DeAngelo Hall continues his assault on Richard Sherman


The back-and-forth between Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall and Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman continues.

Appearing on 106.7 The Fan’s Grant & Danny Show, Hall concedes that Sherman is a great cornerback, but Hall continues to disagree with the idea that Sherman is the best cornerback in the NFL.

I don’t think he does crack that top three,” Hall said, putting Aqib Talib, Patrick Peterson, and Darrelle Revis at the top of the list.  “I’ll take those three guys against A.J. Green, Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson, who [are] probably the top three receivers in the game right now,” Hall said. “I’ll take those three corners on those three receivers.”

Hall’s case arises from the fact that Sherman stays in one place on the left side of the defense, not following the opponents’ best receiver wherever he goes.  Hall also points out that Sherman has two of the best safeties in the game behind him (Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas) and that the overall system makes so-so cornerbacks into great players, with Hall mentioning Byron Maxwell becoming regarded as a great corner despite being a “practice-squad player” and Brandon Browner’s career resurrecting after a stint in the CFL.

Hall bases his case in part on the fact that Sherman has racked up 20 interceptions in three seasons.

“This kid seems to always get the ball when it’s thrown his way, but teams always seem to throw his way,” Hall said.  “When you’re at the top of your game, guys don’t throw your way. . . .  When I was that guy, I went to Pro Bowls with three picks and four picks, because teams knew, ‘Heck, we don’t want to throw it his way.  When we do, he picks it off.’ I mean I rarely got targeted in those days, but I still made the Pro Bowl.  So for this kid to be at eight picks, and [eight] picks and [four], it just kind of blows my mind.”

Still, Hall explained that the recent Twitter exchange wasn’t personal, and that there will be no “fisticuffs” between Hall and Sherman when they see each other.

That’ll happen, if not earlier, at Larry Fitzgerald’s offseason charity softball game.  Hall said that he’s been invited, that Sherman has been invited, and that Fitzgerald has told Hall that Fitzgerald doesn’t want any trouble.

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  1. Talib over Sherman? Only if you’re going for the “sure to be injured or nonexistent when you actually need him” award.

  2. ”but teams always seem to throw his way”

    What an idiot, Sherman is one of the least targeted cornerbacks in the NFL. Deangelo maybe should try to look at the stats before opening his big mouth.

  3. The points he made were actually pretty valid, with the exception of Sherman being targeted often. I’d like to see Sherman move all over the field, in addition to playing with a team that’s less talented than the Hawks.

  4. I hate the Seahawks as much as the next guy, but a CB who gets burned regularly that plays for a team that went 3-13 or whatever last year has no business calling out a top corner of a SB winning team.

  5. You guys either don’t understand what Hall is saying or you’re too busy being offended to listen.

  6. Sherman does benefit from a well oiled machine that Coach Carroll has going on…Matt Cassell was regarded as a great QB after one year in a system and we all know how that turned out!!!

  7. Titus Young and TY, what is up with those that have the initial TY, I know they stole Sherman ‘s lunch and punked him. He is good, but having that secondary/ pass rush can’t hurt either.

  8. “…and that Fitzgerald has told Hall that Fitzgerald doesn’t want any trouble.”

    “…to which Hall replied to Fitzgerald, “Fitzgerald, my friend, Hall would never do that to Fitzgerald.”

  9. Not a big fan of Hall – he is a huge troublemaker. However, I like that Hall used stats for his argument. I also enjoy watching Seattle fanboys get angry because anyone would dare to challenge the mighty Sherman.

  10. Nobody dislikes the Seahawks more than me but the truth is, Hall is not even in Sherman’s league. Hall is a punk.

  11. Sherman was the least targeted CB in the NFL. That’s a fact, yet people are down voting the posters who already brought it up. Hall was never even close to Sherman’s level anyway. It’s Sherman and Revis then everyone else is on a level below these 2.

  12. both of them are acting like little high school girls fighting over the popular boy in school

  13. I might not agree with it, but it was an opinion about Richard Sherman the cornerback in comparison to other cornerbacks in the NFL. Deangelo Hall acknowledge that Sherman is a great player, just not the best in the league. He shows respect and says nothing personal. Not really sure how that is an “assault.”

  14. WOW.. Hall really needs a reality check, Sherman is one of if not the best CB in the NFL right now and to be honest Hall wasn’t ever really in the top 5 when he played the game.

  15. Hate that Deangelo is getting involved in this stuff. However this isn’t an “assault!”

    If you read what he says he is making very valid points. He doesn’t put himself into the top category. He is praising three others that he sees as more versatile and complete. He’s supporting his opinion. Mentioning the fact that he’s got two of the best corners and how both the other corners have performed despite their believed potential makes sense.

    It makes 100% sense to side with Sherman on this. However you can’t say that having two of the best safeties in the league, a strong pass rush, and a good system doesn’t play a big role. Talib, Patterson, and Revis don’t have those benefits on a consistent basis.

  16. D Hall is right. Sherman also has a FEROCIOUS pass rush to go along with those 2 great safeties ( Not to mention the ability to HOLD & get away with it on almost every play ) So, while D hall is a loudmouth. This time, he hot the nail right on the head!!

  17. can we please stop calling verbal criticism assault. Sherman is a great CB if you didn’t know that all you have to do is listen to him for 3 seconds his tongue can’t get the words I am the best corner out fast enough. It would seem he would say just like TO “I love me some me”. His nickname should be The Mouth. Enjoy it right now Mouth, cause you’ve got just a few shorts years to be on top before you blink you will start getting burned time catches up with everyone. No peds will help you this time. Sherman= First class CB and First Class Fool

  18. Hall also didn’t mention that Sherman commits PI and holding most of the game and seems to never get it called.

  19. MeAngelo is a “me-first” player who will never sniff a SB. His only claim to fame is he has a knack for getting the ball to the house when he picks it off. His gambling style has yielded many big plays for the other team. Why don’t you wait until you are retired and a paid mouthpiece to spew this crap?

    Just needs more attention. Diva.

  20. Notice his top 3 receivers are the only thing those teams have? Locking down one receiver is great but it’s easier for a QB to work around one player than it is to work around the whole side of the field……

  21. First Angie Hall runs her mouth more than Sherman even. And she runs it not for fun and games and to irritate an opponent. No Angie runs it in anger and uncontrolled emotion during games. Heck just watch the last playoff game the Redskins were in for a good example.

    Second, go ol’ Angie needs to do some fact checking BEFORE she runs her mouth. Fact…Richard Sherman was target less than ANY OTHER CB in the league this past season. And yet he still led the league in INT’s.

    Just think about it. Angie says how good she was being picked for Pro Bowl appearances with only 3 or 4 picks when she was being targeted less than anyone. Yet Sherman snags 8 in similar circumstances. And lest I remind him that Pro Bowl selection means squat. All-Pro selection by your peers is what holds meaning.

    Sheesh, you would think a guy that is as good as Angie once was, would also be a film and fact fanatic, yet Angie comes to the game with Chris Carter-like “facts”. I call it unprepared. But my guess is that Richard Sherman would call it pedestrian.

  22. You do have to admit, having arguably the best FS in the game behind you does make life a little easier. Not a Hawks fan but man is E. Thomas good

  23. Sherman led the league in picks with the least amount of pass attempts thrown on him. One of the most important players on a defense that is the reason the Seahawks won the Super Bowl. As of last season, he is the best corner in the league. Not a Seahawks fan, just not going to let Sherman’s personality takeaway from the facts.

  24. Does he know that Sherman led the league in picks and has the least amount of balls thrown his way out of all number 1 corners?! Lol I’m a niners fan so I can’t really root for him but this guy is as good as it gets period

  25. Deangelo Hall your a good corner. But once upon a time I remember you played with the Oakland Raiders they ran a lot of man coverage what happened. You got burned like every play. You whined and ran to the redskins to play zone.

  26. Hall has always been a bit silly in the stuff he says so it’s not hard to see why some of the things he said were silly while some was logical.

    Why is he calling Sherman “the kid” when Hall is only 5 years older? Oh yeah I know…because Hall is often silly.

    Nice to see these athletes have nothing better to do than to get into silly Twitter “wars” with one another over the stupidest of things.

    From what I have read from multiple Seattle sources, Sherman is an intelligent guy (despite the way he comes off) so I really don’t know why he feels the need to constantly be in the spotlight and always getting into arguments whenever someone “disrespects” him.

    If someone else thinks another guys is better than you then so what? It doesn’t mean he is or that you are worthless as it is just an opinion someone has. I guess he must have some serious self confidence issues because nobody who is really confident with themself would give a rip.

  27. Like I said, taking away one receiver is great but when you play teams with multiple weapons (Broncos), I’d take Sherman locking down the whole side all day… Doesn’t matter who you put over there

  28. Wow……even Seattle fans dont understand……Sherman plays where the coaches want him….thats why he aint all over the field….Sherman has played against the best and smashed the best…all haters either shut up or show up with proof….Superbowl bound 2014

  29. truth hurts…

    put grimes above sherman and any other CB who actually cover’s the best player on the other team really…not just stick to one side and see who lines up there. system CB, overrated.

  30. MeAngelo wants Sherman to break defensive formations and care more about the individual then a Super Bowl winning team. I wonder why Hall has never had post-season success…

  31. Sherman is a product of the new Seattle and Pete Caroll ::cough:: ::cough:: “workout” regimen as evidenced by 7 suspensions in a year. Why is Steroid not as big a deal as Spygate? Cheating is cheating….no? At any rate..2 all pro Safeties and a zone scheme allow for a much easier game. Try playing man. Revis has done it since day 1, longer and better. He is a beast, Sherman must be smoking the leagal drugs to go along with his coaches new ::cough:: ::cough:: “workout” regimen.
    Sherman is in top 5 but he is #5. #1 Revis #2 Joe Hayden #3 Patrick Peterson #4 Sherman #5 Talib

  32. I hate to say this but Hall makes some good points here, Sherman hasn’t matched up with the best receivers in the league. He is a top corner, not the top corner. He’s in the conversation when talking about top corners for sure. Revis is always alone with the number 1’s. I can’t wait to see how he performs this year 100%, I think he takes the crown back this year as top corner.

  33. Hall is absolutely right and anyone who watches football can see Sherman will not follow the best wideouts on the field. Talib, Peterson, and Revis do this no problem. Also to those bringing up the stat about people throwing his way, maybe people would throw his way more if he was playing defense on top receivers all game. So that stat is irrelevant.

  34. I’d like to see Sherman on a defense where he is required to do more then he does because his D is so solid he really can focus on what he does. Take away those safeties he is most likely out of a top 5 even.

  35. If/when the competition committee orders the refs to call pass interference EVERY time they see it Sherman’s career will basically be over.

  36. Why is Hall even in this conversation. Just another overrated V-Tech alum with a big mouth, and mediocre football skills

  37. Richard is buffing his Super Bowl ring right now thinking to himself “deangelo who????” Haha. Haters going to hate. Sherm was the LEAST TARGETED CORNER IN THE LEAGUE. end of discussion!!! Hall is simply a pathetic BIG MOUTH ducking the inevitable CUT HE WILL RECEIVE!!

    GO HAWKS!!!!

  38. The vast majority of NFLers are on PEDs. That’s why the league doesn’t care about Seattle.

  39. I don’t care for D Hall, but Richard Sherman has a lot to say after 1 great season and it’s getting old hearing his “blah blah blah, don’t you ever talk about me…..”

    Grow up and earn your millions of dollars with some class and put that energy towards helping others, not instigating and acting like a tough guy punk, back on the block!

  40. I’m a Bucs fan and Talib is a shut down corner. sherman gets burnt all the time. Look how an old Roddy White hase taken it to him over the last couple of years. Five years ago the Tampa Tribune showed the stats of what the best WO were able to do with Talib following theit number one guy all day. He Held Deshawn Jackson to one catch, Steve Smith in his prime to Two catches 13 yards, Fitz Gerald, 2 catches 17 yards, and a lot of other studs like Roddy white and so forth were shut down too.

  41. Both dudes are good but not great. Sherm has a higher ceiling but they are equal in the can’t keep their mouths shut department. Fact- only Skin and Hawk fans believe their hype.

  42. Hall is one of the biggest clowns and haters in the nfl!!!
    And he will never make the hall of fame much less get a ring!
    First of all yes Sherman does not follow the best receivers all the time not by choice and whenever he did I believe in a few games he did a great job and has played very well everytime he has gotten a chance to do so! And stop making the argument about him having a great pass rush because Seattle hasnt always had a great pass rush just last year since bennett and avril came to town before that it was average yet Sherman has led the league in Int over the last three years and has the best stats of every corner in almost every category over that periode and has better stats than hall or revis ever did this early in there careers……. And to speak of talib this Guy only starting getting any notice because of the good job he did in one playoff game are you serious? You most of forgotten how steve Smith embarrass him. Then told him to “ice up son”
    Anyways sherm keep doing what your doing when its all said and done your one of realest Cats that ever played this game and you put your money where your mouth is stats dont lie remember that Dante hall ” you mad bro??????

  43. Hall is absolutely right. Sherman is a product of the system. Case in point browner was sent packing to the cfl and the other corner is a practice squad player who’s looking like an Allstar!!

  44. “Thank you for the chip-building material for next season, Mr. Hall” ~ Byron Maxwell. Honestly, how classless is it to take a swipe at Maxwell who isn’t anywhere near part of this twitter feud with Sherman?

    Few things have less to do with WINNING than taking out 1 WR on the opposing team. Ironically, Sherman is discounted as an individual corner for doing the things that actually help his TEAM win. He understands that turnovers have a higher correlation with winning than almost any statistic in the game. As a result, Sherman does more to help his team win than any DB in the game. Which is precisely why he’s more valuable to a team than Revis or Talib.

    Hall’s attitude toward “lockdown” corners is precisely the kind of ego-driven chest thumping that explains why lockdown corners don’t win championships. They are all about themselves, period. Revis and Talib will pat themselves on the back for “winning” matchups with the best receivers and forget that their TEAM lost the game!

  45. When are you guys: fans, media, even players and coaches going to learn that physical contact while the ball is in the air is NOT pass interference or holding. There must be significant contact that forced the reciever off his route while the ball is in the air. Before the ball is thrown any contact after the 5 yard zone is illegal

    However, this is the key point: the more the WR touches the DB, the more contact the refs allow the DB to have on the WR. The Hawks play press-man coverage to the limit, and they push the rules to a limit on a play by play basis. But it’s still up to the refs to call illegal contact or PI and ~99% of the time they don’t call it because the contact is rarely sufficient to significantly move the reciever off his route.

    Last part, after a pass is thrown, ANY player can be blocked by the defense or offense. This is especially awesome to watch when the Hawks play D as every defender blocks to the whistle and takes the life out of the opponent, see Browner defending Jennings during GoldenGate or Tate smashing Sean Lee during the game we broke the Cowboys 2012 season. I will miss those dudes btw. See the NFL rules book if u disagree with anything said here.

  46. The “he plays on a great team so he’s not really that good” reasoning cracks me up.


  47. sherman should be considered the best in the league, i mean, he has to play 6 games in the nfc west with all time great qb’s like kaepernick, bradford/clemons and palmer, also with great wr’s like 40 yr old 5.5 sec 40yrd boldin, the rams awesome recievers, fitzgerald is the only good reciever in that division and he is usually just a decoy.

    come on guys, give sherman and that defense some credit…….(i really hope your getting the scarcasm in this).

  48. At least Hall didn’t put himself at the top of the list, that’s something to be grateful for.

  49. Sherman is targeted less because he stays on one side of the field ….he is a great corner who plays with smarts and toughness…..but until he is assigned to follow the top receiver the whole game he cannot be considered the best….

  50. 7 violations in one year phamilyman91? You must get your stats/facts the same source as Deangelo Hall. Don’t make stuff up just so you can comment.

  51. Now I’m not going to agree with Hall on every point that came out if his mouth but , he dose have a point . Seahawks have a ferocious d-line & that was exposed in the SB . Payton , didn’t even have a chance to go through his normal checks due to the amount of pressure & the disruption of his check downs by the man coverage from every faze . THE TEAM played & plays out of this world but you don’t hear anyone but Sherman , stating his place in the NFL . Thomas is the BEST safety in the business but you don’t hear him tooting his own horn . I don’t care what anyone states , there’s no more Dion’s , in today’s game or even close , guys are chosen today for a complex system that very intellegent coaches creat to rep havoc on opposing teams office . Seahawks play this baseball style Defence which have a deep free safety , with the strong safety in close for the underneath & act as an extra LB in run fronts . The key is to disrup every receiving threat by knocking receivers of routs , with pressure coming from all three points in a triangle form . With out creating havoc at the line of scrimmage , this system would be question at this level of play . You wouldn’t see teams like the Jags , play this scheme due to the the fact of lack of pass rushers & overall talent on the back end on D . Hall is right , the team of the Seahawks on D is amazing . If Sherman wants to call himself the best cb in the NFL then other members on that defensive ( Seahawks ) team can vouch for themselves of being the best , due to the fact in that SB the only player that had a productive day was# 88 Thomas , & the others was even a factor , so the other cb’s on the Seahawks at the best in the NFL as well then if it’s going to be like that . But like I said if I was a coach I would love to have a Sherman on my team cuz he really has heart & not afraid to voice his what’s on his mind & take challenges on like no other . Money isn’t on Sherman’s mind , it’s respect . But you only get replete if you stay even keeled & on course to greatness . The more you’re a showman the less you’ll be respected or reach the Hall ,a number of great players missed the HOF due to being too much a showman & not being humble . You get paid to stop opposite teams game plans why get so hyped like you never done it before or never been there be for ?

  52. I cannot for the life of me decide which is more hilarious.

    a) The fact that Sherman did have the most picks while also facing the fewest targets of any CB in the league, and Hall did not know this.

    b) When this fact is brought up, there are fans who vote thumbs down….Thumbs down to the truth! This is as sad as it is funny, though, because these people either can, or some day will be able to, vote.

  53. You hawk fans have the intelligence of middle schoolers, how when people have differing opinions they are labeled haters, and instead of intelligent discussion you monkey off a series of witty quips like ‘mad bro?’ And then proceed to report every comment against your point of view for moderation, like children to the school teacher

  54. I listened to that interview yesterday and Hall was not attacking of Sherman in any way as much as this article makes it sound. Hall said no less then 3 or 4 times that he though that Sherman is a great CB and that he hopes that Sherman gets his big contract next year. But he did say that he thought a little bit of his success was that he is in a great system too.

  55. Sherman moving all over the field instead of staying true to the defense that they play? Um no. Sherman has 2 all-pros, a pro bowl, a super bowl win, and 20 interceptions in his FIRST 3 YEARS.

    Judging from his accomplishments thus far, he doesn’t really need to prove he can move all over the field. It’s a team game, not who so and so can shut down.

  56. Hall is right thought! No one is scared to throw at Sherman! And Sherman has the best surrounding talent including that front 7 who pressure the qb into doing stupid stuff!! Sherman isn’t the best check the stats!! Revis IS the number one cb!!!

  57. I don’t like either of these guys! This is likely the first and last time I’ll ever say Hall is right. Sherman is the arrogant punk that Hall once was with even even bigger mouth.

  58. Got to say most of what d hall says is true except for targets. Sherm is great at what he is asked to do. But it’s not asked to do much in that sytem. Yes d hall gets burned on occasion but it’s playing without safety help and sherm plays with the best in game atm. And never moves always in same place d hall gets to cover let’s say Megatron and follow him all game long. Slot outside it don’t matter. Of course he is beat once in awhile it’s megatron! Afteralle

  59. I am a huge Bronco fan and will say this with all honesty even as painful as it is:

    Seattle had arguably the greatest defense to play the Super Bowl. However, Denver’s coaching sucked. Sherman has done what he is paid to do well. I see him as a damn good corner/receiver because he catches the ball better than most WR. It’s too soon to say he is the best because he is so young. Sherman let history do the talking for you brother. The great ones don’t have to say it they go out and show it consistently.

    In my opinion the strength of that defense is its secondary and especially the safeties. Every great defense historically had the best safeties playing and compensating for the mistakes made by the others. That is their role on the team.

    Denver’s defense has had very weak safety play the past 3 years which is why there is still no SB ring but it’s coming.

    Revis used to be the best CB let’s see how he does this year. Talib if he can stay healthy is definitely in the top three. Sherman at the moment is king of the throne only because he has a ring to back it up. His job was to make Decker invisible and he did that to perfection.

    Ask yourself honestly if your team acquired Sherman to play CB would you be excited. I would!

  60. Ok for the record Seattle’s d-line was good against Denver’s back-up o-line. What won the game was that freakin “twelfth man”. Fox and the Broncos assumed the game would be neutral and crowd noise would not be a problem. Very first play of the game had ZERO to do with any player on the whole Seattle roster. It was you loud as he’ll Seattle fans… shame on you Fox and we’ll done Seattle fans.

  61. Sherman is the best. He just happens to play in the Seattle Defense system that makes that regional (left) assignment. It isn’t because Sherman is deficient that they play the way they do. It isn’t because the other CB or Safety can’t also adjust. It is because it works as we all saw.

    I hope that five years from now everyone is still arguing about Sherman being the best or not because all he does is play on the left side and the reason he is so successful is the scheme and the other pro bowl players on the field with him. Won’t that be a kick.

    Go Hawks!

  62. Oh man the amount of complete ignorance on here is hilarious. First of all why is anybody still talking to or about Hall? Garbage player on a garbage team… So here are the facts: Sherman was the least targeted of all starting cornerbacks in NFL with 58 throughout the regular season. Giving up 30 receptions for a completion percentage of 51.72 (not best in the league btw) . He intercepted 8 balls for a ridiculous 13.79 percent interception rate. And although he does play with the best two safeties at the respective positions Chancellor plays near the line of scrimmage and very rarely plays deep, leaving Thomas to play centerfield. With Thomas playing deep the Seahawks usually shade the coverage away from Sherman to help Browner before and now Maxwell. But that doesn’t mean he was perfect this year, he did give up a single td while in man coverage (Jarius Wright in week 11 I believe). Bad communication in zone coverage led to a long TY Hilton td in week 4. Oh, and he did shadow Boldin in week 2 holding him to one catch for 7 yards a week after he and Kaepernick torched Green Bays garbage defense.

  63. Talib is good but not great. While he was in Tampa he was never considered the best even tho he played better. The media just now tries to make him the best cause he played for patriots and now broncos. This is coming from a buccaneer fan

  64. Byron-Maxwell ,Walter-Thurmond & Jeremy-Lane should each make a case that they’re the best CB in the NFL as well due to the fact which we the fans or reports of the game want to google or stay on top of statistics should make a case the three other CV’s on Seahawks put up eye popping numbers as well by shutting down top Wr’s . Maxwell , if you checked stats had a beast of a season & can vouch on that he even played on same level or better than Sherman in some big games last year . Thurmond , as well had a big year even though he missed part if the season by miss handling league rules . Thurman shut out big time slot Wr’s in the game , while Thurmond , was out Lane played his but off . So for Sherman to call himself the best in the game , then his peers should should recon him by stating their own case as well . That Seahawks TEAM is well put together period . It’s not a bad thing to call yourself the best but you better be able to give others the same equalness as yourself . Check the states ppl not just Sherman’s but the other CB’s on that team & you’ll see what Hall was trying to saying .

  65. You put Dez Bryant above Josh Gordon? Gordon truly DID shut all the corners he met up with dpwn, and why do we keep bringing up Talib over Haden? Haden made all your top receivers impotent this year, sir.

  66. For the commect that Hall plays on a garbage team seems to forget that the Seahawks was so long ago was the mug puddles that everyone steped over of the NFL . It takes years to build a TEAM of greatness to find the right peaces that fit a scheme . It’s great that the Seahawks finally teate the sweet victory of winning a SB after many many years before I was born or any us could remember . The Seahawks before this year past never had a good team to be able to even think SB but some fans of the Seahawks take it to far & act like they never had a bad team before .

  67. “This kid seems to always get the ball when it’s thrown his way, but teams always seem to throw his way,” Hall said.  “When you’re at the top of your game, guys don’t throw your way.” (Count how many people in this thread misconstrued this statement.) Let’s be honest homers…. Richard Sherman is just a LCB. A LCB with 2 great safeties behind him. Not only that, Richard Sherman & the Legion of Boom play alot of Cover 3 way more than man to man. If Richard Sherman were great he wouldn’t have needed to hate on Revis to get noticed. BTW when he makes as many picks, forced, fumbles, or 4 picks in 1 game & gets as many TD’s as Hall then talk. Until then tell your above average LCB to shut up.

  68. PLEASE let these two go at it during that charity softball game and take each other out… the league would be much less annoying without these two loudmouths in it. Hall used to be pretty good, now he’s washed up. Sherman? The guy is pretty good i’ll admit. Yes, the system helps him out tremendously, but if the guy would grow up and shut his mouth he could actually be a likable player and poster boy for the NFL (which = big $ in endorsements). I agree with the above poster, he’s the T.O. of the defensive side of the ball and look where that got him…

  69. Anyone that actually watches Sherman play every game wouldn’t say what D.Hall said. Sherman is the best player on the field in the Seattle backfield, and I personally think he lifts everyone around him.

    Watch all the film you want, Sherman is lock step-4-step with every WR he is tasked to cover.

    Its cute to talk about “the best” CB, but most analyst agree hands down that is Sherman.

  70. Great players are defined by big plays in big games. Let’s face it – the Superbowl was the NFC championship game and Sherman won in man-to-man coverage against Crab. His assist interception was likely the difference between the Seahawks going to the Superbowl versus the Niners.

    That’s kind of a really big deal. That’s in addition to his statistical performance (which like any other position benefits from systems and teammates).

  71. If Hall hadn’t gotten involved in this, nobody would have thought about him during the offseason. That’s his motivation here, personal publicity. Maybe he’s hoping for a Beats commercial? In any event, the Hawks are at the very top of the league, and the Reds are near the bottom. That should tell everyone all that they have to know about Hall and Sherman.

  72. It’s funny how many people are getting mad! Let’s face it this guys is a very good corner but so would a lot of corners In this system! I’m not gonna go so far to say his not anygood but I would take 2 of the 3 of those corners above him as well! Sherman can’t shutdown a guy without help! He just can’t, so go ahead Seattle and get mad but the defensive sceme is great! Sherman is good.

  73. Peterson, Revis, Haden, Cromartie, & Talib are better than Sherman. If all of them played with Thomas Chancellor they would shine way more & be quiet about it. He started talking because he knew he wasn’t the best.

  74. Always been a MeAngelo detractor, but gotta admit the man played good ball last season, so I’ll give him his due. It’s true Revis was a great player ( probably the last true shutdown corner since Deion), but has lost something since his knee injury; and Talib is great when he’s not injured, which is a rare occurrence. Sherman was a key guy on a championship team – sure he had plenty of support, but I don’t see how anyone can downgrade his contribution.

  75. Shutdown cornerbacks like Seattle’s Richard Sherman don’t usually have high interception totals because quarterbacks are reluctant to challenge them.
    But Sherman has found a simple solution to this problem: intercept a crazy-high percentage of passes thrown his way. Despite being targeted by quarterbacks just 58 times in the regular season, Sherman picked off an NFL-leading eight passes. That rate of a pick on 13.8% of targets is 4.4 percentage points better than the next highest-rated corner, Logan Ryan of the Patriots. It’s more than double the rate of third-ranked Brandon Boykin (Philadelphia Eagles).

  76. Richard Sherman had 5 targets in the playoffs including the SB that’s 3 games against the best teams one in which led to game winning play to put them in the SB. You can’t throw a fade route in him ever I mean never he always turns into the WR forcing the opponent to sideline and only allowing for himself to make a play on the ball, and he locates the ball aswell as anybody ever has and better than anybody in the league now. Watch the film.

  77. The argument that Sherman doesn’t follow the best WR is weak because the seahawks D does not hide or change what they do for any opponent because they know their better than any offense. I’m sure you guys watched the SB. Enough said! But I will continue the Hawks run the most simple defense possible everybody knows what they are doing and they still win their matchups. Sherman is huge part if their success least targeted in the NFL. Respect from QB’s who cares what Hall says look at the numbers watch the film.

  78. I’ve been a HUGE Earl Thomas fan all along. He’s a stud.

    He is the second best player on our defense though. Sherm is the best.

    Imagine a having a corner on your team. Every time this corner is thrown to, there’s about a 15-20% chance he’s gonna pick it off. That’s what it is having Richard Sherman on your team.

    All the cb’s mentioned are studs, accept for maybe Angela Hall. It’s hard to say one is better than the other cuz they’re all good. To leave Sherman out is a joke though.

  79. Jealousy is not a good color for you, Mr. Hall. I’m not a Sherman fan but the guy is VERY good.

  80. Just another twitter fight. What’s new?

    DeAngelo Hall is still trying to act like he is a wise corner monk or something.

    Sherman is still being the loud mouth he is.

    First it’s Blount, now it’s DeAngelo Hall. Why is everyone irking him like he is just irresistible to argue with? Sure, it’s entertaining, but it always ends with Sherman saying or nah. Seriously, grow up and let your actions speak for yourselves.
    If I had to give my opinion on this issue, DeAngelo is the better CB here, with a terrible supporting cast making him a standout player. Sherman is definitely up and coming though. But he needs to just quiet down, I’m sure he would get lots of supporters. Both of these guys are future hall of famers, so I say they just enjoy their careers and stop acting like little kids.

    Seahawks suck.
    Redskins uhh. They’re kinda.. Um

    Go Packers.

  81. Real shut down corners can cover all over the field. I won’t say Sherman can’t do that but in the Seahawks system Sherman is not required to do so. So though Sherman is a good football player he is not the best db in the league. Plus how the heck does he not get holding or pi penalties? ???? #HTTR

  82. I like Sherman and personally I think that currently he is the best Corner in the game so far. However, that’s just my opinion. Yes his stats in three seasons says much to back up this claim. But there will always be others who would argue otherwise. Hopefully soon enough in time he will realize it’s just best to ignore and not feed these arguments because people are gonna say what they want to say and believe whatever they want to believe. Is Sherman gonna dispute every challenger in the world? He can’t change EVERYONE’S opinion about who the best is so I say just let it be and let people argue whatever they wanna argue. He’ll get it. Soon.

  83. Debate positions all you want, only time will tell who is the best of the best.

    BUT as of right now the Seahawks are the most COMPLETE team in the League. That is why we so spectacularly dismantled the Broncos on Super Bowl Sunday 43-8 and when we played them pre-season 40-10. Seahawks beat the Broncos in Offense, Defense and Special Teams. After Percy Harvin returned the kick and scored a TD every Bronco gave up. The Broncos didn’t just play poorly, they were destroyed by a far superior team. And that is why they are in an arms rush right now, to rebuild their team, along with the Patriots.

  84. sherman plays the left…needs no help. the other players in the secondary can focus elsewhere. making their jobs covering the rest of the field manic

  85. Now for Sherman to talk as much trash as he does how does he back it up. Trent Williams told him, shut the f**k up or I’m going to smack you in the mouth. Sherman responded “do it boy” and guess what, he got smacked in the mouth. And what does Sherman do right after, not hit him back, not even attempt to hit him back, he runs to the ref looking for assistance.

    Sherman is a busta who talks trash, and never backs it up and who covers ONLY one side of the field. All of the corners that I’ve ever considered to be GREAT or the BEST, covered the best receiver on the field, no matter where that receiver lined up.

  86. Revis Island. He has been a shutdown corner on teams that didn’t have much else to compliment him. This Sherman clown benefits immensely from a team defense and other than his large mouth, that’s really the only reason he’s in the news.

    Don’t overlook Boykin

    These guys all get involved in the contact and tackling way more than Antonio Cromartie or Sherman ever will.

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