Mincey says Broncos were “lackadaisical” in Super Bowl XLVIII


The Seahawks blew out the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII for a variety of reasons.  Former Broncos defensive lineman Jeremy Mincey identified one possibly reason during a Saturday appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio with Alex Marvez and Zig Fracassi.

“Sometimes the better team don’t always win,” Mincey said.  “The Seattle Seahawks came out there fired up and they wanted it more than we did.  I think we were a little bit lackadaisical in the locker room before the game.  See, that’s the thing about having, like, older guys.  And Denver was full of older guys.  Older guys take stuff a little lighter than younger guys. . . .  We were more laid back and lackadaisical and I think that kind of cost us in a sense.”

Asked whether he thinks the team’s attitude should have been a little more “rah-rah, fired up,” Mincey didn’t mince (yep, I went there) words.

“Yeah, it should have been,” Mincey said.  “I really think it should have been.  All of us could have played a lot better.”

Mincey has since signed with the Cowboys, which haven’t had the opportunity to be lackadaisical in many postseason games in recent years.

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  1. The Broncos are the defending champion in my opinion. You can’t crown a team who’s well known to take performance enchancers like Aderall. It’s like the track runners who doped, stripped and forever have an asterisk. #SeaderallSeahawks

  2. Here is a guy that is cut from the JAGUARS ’cause he can’t show up for team meetings, and he is talking smack about the Broncos and the Super Bowl Game.

    AMAZING. Jerry Jones what are you thinking signing this guy to replace Ware.

  3. I agree with his sentiment that sometimes the better team “don’t” always win. But on that night, Seattle was by far the better team – and unfortunately, that’s the only night that matters.

  4. It also hurts when guys like Miller, Clady, Harris, Vickerson, Wolfe, and Moore weren’t playing. Age did kill Broncos though, that’s why they got rid Bailey and decided to not resign Phillips, Lenon, and Adams…

    Being physical was an issue as well. It was a smart move to bring in someone like Talib who is a physical and better all around CB than DRC. Ward definitely makes that secondary look more physical… Ware is getting old, but the guy can still outplay most young DE’s that are starting.

    The Broncos offense was just as bad as the defense was. Manning needs to learn to just take sacks, he seems to just force it when he’s about to get hit, especially the one that led to a pick 6. I wouldn’t be surprised if they turn into more of a balanced team than a pass heavy team. Elway noticed that all he needed was a good running game to win back to back Super Bowls, maybe they should look into that?

  5. “Sometimes the better team don’t always win” I don’t know what that quote has to do with super bowl 48 because the better team in that game annihilated the Broncos.

  6. thegronk87 says: “I was thinking of a different word than lackadaisical”

    Then stop mincing words, and spit it out.

    (yep, I went there, too)

  7. The best team doesn’t win all the time. That saying is true Mr. Mincey, but in your case I’m sorry the better team did win. You did play in that game right? It was an absolute dominating performance by the best team in football for majority of the year.

    This is coming from a football fan outside of Seattle.

  8. logicalvoicesays: Please show me the evidence of which Seahawk who was playing in the Super Bowl was taking PED’s. You have no proof, just opinion.

    I believe almost every team has had a player suspended in the last year for either PED,s or other substances such as marijuana, including Von Miller (PED’s) of the Bronco’s, so your comment is contradictory.

  9. Here’s another thought much closer to reality: the AFC is the JV. No AFC team would have made it out of the Wildcard round in the NFC.

  10. the better team didn’t win?… oh yeah you were a three point favorite! No biggie cause ESPN already crowned you! BTW… # 58 is a model citizen, no?

  11. I was wondering how long it would take to hear players not able to admit defeat. I am tired of the excuses. The Seattle Seahawks absolutely destroyed the Broncos and that is all there is to it. Seattle was the much better team with younger and better talent along with better coaching and development. Seattle wanting it more is true though however they were still the better team.

  12. Mincey can call it lackadaisical but I prefer to call it a beatdown. Seattle outmuscled, outexecuted and outcoached the Broncos. Excuse me but they looked like they didn’t belong on the same field with Seattle. The Packers, Niners and Saints would have beaten Denver and beaten them thoroughly.

  13. Not only did the better team win, the NFC championship was the real Super Bowl. The Niners would have smoked Denver too, so get over it.

  14. I have $1.87 in change in my pocket. If I send you that, can you run one item involving the Cowboys, no matter how remotely, without taking a shot?

  15. Mincy thinks it’s a conspiracy. After all, Madden said they’d win by 3 so there must have been some cheating.

  16. logicalvoicesays alias thepftpoet alias thevikesarebest says:
    Mar 15, 2014 6:33 PM

    [Once again, nothing worth reading]

  17. Lenny, had you left out your opinion …

    “The Packers, Niners and Saints would have beaten Denver and beaten them thoroughly.”

    You would have earned a thumbs up. Seattle beat the snot out of Denver, and Seattle was the better team. Let the Packers, Niners, and Saints prove themselves worthy.

    You only cheapen the beat down by saying (implying) others could have done it, also.

    Only Seattle could have beat Denver like that.


  18. The Seahawks made MINCEMEAT out of the Broncos. (Yeah, I went there.)

    Hey MF, why do you have to call attention to your play on words and bad jokes? We read them and we understand what they are (yeah, I went there).

  19. Ever see fight club?
    Notice how logical voice and poet can never be in the same room at the same time

  20. The team playing in the tougher conference won the SB, not the overrated Broncos who beat who again to get to the SB? what’s worse, this year the NFC will be the conference to beat again.

  21. Interested to know how Denver was the better team… The NFC was all around better and the NFC West is arguably the most difficult division. So, if they don’t have a ring or a better regular season record it seems implausible.

  22. The funny thing is, the defense was not the problem in that game.
    As great as the offense was, they simply are no match for the physicality and speed of Seattle. Manning has no mobility and was a sitting duck against that defense, and like others say, he will not take a sack and instead throws a bad pick. They have made defensive improvements, and I guess the plan next time they face Seattle or San Francisco is to knock around the other team, force a couple of turnovers, give the offense a short field and then quickly score, like Seattle did in the first half.

  23. logical is the same one that said shannahan was the best coach in the league, only to benched.
    Said rg3 was the best qb in the league, only to be benched.
    Said it’s not a Sprint, it’s a marathon after watching his defense give up fifty against the eagles. Team went 4-12.

    Of course he’s bitter. Compare the defenses. First theisman and now rg3 have leg issues. asterisk us all you want. New trophy case, New banner, New rings

  24. The better Team, the better Division and Conference showed itself in the Super Bowl. I suspect that the Seahawks would have beaten that Bronco team 7 out of 10 games…..maybe even 8. They will get to show the Seahawks in Seattle what they have this coming year and while the teams will have different players, the core will still remain. My guess is the Seahawks are the favorite in that game. The Bronco’s will be the pre-season favorite to win the SB, however.

    Go Hawks!

  25. Seattle went out there and smacked Denver right in the mouth and Denver had nothing to respond with. Seattle was clearly the better team and deserved to win that game. In a lot of ways Denver got embarrassed in the Super Bowl.

  26. If you can’t get hyped to win a Super Bowl, you shouldn’t be playing football. Seahawks were a far superior team and it showed just like pre-season. Defense was on another level and special teams put the nail in the coffin.

  27. The better team won. Peyton is done and all the cap$$$$ they’re spending on this short term window is a waste.

  28. Seattle steamrolled manning and yet he has the nerve to say he wasn’t embarrassed in that game? He looked like the head of the keystone cops out there, from the 12th second on, throughout the entire game. I’m surprised that Seattle didn’t win by more, but let’s all, finally, call it what it is, that manning plays for his personal stats, always has, always will. This was supposed to solidify his “legacy” and it surely did…as a choker. Congrats to Seattle again for winning that game, you won bigtime, but sadly, as long as you ever play against manning, you won’t ever get the credit you deserve, even when you win.

  29. seatownballers says: Mar 15, 2014 7:22 PM

    Ever see fight club?
    Notice how logical voice and poet can never be in the same room at the same time
    What’s the first rule of fight club?

    Dang, that was a great observation, seatownballers!

  30. I’d say it had more to do with hubris and them thinking they were the team of destiny because of the record setting offense and the season Manning had and buying into the moronic media narrative that it was Manning’s year. Probably figured they could go in and the Seahawks would be intimidated.

    I’d say the young guys probably figured because they had Manning that it’d be in the bag while the older guys may have figured the younger Seattle team would be too nervous and inexperience would show through.

    All around a disaster for that team and whether they get back to the SB or not, I doubt we’ll see the same type of performance from them again. Hubris usually died a quick death when you’re embarrassed, especially in front of hundreds of millions of people around the world.

  31. Seattle is the NFL champion of PED and Adderall use. Without it they can’t win. Even their fans cheat with artificially created crowd noise.

  32. So, considering the 40-10 loss the Broncos had against the Seahawks on Aug 17, and despite the temper tantrum Manning threw on the sideline that day, the Broncos played “lackadaisical” against the Seahawks TWICE last season.

    Got it. Thanks.

  33. r8erfan4life

    Just like they crushed the old and lucky Ravens in the Superbowl?

    If I were you, I would worry about the sorry state of the Raiders and not worry about the Broncos.

  34. They were nowhere near ready to play! They definitely did not play like they were reminded during the week that many of them would never get back. I do not recall Jeremy doing anything to turn the tide. Salt into the wound.

  35. I could care less about what this bum had to say. Yeah the broncos played horribly and got blown out. But all of you are acting like the broncos didn’t put up numbers in the regular season and win to make it to the Super Bowl. If your team is not the Seahawks I don’t even see how you can make up scenarios of other teams winning over just one game. What if scenarios don’t count! Your team didn’t win just like the broncos didn’t.

  36. John Fox summed it up best while watching the Seattle D in action; “Damn, they’re fast!”

  37. Denver plays all four of the NFC West teams.

    They could lose all four games. They definitely will if they play as “lackadaisically” as they did in the Super Bowl.

  38. Peyton’s noodle arm vs that awesome secondary that can just play press w/o worrying about the deep pass?

    Seattle wins a 100 times out of 10.

  39. Shut up 49r fans. Seattle beat you too. Blow out or not, they made it 49rs didn’t. Get there and blow them out before you talk shi? Coulda woulda shoulda.

  40. It still hasn’t really sunk in for me, as a longtime Hawks fan, that yes, Seattle not only went to the big game, but they won. After nearly 40 years of failure.. it’s going to take a while to fully process. “The Seahawks WON a super bowl.” –error, does not compute–

  41. Mincey’s opinion means nothing to me. I think it was classless to go to another team and then mouth off about why his former team lost in the Super Bowl…especially from a player who came to the Broncos late in the season and then contributed nothing himself. He was cut from the Jaguars for his poor work ethic and Mincey himself has said that he felt ”lacking inspiration” in Jacksonville. And then he knocks the older players on the Broncos team when he himself is 30. If anyone played “lackadaisically” for the SB it was Mincey. I would rather hear the opinion of a good player.

  42. I was pulling for the Broncos. Like Payton and Elway. The Hawks were the best team on that day. As a Redskins fan, I despise the Hawks! Have to give it to them though. This was very classless to talk about your former team!

  43. As a True Bronco Fan we loss to the better an more physical team period(hence Elways FA moves)… Broncos fans stop trying to fight it or make excuses, u can actually get over it faster by admitting that we got Shmacked!! Take pride in the fact that we don’t know if we will make it back o the SB year, but atleast we have the ability to.. Alot of teams cant say that..

    P.S. Von is taking the WareWolf out for a walk, he had to much Pot roast!!! This year we will have our 2012 form if not better defense..

    I love our schedule this year!!! Mile High Salute!!!

  44. Broncos embarassed their BRAND on Super Sunday. As a lifelong fan I was horrified. From the ameaturish safty to the pathetic effort. Seattle was clearly the better team in EVERY way. Tip of the hat.

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