Justin Blackmon cited for Jacksonville crash

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Jaguars receiver Justin Blackmon wasn’t able to dodge a guardrail.  But he nevertheless dodged a bullet.

According to Chris Parenteau of WJXT in Jacksonville, Blackmon has been cited for careless driving after a one-vehicle incident.  His SUV struck a guardrail and landed in a ditch after blowing out a tire.

The good news for Blackmon is that police concluded there were no signs of alcohol in connection with the crash.

Blackmon currently is suspended by the NFL for multiple violations of the substance-abuse policy.  He’s eligible to apply for reinstatement before the 2014 regular season.  Any further violations would extend his absence even longer.

25 responses to “Justin Blackmon cited for Jacksonville crash

  1. Unless the cop was behind him, how the heck does he cite Blackmon with careless driving? The guy blows a tire and crashes, winds up in a ditch….AND gets a ticket?
    As a 22 year vet of a REAL police department (Newark NJ) I say that cops need to calm down. Whether its a football player or John Q Public…..people who have just gone through a lousy experience don’t need their lives made even more difficult by getting a stupid ticket.

  2. I’m confused how you get cited for careless driving if, as the tweet says, he had a tire blow out. Is that his fault?

  3. “Dodged a bullet”, he was just driving like any other person and his tire blew out yet you feel the need to make this sensationalistic article pointing out he’s had substance abuse issues in the past like it’s somehow relevant to a traffic incident.

    All in the name of more clicks.

  4. Florida has some odd rules.

    WHY does a cop need to assign blame in a ONE car accident? You’re only helping the insurance companies. You’re also often speculating without experience or proof.

    So he was careless for having a bad tire?


    I’m a retired cop, so I am NOT anti-cop. I’m just anti-stupid and anti-insurance companies.

  5. Thank GOODNESS Blackmon is safe and CLEAN. We have the beginnings of something good being built in Jacksonville, and having JB on board would be a major plus!

  6. How is he a bonehead for having a blown tire? grow up people and don’t act like you never been out driving at 3:30am. come on now

  7. From a traffic cop I’m sure that there were witnesses and contributing factors such as erratic driving & speed. Not to mention the possibility of skid marks stretching hundreds of feet. Thus a traffic summons issued. Any rookie cop would know these basics.

  8. To bad he’s such a knuckle head kid could’ve been great, hope he finally defeats his demons. This cop was probably pissed because he’s been a bust as a pic

  9. I guess cops in other places like to judge what another cop does without having all the facts…. For all we know there could have been witnesses that said he was speeding or was driving aggressive resulting in him hitting the guardrail… Or he could have admitted to driving fast or texting on his phone but I guess it’s better to say the officer was an idiot… We don’t know the facts and without them is it really wise to blame the officer?

  10. Thank you squib kicker. Geez people, just because he had a flat tire doesn’t mean the flat caused the damn accident. The accident could have caused the freaking flat.

  11. I believe he received a ticket because he hit a guardrail, which is State property.

    When I hit one, I called and waited for the cops to arrive. When he came, he told me I might as well go, because if he wrote a report he would have to give me a ticket for the guardrail. Then again, this was Missouri.

  12. Hope this guy comes back to the Jags soon, clean, and ready to dominate like he was before this suspension.

  13. For people questioning us cops on our judgment of the ticket which we deem to be possibly unjust….its common practice in many places to just issue the careless driving ticket and let the chips fall where they may without any proof of anything (I got one in way back in 1988 for hitting a parked car when I lost control of my car in the snow, from a cop who obviously wasn’t on the scene when the accident occurred….and I easily beat it in court). If there was evidence of excessive and erratic driving in the story then Im sure our comments would be different.

  14. I’m not saying the officer was anything.

    Florida rules is what I am referring to. Cops are her to protect people not speculate. Sorry but I couldn’t live in a place like that.

    As far as witnesses are concerned:

    Any rookie cop will soon find out that for every 4 witnesses there are 5 different accounts for what occurred.

  15. In a statement taken at the scene, Justin said he turned to talk to the bridge abuttment in the front seat beside him and lost control of his girlfriend. He was so angry he got out and slapped his pickup around then threw it face down in the ditch.

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