Nicks gets to work right away on making an impact for Colts


Hakeem Nicks gets it.

In past years, he possibly didn’t.  He probably didn’t.  Now, he does.

Per a source with knowledge of Nicks’ plans, he’s promptly heading to The IMG Academy to train with players preparing for the draft.  His goal will be to get himself into peak physical shape for offseason workouts, in order to make an immediate impression on quarterback Andrew Luck.

While Nicks wanted to return home to Charlotte and play for the Panthers, Carolina showed no genuine interest, per multiple sources.  That made it easier for Nicks to realize that, in Indianapolis, he’ll be playing with an accurate young quarterback and competing with Reggie Wayne and T.Y. Hilton to become Luck’s favorite target.

Nicks also could benefit from Luck’s influence.  Giants quarterback Eli Manning isn’t wired to tell teammates what they should be doing.  Luck, by all appearances, is.  It could help Nicks translate his one-year stint with the Colts into a longer-term, bigger-money deal elsewhere.

In the end, this year’s experiment with a 2009 first-round receiver could work out better than last year’s one-season stint from 2009 failed first-rounder Darrius Heyward-Bey.  For the money invested in Nicks ($4 million including per-game roster bonuses and up to $5.5 million with incentives), it could end up being a win-win.

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  1. Colts got a steal. Giants front office ego got in the way of us keeping one of the few, young talented home grown players on our roster. I hope he has a monster season for Indy.

  2. Never could understand why the Colts signed Heyward-Bey as his difficulties catching the ball were well known.Nicks doesn’t have that problem, and barring injury, should have a good year with Indy.

  3. No he didn’t. Once Smitty was cut, he was looking elsewhere. Nobody wants to come to Carolina. And I don’t blame them. We are in one year becoming the east coast Raiders. Cam has a all pro center, and no other O line to protect him, as well as an LSU hack wr named LaFell to throw to, and nothing else. But to be honest, Nicks would have wanted too much money to come here anyway, and we’re apparently selling, not buying.

  4. “Accurate young quaterback”??

    Don’t get me wrong, Luck’s a great QB… but his career pass completion % is under 57%.

  5. Incredible talent. As a Giants fan, I am sad to see him go. But watch it, Colts fans. He has a propensity to be lazy. The more Victor Cruz became a star in New York and took some the shine off Nicks’ star, the more dude started to mail it in. I trust his skills, but not what’s between his ears.

  6. Showing up late for meetings and physical therapy when you are always banged up is no way to ask for more money.

    He flat out gave up on plays last year. If you’re on the active roster…you need to give 100% of what you have. Definitely looked bad out there on many plays.

    Great talent though…maybe this was a wake up call. But the Giants had to make their judgment based on their personal experiences with Nicks. No team knows him better.

  7. Oh…NOW he wants to be dedicated. If he had BEEN dedicated from the start he’d right now probably still be a Giant, and probably looking at a 10 mill per, 5 year deal. I hope he gets it because he seems like a good kid, but leopards more often than not cannot change their spots.

    The colts might get a steal, but the Giants really had no choice.

  8. Nicks is a major talent; without him Giants do not win SB plain and simple. Playing with Luck, Wayne and Hilton, with a chip on his shoulder, he could have a big year.

  9. Nicks just isnt very good. He is average, maybe slightly above average.

    Wr’s with his size and supposed skill set should be highly sought after but he wasnt

  10. Nicks lets his mouth write more checks that his ass don’t cash. Talks a great game. Meanwhile, he quit on nyg in a ‘prove it’ year. Blew off OTA’s, blew off the off-season with Eli, was fined dozens of times for blowing off therapy and meetings. Result: Zero touchdowns. NYG never even made an offer to this bum. Primadonna

  11. For all the crap Crabtree has gotten. I don’t see him having trouble hitting the market and getting a substantial deal like Maclin and Nicks have come to as well as DHB. It really goes to show what can happen when you take the game for granted. These guys are talented but you gotta constantly put in the work. 4 years ago I would’ve scoffed at the notion that Crabs could be a hotter commodity in free agency but he matured. Really hope Nicks gets back on track. He is an exciting player to watch and I would really love to see the Colts drop moneyball i mean broncos outta the playoffs

  12. I’m a Jets can and I watch a lot of Giants games this guy did not quit on his team it was the perfect storm of injuries an atrocious offensive line and bad Eli and I had hoped the Jets would pick him up but I think the colts got a steal here

  13. As a Giants fan, I’ve always liked Nicks, but he lost a lot of people last season when he appeared to flat out quit playing up to his usual high standards. It was obvious that he didn’t want to be there any longer, so this probably worked out for the best on all sides.

  14. Nicks needed a wake up call. He still has a lot of potential, if only he could put in the work to realize it. One year deal should be motivating, good risk/reward for the colts.

  15. Peak physical condition prior to offseason workouts? So he’ll be injured before the preseason starts?

  16. Tired cliche police should throw some of you in jail.

    He didn’t quit or give up. If he did, giants would have deactivated him. He played cautiously and there’s no crime in that when a team is forcing you to gamble your livelihood. Now that he knows that strategy doesn’t work, he’ll kill it this year just as he did for us when he was healthy. Book 80 receptions, 11td 1200 yds. Watch.

  17. I realize that Luck is a pretty good QB but enough is enough! He hasn’t done anything yet that warrants him being a “influence” for Nicks!!!LOL If Florio would’ve said learn and be influenced by Wayne, I wouldn’t dare argue with that notion. They actually would have something in common, both are Super Bowl winning WR1’s with tremendous Championship PROVEN ability. Luck on the other hand had the good fortune of coming to a super stable franchise that just so happens to be in the weakest division in the NFL. Nicks is a phenomenal pickup for the Colts. The whole “Manning Royalty Treatment” is real!!!! It seems easy for fans to dump on Nicks yet no one wants to talk about the elephant in the room!!! “Bad Eli” Plus a horrendous O-line, and zero running game to speak of last season. Nicks will have a resurgence this season that Indy will greatly benefit from.

  18. All the supposed fans out there pining over the under achiever known as Hakeem Nicks should learn a few facts. He’s never played 16 games in a season. He’s had two good years, two mediocre years. This year he laid down and didn’t even try to get up. He skipped rehab and put pressure on his own team by having no leadership. He’s dedicated this year for one reason, so that next year he can get a fat paycheck. If he were so valued by the other teams in the NFL, he’d still be making visits. Instead he settled fir a one year deal which, if he doesn’t cure his anal-cranialitis, will become a No year deal. He’s not a great team guy, he’s Plaxico light.

  19. Where was that last year? Scrub.

    He didn’t want to be there and was all about self. Play started falling when fans started chanting CRUZ!!! If another receiver gets more attention,he will give up again. Good luck, Indy.

  20. The real question is why the panthers had no interest! Who is Cam going to throw the ball to?

  21. He was one of my favorite Giants and a great talent but let’s be real. The guy is unfortunately made of glass. The Giants grew frustrated with Nicks because he was always injured and could rarely practice. Its a shame bc after the 2011 season I would’ve put him up there w Megatron. On a 1 year deal, Nicks will again play not to get hurt next year. It was obvious he was focused on staying healthy last year and not playing his best. 0 TD’s last year. Hope he’s successful but I doubt it.

  22. Good move by the Giants, free up some cap space to sign players that actually want to play. Maybe he will step up for Indy but the Giants someone who brought the team down. The one who lost in this was Nicks who got a 3.5 million dollar deal as an “elite” receiver.

  23. This is a solid move by Indy to bring this guy in. I’d even say they may have the best 1-2-3 at WR in the NFL between TY Hilton, Nicks and Wayne.

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