Peppers picks the Packers

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It’s not quite dogs-and-cats-living-together-type stuff, but it’s close:  Ted Thompson has broken out the bucks for a guy who doesn’t already play for the Packers.

Eight years since adding Charles Woodson after urged to acquire an impact player to the defense by Brett Favre, the Packers G.M. has signed a high-profile free agent from another team.

Agent Carl Carey has announced on Twitter that free-agent defensive lineman Julius Peppers has agreed to terms with the Packers.

Cut this week by the Bears at a time when his compensation was increasing to $14 million and his skills have been declining, Peppers brings whatever he has left in the tank to Titletown.

It’s unclear how much Peppers has left in the tank.  His compensation from the Packers will reveal what his new team thinks of a player who undoubtedly will be moved to outside linebacker in the team’s 3-4 defense.

The Packers already have Clay Matthews, Nick Perry, and Mike Neal at the OLB position.  It could be that Thompson wants a Seattle-style four-man rotation that is able to continuously chase the quarterback while remaining rested and fresh and, for a change, not injured.

The 34-year-old Peppers was the second pick in the 2002 draft, sandwiched between quarterbacks David Carr and Joey Harrington.  After eight seasons in Carolina, Peppers signed a six-year, $84 million contract in Chicago.

Four years and $53.5 million later, he’ll get a chance to give the Packers a much-needed boost on defense.  Based on his performances in 2013, some will be skeptical about just how much of a boost it will be.

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  1. maybe a good move but that is a lot of money for a defensive end who maybe has a 3 good years left. I bet that if he doesnt produce he will be a free agent next year.

  2. Lol leave it up to the packers to sign a 4-3 defensive end on the wrong side of 30 and rapidly declining to play olb in a 3-4 lol this is one aged block of cheese Thompson should have passed on

  3. I can’t see Peppers working out as a 3-4 defensive end. It didn’t work with Aaron Kampman and it won’t work with Peppers. How is a 34 year old guy declining in athletic ability going to become a linebacker for the first time in his career? I hope they plan to use him at end. His measurables are similar to JJ Watt.

  4. I don’t understand the title of this article. so are the peppers being picked or packed? it is an imperative distinction

  5. John Abraham had a surprisingly strong year as a 3-4 OLB last year in AZ. Still think these older guys making a position switch late in their career are a long shot for great success.

  6. Peppers hasn’t even been able to practice in 2 years, not much left in the tank. Hope they didn’t spend “Ware” money on him.

  7. As a Packer fan… I am astonished that Ted signed a high profile outsider to help. I figured this player was the second least likely to join us, behind Jared Allen, just because of cost and fit. Very curious to see terms. Thinking about it, Peppers does fit the profile of versatile players that McCarthy is supposedly looking for. We shall see if this works.

    But I’d still like to sign a vet safety to give us maximum flexibility in the draft.

  8. Not sure what to make of this, but in 2006 Packers fans railed against the organization for signing an over the hill, broke-down, Charles Woodson too.

    Welcome aboard, Mr. Peppers. Prove yourself useful, and you’ll earn that money.

  9. Julius Peppers I used to like you a lot. I am a Chicago Bear 4 Life. You are on the Green Bay Packers now. Officially now Enemy #1. Da Bears HATE the Packers, and I do too. Green and Yellow makes me wanna throw up. #BITTERBEARFAN/BEARDOWN

  10. The Packers show just how hapless and tasteless they are with this signing. It’s laughable to convert a DE to linebacker in Dom Caper’s horrible defense.

  11. He didn’t want to sign with the preeminent clown show (aka Dallas)? Oh that’s right, they can’t afford special teamers right now…

  12. The Greatest and Oldest rivalry and football just got that more PERSONAL. I couldn’t ever sign with the Pack after playing with The Chicago Bears. I would have signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars before joining Green Bay!!!

  13. It will be cheep, and probably not a bad idea….nothing ventured (NO BONUS), nothing gained. Was hoping he’d take a significant cut by the Bears, but I’d guess he’ll enjoy sticking it to them a bit.

    Thanks for 4 good years

  14. We can finally take the word ‘Genius’ out of the equation when speaking about Ted Thompson.

    Peppers was old two year ago, but he can still give you the one power-move off the line, but he doesn’t have second move anymore, and it showed over and over and over again last year.

    It’s like watching a snow plow moving snow, but the plow can only move in a straight-line.

  15. No way of knowing if this is good or bad until we see the terms of the contract. Knowing Teddy’s history, there’s no way he threw the back at Peppers.

    My guess would be Peppers knows he’s made his money in the NFL, and now he just wants to be with a team that can possible give him a Super Bowl ring.

  16. Peppers is a MUCH better fit than Allen.

    JP will be used situationally which will help with his freshness and motivation.

    3 year deal that probably won’t go 3 years and regardless of what you think of him or the Packers, there isn’t an o-line in the league that’s not going to be paying attention to where he is on the field in relation to Clay.

    Put it this way – it doesn’t make the defense WORSE.

  17. I’ll be surprised if he plays OLB in Green Bay. He’ll be a pass rush specialist for the most part and I would think have his hand down.

    He can’t be viewed as an every down player but he will have value in pass rush packages and I think less playing time will benefit him.

  18. And those Bears fans crying about going to the enemy etc.

    Remember, we took your only SB winning QB in Jimmy Mac and made him 2nd string here…..

  19. It is a good fit if he is used for pass rushing only not as a every down player. We have Neal and younger guys to give him some breaks unlike Chicago. now let us get Rodgers some protection in the draft . Is ” bag of donuts still around?

  20. Is it time GB let Dom Capers go? He hasn’t been able to scheme against any elite NFC teams for a few years now. They aren’t close to being able to beat the 49ers.

  21. Bears fan here and all I have to say is LOL. He was washed up last year.
    Bears O Line practiced against him everyday and he never got a sack.

  22. And this is worthy enough to be considered BREAKING NEWS on ESPN? Please stop wasting my tv screen space with this mediocre signing.

    The eagles resigning Donnie Jones was bigger news than this.

  23. Ted Thompson scores! Everybody plays their best football after they end up in Green Bay. Lambeau breathes new life in to them. Get guys on the cheap, they play out of their minds, win, win! That 4 OLB combo is BEAST!

  24. Wow! MD Jennings goes to the Bears and Peppers goes to the Packers! Who da thunk it? Well, I hope this works as well as the Charles Woodson signing, which also was panned at the time. Seems to me Charles did just fine!

  25. Sign a 34 year old DE to a 3 year deal? $8.5m the first year? $30m max total?

    Well, having taken a couple big swings and misses at filling the DE position in the draft the past couple years, I guess TT decided to throw money at an aging vet and blow it that way too.

    I guess there are more holes in TT’s cheesehead than we ever imagined.

  26. As a Bears fan, I hated to see him go, despite his eroding skills, he still can make plays occasionally. But his cap hit for us was way too high, so everyone knew he’d be gone.

    If used right he will earn his money, and I wish him luck in GB…Just not against the Bears.

  27. As early as the end of last season, there was already talk of the Packers possibly adjusting their defense to more of a hybrid approach – some 4/3 mixed in with a mostly 3/4. D coordinator Capers has worked both and had success with both.

    I’ll also tell you this. For Peppers, this is all about getting that ring. I’d be shocked if the deal was for major bucks. For the Pack, it’s about looking at all options to get consistent pressure on the QB. I can think of a lot worse moves to make this time of year.

  28. Peppers is still a solid player. He just can’t do it for a whole 16-game season these days.

    But he will have one or two games where he is a beast all over the field.

    I just hope those couple of games aren’t at Chicago’s expense.

  29. As a Bears fan, I feel he still has a lot more left in the tank. When watching games last season he was the only one who showed up consistently on a terrible D-line. He is not what he once was but he can rush from either side creating pressure and will beat most O-linemen he faces. Great 2nd effort player too. Unfortunately it is a good signing by the Pack.

  30. Good luck teaching an old dog (4-3) new tricks(3-4). He is way to slow to play in the Defense, but then again what do I know….his size alone is a factor in any defense. Good luck getting to Jay, not may defenses could accomplish that last year and you got consistently worked on our defense. I’m not hurt by this being a Bears fan, Best of Luck Pep…

  31. Too me, it’s a huge gamble because even in his prime, the guy was being questioned about his motivation to play the game. Now he’s on the downside.

    I think to hedge his bet, Thompson better use his fist round pick to take the best DE available. That way if Peppers isn’t getting it done, the new young guy will. And if Peppers is effective, the new young guy can keep him fresh.

  32. I’m a Bucs fan and I know him very well. If the packers are looking rotate their LB’s to keep wave after wave of pressure. It’s a good move, He can be very effective at thirty snaps a game.

  33. If the pack picked up peppers at/or near league minimum I would say ok signing. If Ted Thompson would have read Pepper’s own quotes from Chicago Tribune from earlier this week he would have seen Pepper’s quotes admitting he felt his body no longer responded the way it did even a few years ago and that he often had a hard time physically getting motivated to practice. Not good indicators. Furthermore, he’s not disruptive but he’s also not regarded as a leader. I don’t know what Ted Thompson saw in Pepper’s last year, especially considering how he had a number of games where he failed to register any stat: no tackles, sacks, etc,…

  34. meanwhile, my colts picked up nicks to give us the best wr trio in the nfl, including the two best young tightends along with the best young qb. see you in the bay.

  35. This is what my Redskins usually do in free agency, Thank you Dan Snyder for being smart with your money. Peppers is a waste of money

  36. TT got good value and I wonder if motivation was lacking having to play for the Bears.

    He might be rejuvenated playing for a well run organization and not the circus in Chicago.

  37. Well he isn’t another Reggie White, that’s for sure, but Green Bay may be able to get a year or two out of him if they rotate players to keep him fresh.

    In the NFL, that isn’t always possible with the “hurry up” offenses run by many teams. That said, any sort of pass rush opposite of Mathews will help the team. Of course, a pass rush does little if you are being gashed for 5 -6 yards a clip on the ground. We shall see.

  38. Lol peppers had one foot in retirement . Who else are you bringing in? Urlacher? Geez, Thompson a genius? Call the looney bin.

  39. “If you can’t beat them (Packers), You might as well join them”
    -Julius Peppers 3/15/14

    In the last 4 years since arriving from Charlotte to Chicago, Peppers and the Bears are 2-7 vs Green Bay.

  40. Queen fans take note of 2 fan bases that have respect for each other because of a true rivalry. Seen a lot of class from Bear posters instead of childish posts from the west.

  41. Seems like a no brainer to me….

    Peppers opposite Clay is an instant upgrade to anything we had last year from the other OLB. Neal (proving serviceable) an Perry (if he can ever learn how to stay healthy or play hurt) will give us a solid rotation. 6-8 sacks out of Peppers will be a solid WIN with anything beyond being a bonus. Remember, he played OLB in Carolina so he is not a fish out of water there and will no doubt have some snap limits.

    Plus this is essentially a one year deal if he doesnt fit.

    I see no risk here.

  42. Our 2-4-5 Nickle Package is basically a 4-3 front with our slot corner acting as our coverage linebacker.

    The two outside guys basically play like 4-3 DEs.

    Mike Daniels-Datone Jones-Nick Perry-Mike Neal-Clay Matthews-Julius Peppers-Josh Boyd.

    That’s a nice group of pass rushers – now we just need some run stuffing Inside Linebackers so we can get teams into obvious passing situations.

  43. He will obviously be a situational player in the Packers Defense. Green Bay is planning on running both the 3-4 and the 4-3 this season, depending on the situation. Peppers is aged, but he can handle playing half of what the noraml reps would be. He may well have his best seasons in front of him if he isn’t asked to perform every down.

    This signing indicates that Dom Capers and Mike McCarthy have come up with something different. Capers is considered by his peers as one of the best defensive minds ever to coach the game. Fans have differing opinions, but fans are just that, fans.

  44. so this guy is expected to play 50 to 70 snaps a game. for 16 games. omg my sides are hurting. 34 years old? and packer fans said allen is washed up at 31 and peterson is done at 29? what a freaking non signing.

  45. Peppers can’t play OLB in a 3-4 so he’ll be a DE. He showed up for about 10% of the snaps he played in 2013 so if that’s the extent of what he plays in 2014 he could be effective. Seems expensive though.

  46. I would like a Bears fan accustomed to mutual respect between our franchises give an opinion on this guy. We have no time for the pettiness that comes from Minnesota. They just don’t get it.

  47. Peppers and his perfectly pulverizing personality having picked the Packers has the potential to perforate their opponents potent pass protection plans; Julius just jumping with joy. Bears boosters booing this bad break
    (this is what I’m doing on a Saturday morning? what is wrong with me??)

  48. He’ll count for $3.5 million against the cap this year..if it doesn’t work, the deal doesn’t hurt and the Packers want to try multiple fronts this year. Nothing wrong with the deal..

  49. Is it possible to think Thompson dreamed of Paul Holmgren calling Reggie White and telling him God said to come to Green Bay?

    Maybe thats what sealed the deal in Heady Teddy’s mind.??

  50. Packer fans realize this is the Julius Peppers from Carolina right? This is the Julis Peppers who has been decreasingly less productive the last few years. They would have been better off signing Jared Allen. At least Allen is 4 years younger and still has something left in the tank. Peppers is running on fumes.

  51. As Mongo said of when he signed with the Packers, “I put my robber’s mask on and stole their money”

  52. Its a 1 year experiment obviously, im just glad to see TT break out the checkbook for someone that has played for another team.

    Sure 34 is getting old but the guy has ideal length to play the 5 technique DE position in an odd front, some elephant end and maybe some OLB in situations.

    Strange but good signing Ted.

  53. The DL has immediately improved. I said yesterday if they can get 300 pounder with good push and quick feet, it will go a long way in helping the defense.

    Good job.

  54. I can see this being a one year rent a player to ry to go the super bowl ..

    7.5 million guaranteed makes sense …

    this wouldn’t work for the queens because they are 52 players away from a superbowl shot only ap … losers coming from the arena football league

  55. Perfect signing, a tall DE that can still rush the passer and hold an edge if he has to play on a running down. No way he will play OLB.

    The Packer defense is build on rotational down lineman, the heftier guys on 1st and 2nd down, the hybrid pass rushers on the more obvious passing downs. Watching Peppers play last year, the Bears had no one else so the opposition was free to double team Peppers. Let’s watch that happen with Matthews, Neal or Perry on the field.

  56. I would like a Bears fan accustomed to mutual respect between our franchises give an opinion on this guy. We have no time for the pettiness that comes from Wisconsin. They just don’t get it.

  57. next thing you know Julius Peppers will be in front the Wisconsin legislature pointing out that Asians could “turn a television into a watch,” Hispanics knew how to put 20 or 30 people under the same roof, and whites were good at making money.

  58. I have a lot of respect for Peppers, but unless the Packers are going to switch back to a 4-3 (which I wish they would), this is another case of TT trying to put a square peg in a round hole. I don’t understand his infatuation of trying to take 4-3 DE’s and converting them to OLB. Yeah, it worked with Matthews, but he was already built like a 3-4 guy. Peppers, Perry, etc. these guys are DE’s.

  59. The Packers DON”T sign any player, these non-Packer fans come out and embarrass themselves by their comments.
    The Packers SIGN a player, these non-Packer fans come out and embarrass themselves by their comments.
    These fans have a comment and answer for everything. They’ll never stop, they’ll keep coming at your team or state or the fans, just to take the attention away from their mess. They don’t have a life, all they like to do is bash the Packers and anyone associated with them.
    Do us all a favor and stay home, don’t go anywhere. Stay away from anyone PLEASE. If these type of people just stayed home and didn’t go anywhere, they would make America smarter & prettier.
    Signing Peppers is just adding depth to a needed position. Look for Thompson to sign another DL in FA, because I believe he wants to draft one of the top safeties or MLB in the 1st round and a WR in the 2nd.

  60. Good Lord, the lack of general football knowledge among the Viking fans on this board is completely embarrassing.

    Know nothing fans for a do nothing team!

  61. In this world of money 8.5 million isn’t jack. he is worth the gamble . At least Ted is spending not just letting it sit in the bank doing nothing. now go get Allen and we have a set. get cromartie and let ted do his magic in the draft.

  62. Before anyone else displays their ignorance by posting something about him switching to a 3-4 OLB, research what percentage of plays they actually typically run out of a base 3-4 alignment. You might be surprised. In nickel and dime alignments and sub-packages which they run far more often his role change little from what it was in Chicago. And when they do run a base alignment he’ll probably be a DE rather than an OLB, which at his size and with declining speed at his age he’s probably better suited for than 4-3 DE anyway.

  63. The 3-4 is a passing fad as teams like Patriots, Broncos have moved back to the 4-3. Teams had success with the 3-4 when it was a fad and teams were not used to seeing it. Now that 15 teams use it, it’s lost its shine. The problem with it in GB is it requires a monster NT who can eat up the middle (hard to find and certainly not the likes of Raji who they played outside last year because they know he can’t be that guy), athletic freaks at OLB (GB has 1 and now added a 34 year player who’s never played the position) and middle LB’ers who can stop the run (strike 3). If you think I’m a hater think again, the numbers don’t lie, 28th against the pass and 30th against the run. There are issues with that defense and Peppers doesn’t do anything to solve them.

  64. As a Bears fan you hate to lose a fan favorite but his cap number was way to high. I would have accepted him back but for not even half of what GB paid him. His age and body abuse over time really caught up to him last year. Most weeks he would be at practice but only take a few snaps. His body was to used up. His stats were obviously down and people might say since he was the best player on the line after Melton went down that he saw a lot of double teams. At first you saw that but over time it wasn’t needed. He would show flashes at times, like all older player do but I think at this point he is strictly a rotational guy. He would have been a solid fit in a place like Seattle. Don’t expect full games out of him. His role (in a perfect world) would be about 25-30 plays a game. However at the money you signed him for, you will be expecting a lot more out if him. I personally don’t think he is worth the money and would bet in a heartbeat he don’t play out the full contract. A 2 year – 10M deal seemed to be his market and I think GB overpaid A LOT to get him. I think you will know right away what you have. If he starts out hot he could surprise. If it doesn’t start well and he gets a nagging injury it could be over before it starts.

  65. Bears fan here. I think it’s a good move. It’s not really a 3-year deal, it’s a one-year try-me-out and $8 million for a guy with Peppers’ resume is not crazy. Peppers has said he wants to try and challenge himself in a 3-4. He won’t have to play every down and he won’t have to defend the run as much, although he is a very underrated run defender capable of catching ballcarriers from behind.

    He was the best player on the abomination that was the Bears D-line. Let’s see how he does when he’s not facing double teams, moving around the formation, and not having to take every snap. I predict 8.5 sacks, which happens to be $1 million per sack. Pack fans, you tell me if that’s a good return on an investment.

  66. It’s not a bad move for anyone. The Bears were able to sign two DE’s who are in their prime which made an aging and mostly ineffective Peppers expendable. I love Peppers, but he’s on the downside of his career and his production is in steep decline.

    That said, Peppers instantly becomes the best defensive player on the woeful Packers defense. You can’t argue with TT for signing him, even at 34 years old and a shell of his former self, Julius Peppers is a man among boys in Green Bay.

  67. There’s these things that you need to play football and they’re especially important when playing on the line…legs, and his are shot.

    As a Bears fan, I loved watching Julies play and it hurt watching him the last two years…he can’t move and reading these posts about how this is a great signing is baffling to me.

    I wish Julies the best, but unless he was totally Jake-ing it, he’s done.

  68. Queen fans take note of 2 fan bases that have respect for each other because of a true rivalry. Seen a lot of class from Bear posters instead of childish posts from the west.

    WELL PUT!!

  69. Certainly a risk, considering his age. Could end up being a bust, could end up being a great deal. Not nearly as much guaranteed money as some of the other FA signings this week.

  70. 34 year old DE signs a 4 year deal? That’s just cray. If Jerry Jones made this deal I would be furious. Enough of those kind of deals in the past!

    Peppers one of the better DEs to ever play and unbelievable athlete but this guy will soon be out to pasture.

  71. The cap hit for the Packers is 3.5 million this year with how the deal is structured, leaving them with 17 million of cap room left this year implying the bank did not break. I’ve read he makes 8.5 million his first year but the contract is guaranteed for 7.5 million, I don’t know how that works but it sounds like if it doesn’t work out, the Packers can simply move on. As far as the 30 million some non-Packer fans and most likely Viking fans are LOLing about, it doesn’t even matter, the guaranteed money is what matters and 7.5 million guaranteed is what makes this a good signing.

  72. It’s easy for Bears fans to be gracious about Peppers going to division rival Packers because:

    1. He had his run in Chicago
    2. Releasing him was a good move for the Bears
    3. They know he’s not a threat anymore

  73. I’m a Bears fan that watched every painful defensive down last year. Just to get this out of the way, I have nothing but admiration and respect for the Pack. No hate here.
    Peppers looked painfully slow last year. I mean “how can he be this slow?” slow. I spent the season trying to will him to go faster from my sofa and trying to determine if Fox Sports had some sort of slow-motion isolation cam technology no one knew anything about and no one was talking about. Remember his first three seasons as a Bear and the terror he’d unleashed? That combination of speed and size seen about once every ten years at most? The size is still there but the speed isn’t. Unless he was faking it. It came on so sudden and was so pronounced I couldn’t help but think he was. Or dehydrated. Or something. I looked for double-teaming him to be the cause but that became less and less of a factor.

  74. It was a wise move for the Packers to do this – even if they get him for one good year. That being said, Packers fans can no longer trash other teams in the NFC North for poaching players from divisional teams. That would be like Newt Gingrich preaching about morality and personal responsibility.

  75. I would like a Bears fan accustomed to mutual respect between our franchises give an opinion on this guy. We have no time for the pettiness that comes from Wisconsin. They just don’t get it.
    First of all,coming from a Bears fan…I have no respect for you So called Viking “fans”. All you girls do is come on here and bitch piss and moan about everything that is Green Bay and Wisconsin. Most of your vitriol has absolutely nothing to do with Pro football,yet for some reason your 10 year childlike posts are allowed to stay on here. Wisconsin fans DO get it…YOU don’t. I don’t think Peppers will turn around the defense ,who,btw,was far more successful than yours this year,by himself. He will take pressure off Matthews in passing situations and add veteran leadership in the locker room. When you girls can actually talk football…….Ooh who am I kidding? Viking “fans” only know trolling

  76. I think Peppers is a great athlete and reguardless of what jersey he has worn, he has always been fun to watch play. I hated watching him get after Rodgers, but the guy is one of the best DEs in the last 10 years.

    Just like other great players in the division to it right whether its Megatron, Rodgers, or AP.

    So guys are amazing to watch regardless of their uniform, and I am glad he is on the Packers.

  77. The funny thing is Peppers will count more against the Bears cap than he will the Packers this year.

  78. Bears fan here. He’ll be fine for a year but he’s definitely on the downside of his career. Bears had to cut him because of cap issues but on the right salary he’s still an asset, especially if he is part of a rotation.

    Both teams made the right choice.

    What’s unreported on here is that he dealt with plantar fasciitis last year. How much it will impact him is unclear.

  79. thevikesarebest
    Bear player, Packer signing… and then the worst of all possible fans kicks in. A Vikings fan. Always more concerned with other teams instead of his own.

    Win something first. Then you can SKOL

  80. I thought Ted was being wise and sagacious by staying out of the FA frenzy? Ware was TOO old and expensive to sign and J. Allen was on the decline so obviously ted would go after someone who is 2 years older and, according to PFF on the decline…

    2010: +39.2
    2011: +21.7
    2012: + 9.9
    2013: – 4.4

  81. For the neckbeards that keep saying Allen was the better pick up for GB –

    Allen – 52 tackles, 11.5 sacks, 2 FF, 0 INT
    Peppers – 45 tackles, 7 sacks, 2 FF, 1 INT

    Allen also played with much more talent on that line than Peppers did. Unless you’re willing to admit that Williams and Floyd are garbage…..

    So Allen who wasn’t the focus for an o-line (our rookie LT made him invisible in the box score) vs a guy who is the ENTIRE focus of the Bear defensive line when it comes to an opponents o-line.

    I’ll take Peppers.

  82. A 34 year old, 4-3 DE is gonna now change positions and make an impact? Good luck with that! If the Vikings make this move, you Packer rubes on here would be having a field day with negative comments. Look at every post about Viking moves this offseason…..all you see if Packer rubes ripping them and tearing them down…….and this move by your favorite team trumps them all ten fold in stupidity.

  83. Peter Piper picked a peck of Julius peppers;
    A peck of Julius peppers Peter Piper picked;
    If Peter Piper picked a peck of Julius peppers,
    Where’s the peck of Julius peppers Peter Piper picked?

  84. Hope he has something left in the tank and can produce at his new position and/or in the new (to him) defensive scheme. Wish that the veterans will perform up to the potential Thompson thinks they have. Pray that Matthews and others stay healthy. Once again, the results on defense will be premised on a lot of hopes, wishes, and prayers.

  85. Bears fan here.

    I think you guys did OK with this signing. Last year the Bears defenses was a dumpster fire with Lovie gone, and Urlacher sent to the curb. That has to take a toll on a veteran like Peppers.

    It’s true that he often looks like he’s not giving his all, but even so he had 7.5 sacks with a bunch of fill ins playing on the line with him.

    Bottom line – you’re paying 7.5M for a guy who -if he’s motivated – could get you 9 or 10 sacks. Good gamble for you

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