Dolphins add Shelley Smith to their rebuilding offensive line

As the Dolphins continue to rebuild the most dysfunctional offensive line in NFL history, they’ve added another piece.

Shelley Smith, a guard who spent the last two years with the Rams, has signed in Miami.

“I would like to welcome Shelley Smith as the newest addition to the Miami Dolphins,” Dolphins General Manager Dennis Hickey said in a statement. “Shelley is a 26-year old ascending player who will be a good fit for our offensive line.”

Both of last year’s starting guards, Richie Incognito and John Jerry, are free agents who will almost certainly not return because of their involvement in the bullying of Jonathan Martin, who was traded to the 49ers this week.

The Dolphins’ rebuilding offensive line has already added Branden Albert as the starting left tackle, and Smith will likely be one of the starting guards. The Dolphins have more work to do on their offensive line, but they’re making progress.

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19 responses to “Dolphins add Shelley Smith to their rebuilding offensive line

  1. They could put ESPN’s Shelley Smith on the offensive line, and it won’t make a difference. Stephen LOSS is a poor excuse of an owner, and this team needs to FIRE JOE PHILBIN!

    Two games to go needing one win to get to the playoffs against two teams already mathematically eliminated, and they LOSE BOTH! Philbin got to keep his job! EXPLAIN THIS TO ME!

  2. The Dolphins have taken two players from the lowly Rams that could not even start on that poor team. These are just bargain basement bodies designed to fill roster spots. These are moves made to keep us under the cap and have nothing to do with building a good football team.

    Dawn Apponte still rules the day. We would have done better if we had targeted one very good CB or OL. No closer to Super Bowl!

  3. Now We Need To Sign Another G
    And Sign A RT And A RB And WR!

    We Should:
    Resign Bryant McKinnie To
    Play RT!
    Sign Davin Joseph
    To Play The Other G!
    Sign LeGarrette Blount!
    Sign James Jones!

  4. dont need to sign another player on the line, it will cost too much, get z.martin in the draft and they can pick up a good player in the 3rd rd, the o linemen in this draft is deep this year. they still have to re sign pouncy, need 2 rookies on the line to develope and have low cap hits for 4 yrs.

    free agency should be done, now just focus on the draft for depth, get a power rb, lb’s and another cb or two, i’d also like to see them pick up a qb in the later rd’s and let moore go to save the 4 mil in cap and bring along another project, tannehill has shown he is durable and can stay on the field.

  5. Shelley Smith was a 6th round pick of the Texans in 2010. And while he visited and was courted by both the Giants and Patriots he chose Miami possibly because of the connection with former Texans OL coach and current Miami OL coach John Benton. He is a good scheme fit for zone blocking and often get to the second level on run plays, but needs work on pass protection technique. Smith played both left and right guard for the Rams so he also has position flexibility. The Dolphins signed him to a 2 year deal worth approximately 5.5 Mil.

  6. Don’t forget we drafted Dallas Thomas last year and he may be ready to play Guard now, if not RT. Great signing because not much is left and the ONLY major weakness was our OL. The reason so many Trolls come to Dolphin stories to comment is they are jealous of our Top 6 Worldwide Fan base and quite frankly because as bad as our record shows… We can actually beat your Team. Without Lockerroom controversy, Jeff Ireland and antiquated Sherman calling play we might live up to potential.

  7. funny how even miami fans made fun of the dolphins last year for spending all that money in free agency to get an 8-8 record and going into this year all miami fans want are more free agents. they need to get more players in the draft, the cost to replace the whole line with free agents will be to high, they dont need to sign a free agent RB, they can get a good one in the draft along with another G and a RT, the rest of the draft picks will be for depth. enough with the free agent talk already. they should be done with free agency.

  8. For all you still wanting Miami to resign Mckinnie to play on the right side……It is never going to happen.
    He has been in the league for over 10 years and has never played on the right side even in practice. He does not feel comfortable on that side of the ball and yes there is a big difference.

  9. You don’t need a stud offensive lineman for every position on the line. Albert, Pouncey, and Shelly will be good enough to where the Fins can address best player available at 19. I hope they draft Eric Ebron so they can add a bunch of two TE sets to the formation. They will be able to grab some more quality O linemen in the draft in the later rounds. I really like what Hickey is doing this offseason. Smart, sound pickups.

  10. Good signing as long as Tannehill enjoys pressure up the middle in his face. Shelley was a good run blocker here in STL, but his pass pro leaves a lot to be desired.

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