Patriots to meet with Kenny Britt


Kenny Britt’s second free agent trip will be to a team fond of Rutgers products.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, the Patriots will host Britt, the Titans’ unrestricted free agent wideout, on Sunday.

The 25-year-old Britt caught just 11 passes for 96 yards in 12 games for Tennessee in 2013. However, he showed major potential earlier in his career, and he was a first-round pick in 2009. His coach at Rutgers, Greg Schiano, knows Patriots coach Bill Belichick well, so as references go, Britt couldn’t ask for a much better one.

Britt’s first free agent visit was to St. Louis. Like the Rams, the Patriots could use a little more receiving depth, and a flier on Britt by either club wouldn’t be much of surprise.

The Patriots already have former Rutgers players on the roster, including key defensive back Devin McCourty, Britt’s former teammate with the Scarlet Knights.

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  1. What’s the over under on people making a fuss about Bill taking on another criminal?

    I hope Britt can overcome his past. He’s young and talented. Needs a pretty big attitude adjustment, but could be a steal talent wise if Pats can make it work.

  2. This is the best spot for Britt. He has the ability and the Patriots are a no-nonsense organization. If Britt goes there, he has a chance to get his career going back in the right direction. The Patriots have good WRs but Britt has size on top of talent. And he has to know that there might not be another chance if he cannot stay out of trouble. That could be a recipe for success with a motivated player.

  3. So according to our two trolls, RG3 is going to be one of the greatest of all time, and the Vikings are already the greatest. We are truly reaching all-time lows.

  4. As always, Mike Brown is asleep during free agency. It will be up to Andy Dalton to carry the team on his shoulders. He’s more than up to it. If he had competent coaches and teammates he would already have three rings.

  5. Kenny Britt should come to Washington, RG3 needs someone who can actually catch the ball not let it bounce of his and let a CB or S pick it off.

  6. Kenny Britt should come to Washingtonn RG3 needs someone who can actually catch the ball not let it bounce off his hands and let a CB or S pick it off.

  7. Kenny come to Foxboro for a chance to improve your stock with the best QB in the league. A one or two year deal will allow you to really make some dough when you re-emerge as a free agent in the near future, after making a run at a championship with Brady and company. See what the pats did for Welker Talib and Moss, relative to re-establishing their value and setting yourself up for a huge payday. Also, we need you in the short term, as you would be the final offensive piece required to keep up with the likes of Denver and the colts (with their addition of Nicks). Plus, you are from Rutgers, and we all know what that means!!!

  8. Actually think this is an ideal landing spot for Britt, and they would only have to pay him a bag of chips and a hammy. Low risk high reward. Reminds me a little of Moss’ situation post Raiders.

  9. I have a request for the trolls who are pretending to be Skins fans please stop, Real Skins fans would never say the nonsense you all say.

  10. I swear, I thought the patriots would have grabbed Steve Smith instead. Afc arms race this year. Great free agency thus far

  11. Yes I expected the Pats to grab Smith too – they REALLY need to start signing some guys for Brady to throw to! Relying on Edelman and Amendola is a joke, and it’s only a matter of time before Gronk goes down with another injury.

  12. Here’s how many Super Bowl’s the Redskins have since 1992:

    Here’s how many times the Vikings have choked in the NFC title game since 1992: 3

  13. If he signs this is going to be a steal…. I think BB is just the guy to straighten him out. Nobody ever question his talent

  14. As for Britt…. love the potential. With a short term “prove it” deal… what is there to lose?

  15. Red flags on Britt not unlike those on Aqib Talib before Pats traded for him. In case you didn’t notice, Kenny, Talib just got $26 mill guaranteed. People will notice if you play well in NE.

  16. When you look at the FACTS Dalton is better than Brady. When you look at Brady’s personnel, throughout his career, compared with Dalton’s it’s not even fair. Dalton is far superior.

  17. Why is it that the patriots are always a good “fit”? Never seen a team get so much run for what the did 10+ years ago.

  18. 18 > 0.


    3 1 << 0. Which is quite interesting because a 3 year old child would correctly disagree.

    It really is quite amusing that Patriot haters would put in the time and effort to prove that they are morons. Which is a totally meaningless effort because we already know they are. Why prove something that is already proven?

  19. Why is it that the patriots are always a good “fit”? Never seen a team get so much run for what the did 10+ years ago.


    “The Patriots are the gold standard franchise in the NFL”.

    The fact that Shannon Sharpe would make such a statement ought to adequately answer your question.

  20. Checking that facts :

    Brady has 18 playoff victories. Dalton has.0.

    18 > 0.


    4 2

    2 thumbs downers clearly disagree that 18>0. As I said above… quite interesting considering that a 3 year old child would correctly disagree.

    And like I said above… it’s already obvious that all Pats haters are morons… they don’t have to keep proving it to us. What’s the point of proving something that is already proven?

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