he wants to return to New Orleans.

  6. Apparently Strief’s wife and whole family is from New Orleans and owns a business or businesses in the area. I’m sure that’s one driving force.

  7. I wouldn’t want to continue my career where there is so much drama. Miami is a mess of an organization, from top to bottom.

  8. Who cares if this guy declined a visit. I’m sure the Dolphins are losing a lot of sleep over this. How can they go on as a team. The humanity!!!

  9. Zack bag-of-donuts declined a visit – this ham and egger better take what he can get.

  10. Before everyone starts bashing Miami has Strief been linked to any other teams? I havent followed free agency that closely but I have not heard him linked to any other team other than Miami and Saints.

  11. I seem to have missed all the posts about the large number of other players who turned down meetings/deals with other teams. Are you guys just going to write those later?

  12. Flash knows alot about being 2nd place. Always losing the big game to be #2.

  13. This is a guy who said he wanted to stay in New Orleans from the beginning. I love how people just use this as an opportunity to take shots at the Dolphins even though Bullygate (which is essentially about a player who is a cissy & a rat) had nothing to do w/ Strief’s decision. Sure we’re a dysfunctional franchise but you can say that about plenty of teams in the NFL. A LOT of you clowns are fans of teams who were worse than 8-8 last year.

  14. Finishing in 2nd place would be a major improvement for Miami since they finished behind the Jets last year in third place.

  15. Just draft Austin Shepard RT from Alabama. I actually like him better than their LT whose name I cant pronounce. Plug in Shepard I believe he could start from day one….forget strief since he thinks he is too good for Miami…he didn’t even give a reason its because he doesn’t have a logical one. Strief=idiot

  16. Now that Ireland is GONE things are FINALLY being done the way they should have been 5 years ago!!! All you haters WILL see a better Fins team this year!!! 5-1 in the division this year..BOOK IT!!! GO FINS!!!

  17. I love that Strief said nothing, leave it up in the air, so the Dolphins can squirm. They should squirm, they set this up themselves. Can’t fix it until they clean house. What a mess.

  18. Anyway – who the heck is Zack Strief – he’s just another average to below average NFL player. Who cares?

  19. Strief don’t want no grief.

    I am sure the losing culture, the stupid Martin/Incognito debacle, and the rudderless ship that seems to be the Dolphins organization lately were all factors.

  20. He was unsure how winning a game outside a dome was done. Seriously though, what’s worse, calling people names or trying to injure them? Glass houses, aints fans.

  21. “He was unsure how winning a game outside a dome was done. Seriously though, what’s worse, calling people names or trying to injure them? Glass houses, aints fans.”

    Give a rest. Strief never said anything denigrating about the Miami organization. Her simply declined to visit. That, after all, is his right.

  22. So this guy declines an invite to Miami and it’s news, but we sign STL guard Shelley Smith for a bargain within that same hour and still no mention. Nice work.


  23. I always think it’s funny when people point to a bad situation like a place that needs a job filled and say no because they don’t feel it’s in their best interest. Really don’t you realize if things were perfect you wouldn’t be offered the job. The players that have the guts to go to Miami and try to prove that they can make a difference have a chance to lead and overcome a tough challenge. If Martin had a leadership bone in his body he would have done the rite thing and given Joe Philbin a chance to solve the locker room instead of throwing him under the bus. He is so wrapped up in his mama boy producing parents that he forgot all those people he let down last year have families to take care of to. So wrapped up in himself he couldn’t stand up for the other people in the locker room when they needed him to.

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