Report: Broncos likely to add Emmanuel Sanders

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At some point, the Broncos will be done making big splashes in free agency.

But not just yet, it appears.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the Broncos are likely to reach a deal with Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders, who hauled in 67 passes for 740 yards and six touchdowns in 2013 for Pittsburgh.

Sanders, who turns 27 on Monday, has played four seasons for Pittsburgh. The Patriots tried to sign him away in restricted free agency in 2013, but the Steelers matched the offer.

Sanders has taken free agent visits to the Jaguars, Buccaneers and Chiefs, and he reportedly was to visit with the 49ers. According to Jason La Canfora of CBS, Sanders was to arrive in San Francisco on Saturday night.

Earlier Saturday, Sanders — PFT’s No. 39-ranked free agent — tweeted out a YouTube video thanking Steelers fans.

Sanders (5-11, 180) has good quickness and was a solid starter opposite top target Antonio Brown in Pittsburgh. In Denver, Sanders would help replace the production lost when Eric Decker departed for the Jets.

While Sanders is still relatively young and does come off his most productive season, he does have a couple of foot injuries in his recent past, as Scott Brown of highlighted on Saturday. Sanders suffered a right foot injury in the 2010 AFC title game, then further injured the foot in Super Bowl XLV. X-rays later revealed a fracture in his left foot, too. Sanders would miss five regular season games in 2011, but he hasn’t missed a game since.

59 responses to “Report: Broncos likely to add Emmanuel Sanders

  1. They are really going all out, good thing they have these contracts front loaded so if it doesn’t work they can start rebuilding from scratch without being cap hell.

  2. The greatest GM of the modern era who hasn’t won a SB.
    You don’t win the NFL in March. Ask the Eagles and Redskins.

  3. so he spends 2 nights in KC, and without a visit to Denver, will sign with them.

    whatever plus grade the chiefs earned after landing vance walker just went back to nothing. its actually kind of embarrassing that the broncos new #3 WR that KC couldn’t sign had more TD’s and Catches than Dwayne Bowe last year

  4. The “greatest gm of the modern era” hasn’t won a sb as a gm, and is putting a triple mortgage on the franchise. You wont win a SB and will be the laughingstock of the league in 3 years

  5. Broncos are clearly winning the offseason.

    Just like the hapless Dolphins did last year and “Dreamteam” Eagles did the year before that. How did that work out?

  6. The Broncos clearly fear the Boston D Party that is being built in Foxboro as we speak….

    ….. as they should.

  7. i’m literally standing here shaking my head how they can do this…..and i’m a bronco fan

  8. Someone tell me how the Broncos can spend all this $$ in free agency yet still sign players in the draft?

  9. Hahahahahaha laughing at all these haters!!

    Feels great to be a Bronco fan. Don’t be mad because your GM can’t do what Elway can!!!

  10. I love this signing! Emanuel brings that additional toughness to the offense that we need. Sorry to say but Welker could possibly be on the way out, he is 1 concussion away from missing half the season.

  11. to be the best gm u got to string a couple of great drafts together in a row. My boys not there yet but he’s close. Turn around a miserable 4-12 team in 1 year. Landed the biggest free agent in history ( sorry Reggie white). Has had only 1 bust in free agent (Tracy porter) and managed the cap so well that he’s gotten a team with a 20 mill qb to 30 mil under the cap Elways going to have a whole wing in the HOF when he’s done!

  12. Of course Elway has no concept of the salary cap. During his glory years the Broncos cheated their way around the cap so they could keep Elway and Terrell Davis. Look it up.

  13. Some Dream Team……As long as Peyton Manning is the QB, the team will get close enough to touch the Lombardi trophy but will lose it in the end. The NFL’s greatest CHOKER!!!!!!!!!!! Another record broken.

  14. Buying everything now, but paying tomorrow. If peyton gets injured- this will all end badly

  15. Let me school all you haters. 1) mortgaging the future – all these deals are cap friendly and will not make the broncos cash strapped in the future. 2) The dream team talk is stupid – they signed talib to replace DRC. Ward is an upgrade to replace Adams. Ware is an upgrade over Phillips. Sanders to replace Decker. These transactions hardly constitute the stupid notion of a dream team. All this only happens if these guys can stay healthy. Patsies are having a similar FA adding Mevis and Browner. Theyll keep wilfork and add another receiver. Id say broncos, pats, colts in the AFC

  16. denver1983 says: Mar 15, 2014 10:31 PM

    Hahahahahaha laughing at all these haters!!

    Feels great to be a Bronco fan. Don’t be mad because your GM can’t do what Elway can!!!
    Does it feel better than it did on February 2nd?

  17. Can’t help but be impressed by the moves Elway is making. He brought in some solid defenders and Emmanuel Sanders will be as good as Decker with Peyton Manning at QB.

  18. I have some bad news for all of you that keep making comments about how the Broncos are “mortgaging their future”; I’m afraid you don’t understand how the salary cap works in today’s NFL. The bulk of the salary they’re signing this off-season will be off the books in the next few years– with little or no cap hits. Teams don’t give the big signing bonuses they did a decade ago, contracts and bonus money are structured differently now. Denver isn’t going to get saddled with a bunch of dead money going forward– so sorry to disappoint you. The Talib deal, which sounds the riskiest, can be voided after this season with a grand total four million cap hit. Not exactly crippling– especially with the cap reportedly going up to 160 mil in 2016. Keep hoping, though.

  19. Didn’t NE try to sign him last year, but the steelers matched the offer sheet? I bring this up because NE, who really needs a solid 2/3 receiver, tried to get this guy last year pretty bad and doesn’t even look his way this year? That doesn’t strike anyone else as odd? Last years rookies will certainly be somewhat better this year, but I don’t think I saw enough in them to think we were set for receivers this season. And then a guy they were willing to overpay last year is available and they don’t even call him up. There’s gotta be a pretty good reason.

  20. Steelers should have just got that 3rd rnd pick for gimme last years from the Patriots. Hope the bronco’s not paying him #2 WR $.. Can’t wait to see the terms of this one

  21. todoubled says: Mar 15, 2014 10:29 PM

    Someone tell me how the Broncos can spend all this $$ in free agency yet still sign players in the draft?


    There is six million in cap money they are not allowed to use until June first.

  22. To doubled says:
    Someone tell me how the Broncos can spend all this $$ in free agency yet still sign players in the draft?


    By deferring all the money to future years. Denver is going all in with Peyton Manning in his final year(s). What will the future look like in Denver? Take a look at the Dallas Cowboys. Won’t be pretty.

  23. Mr. Ed has yet to prove he can mine nuggets from the 5th thru 7th round like Schneider can. The Seahawks will show once again how deep their roster is from the fruits picked from the draft

  24. 2015 is an “all in” moment for the Broncos……makes one wonder if Peyton advised not to worry about future cap space issues as he won’t be there beyond the next year or two? They are being very aggressive and clearly want to win it all.

  25. Sounds suspiciously like a leak from the agent to try and pressure the chiefs into consessions. He isnt getting what he thought he would from anyone and this is a negotiating tactic.

  26. Manning will make you a superstar Emmanuel. After the last two years of heartbreak, the question is, will you both show up in the biggest game of the year?

  27. It’s not the number of games he will miss that matters. It’s the number of passes he misses that hit him square in the hands.

  28. Sanders instead of Decker is a huge downgrade in talent. The Broncos will soon learn about how Sanders likes to drop balls in big games. It won’t take long for people to realize that once again the Steelers made a great decision for not trying to offer him a contract extension a couple of years ago.

  29. Elway should thank Terrell Davis for his rings or he may be compared to Dan Marino. Don’t worry Bronco fan, cap hell awaits… (curse of high priced QB) Don’t see Manning or Brady ever winning another bowl. When they retire, defense and running games will come back.

  30. Denver, good pick up until you need him to catch a TD in the end zone then he’s gonna drop it and break your hearts just like he did to Pitt last season several times. And it’s even funnier that he decides to go to Denver where he’s gonna be the #3 receiver when all he’s been saying is how he wants to be the #1.

  31. John Elway is a financial genius–thanks to his Economics degree from Stanford. Thank you for not going with the Kansas City Royals or the New York Yankees, but instead focusing on football. All the Broncos haters are just jealous that they don’t have GM’s as smart as you who set their team up to make it at least to the Super Bowl. There is never any guarantees of winning a SB. You have to stay healthy, play as a Team, and have a bit of luck on your side…but at least you give the fans a fair shot at winning by assembling talented players. And–after Peyton retires, for years to come. You truly are the Duke, the General and the Comeback Kid…which the Broncos will be next season. Go Broncos!!!!!!!

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