Panthers sign a guy who might end up in a pass pattern

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While most of the action in Carolina has been guys leaving, they have actually signed someone.

And there’s at least the small chance he’ll catch a pass.

According to Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer, the Panthers signed tight end Mike McNeill yesterday. Yes THE Mike McNeill.

McNeill wasn’t tendered as a restricted free agent by the Rams, and the Panthers signed him to a two-year deal. Because he’s younger and cheaper and a blocker, that most likely means the end for veteran free agent Ben Hartsock, who also doesn’t catch many passes but is good in other aspects of the game.

McNeill has five career catches for 36 yards. Which puts him five catches for 36 yards ahead of every wide receiver on their current roster.

20 responses to “Panthers sign a guy who might end up in a pass pattern

  1. As fans continue the cry…. “Stop the bleeding!” still, the “D” is fairly solid, the offense needs more help..

    If they draft secondary help and some WR’s I think they will still be just fine..

  2. Final rosters aren’t set. Now that the overpaying is winding down, there is plenty of time to sign a WR or two. There will be trades. There will be more FA signings. And then there will be the draft. Plenty of time.

  3. Not many if any WR free agents out there to sign..Sanders would be a good pick up..Carolina may use its 1st 2 picks on WRs in the draft..

  4. WHO IS THIS SCRUB? Also…who the heck is the GM in carolina? They doing Cam worse then the Patriots did brady last season..McNutt is your #1 WR, and this scrub is your Free Agent signing? LMFAO..

  5. The season doesnt start in march , its not even a week freeagency been open, calm down , if you look last year gettleman dident make any moves until the 2nd week our wr core will be fine well get a vet wr and draft a couple

  6. Cam Newton is an excellent QB and getting better. The WR’s he had to work with were not the best group in the league. Smith was a spark plug and so much fun to watch. But the others.. ? Don’t be surprised to see a starter arrive via trade.

  7. Panthers fans already missing the salad days of Ted Ginn and Brandon LaFell.

    When does Rae Carruth get out?

  8. If Carolina has a great season then the GM probably looks like a genius, but if they don’t he seriously could be out of a job. It seems like he is managing this team like it is Madden and he can just press reset if it doesn’t work out. He might find out that if the reset button is pressed, he is out of a job…and nobody is going to hire him as a GM after dismantling a division winning team…

  9. Dave Gettleman has gutted the roster and is making himself and the Panthers look like the league laughingstock. And then they go out and sign this scrub. Big deal. They will be 4-12 next season and at the bottom of the NFC South.

  10. As a Ram fan — this guy was not bad at all for the Rams last year. Made some good plays. Not a standout, but good enough to start in this league.

  11. Maybe Gettleman’s next goal is to sabotage Newton because he didn’t draft him and doesn’t want him as his QB. About 25 of the other teams sure hope so. It’s the only theory I have that makes a lick of sense.

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