Panthers sign Roman Harper

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Veteran safety Roman Harper has left New Orleans but is staying in the NFC South.

The Panthers have signed Harper to a two-year, $4.5 million deal with a $1.5 million signing bonus, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

The 31-year-old Harper has played his entire career for the Saints, who selected him in the second round of the 2006 NFL draft. He was a two-time Pro Bowler in New Orleans, but last year age and injuries appeared to be catching up with him as he played in just nine games and started only five.

Carolina, however, has seen Harper plenty of times and still views him as a player with something left. He’ll be a veteran presence on a good Panthers defense.

50 responses to “Panthers sign Roman Harper

  1. OMG! I’m old and Harper couldn’t cover me. Panthers scraping UNDER the barrel! ROFLMAO!

  2. I still don’t understand why this team has ZERO receivers? This is a good signing but who’s Cam gonna throw the ball too? And why haven’t they cut DeAngelo or Stewart? Yet they chose to keep no wideouts on their team…..mind boggling.

  3. You don’t want to sign someone who tried to hurt your guys for money and put him in the same locker room with Steve Smith. So now it makes sense that Smith had to get cut.

    Why was Gettleman passed over for GM in New York again?

  4. Always helps to take a player from your divisional opponent, regardless of length of service. If nothing else, it pisses off the other side. I know that works between the NFC West Teams.

  5. Never thought my panthers would draft a punk like this guy … Don’t think we haven’t forgotten that cheap hit against 89 in the end zone … Grrrumph! … Hate this signing!

  6. “Always helps to take a player from your divisional opponent, regardless of length of service. If nothing else, it pisses off the other side. I know that works between the NFC West Teams.”

    As a Saints fan I can only reply – “Take him, he’s yours!”

    He may very well have been the single worst coverage defensive back and most overrated of his generation…

    And you can bet that the Saints will be able to call it an early night during preparation for those games against Carolina…

  7. By far the worst safety in any level of football. I am really surprised to see this signing by Carolina. This off season looks like the Panthers are trying to run the Raiders down as the worst front office in football. What a joke…

  8. See what the final product looks like before you grumble to much. The human body is a beautiful thing in it’s final form but what if God would have left the skin off or woulda just stuck feet on a torso. I’ll be extremely critical if the guy cut Smith and didn’t have and idea what he wanted to do besides Smith and all the other receivers not resigned. If he doesn’t put a competitive team on the field he ought to be fired. Otherwise, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet.

  9. Let’s just say what it really is. You’re too old Gettledouche and the game has passed you by. Better match last year’s record or you’re gone. That’s Carolina history sir

  10. Here comes that fat, Krispy Kreme eating GM who was passed over time and time again, signing a guy he knows nothing about.

    This guy has history … specifically with Steve Smith. Talk about insult to injury. Cut Steve and hire his nemesis. You can’t make this stuff up.

    Oh, I see, he was a WR in high school. Position change…?

  11. good pick up , and im going to explain it again .
    we cant drop dangelo or stewart because we owe them guaranteed money it would actually cost us more to drop them , all though i can agree all the panther fans would love for us to drop stewart

  12. brees cant light him up when hes getting sacked by greg hardy and charles johnson all day buddy WEDAT!!!!!!!!!! enjoy winning the freeagency bucs and aints because thats all your gunna win , im pretty sure week one starts in september not march

  13. On the good side, he knows Brees pretty well. Big Saints Fan right here, wouldn’t be surprise if Carolina Shuts-down Saints passing game this upcoming season.

  14. Wow. From all Saints fans we say thank you for the easy mismatch. Harper couldn’t cover anyone last year and on 3rd downs it was a guarantee that they were throwing at him. Carolinas front office is crap if they didn’t see this before bringing going him in. Their already average secondary just got a lot worst.

  15. LOL, LOL,LOL… THANK GOD The Saints finally got rid of him. I can’t believe y’all signed this dude LOL. Every time he was in coverage I held my breath, especially against Steve Smith. He’s ok against the run or blitzing but he has hands of stone and Hellenic Keller could do better in coverege. I would love for the Saints to have traded him for Steve Smith. Y’all should have never gotten rid of him, he was the leader of the team LOL. GOOD LUCK…

  16. Matters.. Never once said “that Harper guy worries me” what a stiff, nice signing of zero consequence

    This team will suck

  17. Roman Harper is a good safety as long as he is kept in the box. He’s good in run support and a good tackler. Don’t put him in coverage and he’ll be just fine.

  18. He hasn’t been good in coverage for at least the last two years or longer, he was cut outright before being picked up by the Panthers so I doubt seriously that is pissed anybody from the Saints organization off. I always thought he would have been a better linebacker with another 20 pounds on him…
    There was a big reason the Saints didn’t make an offer to Malcolm Jenkins, and Roman Harper, they got burned over and over again on passing downs.

  19. The Saints moved on from Harper because:
    1.) Ryan’s Defense requires Saftey’s to actually play Saftey
    2.) Vaccaro replaced him (provided he can keep from knocking himself out of games)
    3.) too much $$$ for a backup

    All that said I think it is a great signing for the Panthers even if they are a divisional foe because Harper is a great player when you can get him up in the box and use him as a rusher. He is really similar to Thomas Davis even if he is undersized to play LB full-time. The panthers have always gotten the most out of Davis and I think they are going to get the same out of Harper. I wouldn’t be too worried about his health. He missed some games last year but a lot of that was because they didn’t need to rush him along since Vaccaro was a better fit for what Ryan’s defense needs out of a Saftey. His play slipped because he didn’t really have a place to showcase what he can do.

    He is a liability in coverage, especially if the opposing team is featuring an elite tightend. When he was here in New Orleans he was lit up by Vernon Davis, Jermichael Finley and even Greg Olsen. Gregg Williams was able to cover this up a bit by using him as an LB or getting him some help coverage.

    The Panthers will know how to use him. He is a good locker room guy, great leader, very smart player, good pass rusher and a solid tackler (as long as he is not trying to bring down Marshawn Lynch). It’s a great pickup for a team that will be able to use him and at a reasonable price.

    Good job Panthers!

  20. My most abiding memory of Harper is Marshawn Lynch tossing him aside like was a straw filled dummy in the wildcard round of the 2010 playoffs.
    Why would any team want to sign him

  21. The only thing worse than the Panthers doing absolutely nothing so far in free agency is the news that we signed this guy. He’s a horrible safety and just for icing on the cake, the guy is universally hated by Panthers fans.

  22. Last I remember Carolina was in the same situation last year during the beginning of the free agency and look at the team Gettleman brought together. Even without Smitty and a lot of our players we will be a dominant team. I don’t see what Gettleman is trying to do but I have confidence it will all work out

  23. Gettlemen is pushing to change the culture of the way the organization opperates. His player evaluation worked last year, lets just hope it works again.

    Random thought, James Jones, Josh Cribbs(AKA TGinnJr.), 2WR in draft and mabye another FA not listed here. McNutt is a guy they think could be a #3 or better with reps that are right now wide open!

  24. this is an ok signing. he’s a great vet. leader, but here’s the issue……he’s NOT a WR and while having Harper is great for them, he cant play WR and that’s their BIGGEST need. i dont care if they draft two WRs in the draft in May, you dont EVER go into a season with TWO rookies as your starters, that’s VERY risky. they need to be on the phone with guys like James Jones and Santonio Holmes (cant believe i’m saying that) and they should also talk with Sidney Rice and if i were them, i would even consider signing Finley to play tight end (give Cam two pass catching TEs), but like i said, not a bad signing, though it’s not great. Carolina also needs a tackle, likely to (sadly) play right.

  25. This is DB who got ran down by Sam Bradford. Gentleman is sabotaging us. Instead of cutting Smitty why not Jonathan Stewart who has stole money the last 3 or 4 years

  26. I’m guessing the plan is to use Harper in the box instead of in coverage. He would certainly get torched by Colston, Stills, V Jackson, July Jones and Roddy White. But I think he can cover al the tight ends in the division except Graham. And since our front 7 remains intact, there will not be much time for opposing QBs to wait for soeone to get clear of Harper for a big gain. Our secondary wasn’t bad last year (it was only lit up in 3 games), and I’m sure we’ll draft at least one more DB, so we should be able to utilize Harper’s strengths while hiding his weaknesses. This doesn’t make up for cutting Smith, but at least this signing makes a little bit of sense.

  27. While harper isn’t a good cover safety he’s not as bad as people are saying on here . He made a lot if plays for the saints over the years . He is aggressive and a great leader . While we know him better than any team he should be a good backup safety for the panthers

  28. After two years with the organization, they will build a statue for him and claim him as their own.

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