Washington hopes to sign Donald Penn

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On Thursday, free agent offensive lineman Donald Penn boarded a plane to Oakland for a visit with the Raiders. Two days later he remains unsigned, and he’s planning visits elsewhere.

Penn wrote on Twitter that he has other visits lined up, and according to the Washington Post, one of those visits is in Washington, where Penn could help protect Robert Griffin III.

Although Penn has played mostly left tackle, the plan in Washington would be to have him at right tackle, with Trent Williams remaining on the left side.

Carolina, which lost starting left tackle Jordan Gross to retirement, is also reportedly a possible landing spot for Penn.

Penn started all 16 games in Tampa Bay for the last six years, but the Bucs cut him at the start of free agency in a cost-cutting move. Penn had been owed $6.75 million in 2014 on his contract with the Buccaneers, and he’s not quite worth that kind of money. But he’ll provide an upgrade for some team’s offensive line.

21 responses to “Washington hopes to sign Donald Penn

  1. Sign him!!! That should fix the huge, glaring need we have in the secondary… It was only the best free agency for secondary this year and they did nothing

  2. This would be the best signing of all! The skins could get rid of Chester and move Polumbus to the guard spot (where he played on the Beastquake). Strong offensive and defensive lines are the foundations championships not $60 million safeties and corners. HTTR!

  3. Penn is THE greatest left tackle to ever play. RG3 is the greatest human being since Jesus, and even that’s a toss up. Alfred Morris > bacon. #skinsfans

  4. The right side of our line was horrible last year in pass protection. We definitely need to address that. As far as addressing secondary I like DRC (Cromartie). There aren’t any free agents CB’s left and I would rather draft one if we don’t sign DRC.

  5. Penn deserves a better home than the skins…(thats only where Tampas rejects go when they’re washed up.. (except for Adam Heyward, he’s a good guy)… skins = death nell

  6. Polumbus played guard for Seattle and he is better than Chester. Also he is insurance if one of the starting tackles gets hurt. Any other questions?

  7. If you guys are getting excited about an ex-Buc, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
    The guy stinks and has done so from the start

  8. We should see if Dallas has any lineman in their 30’s that we can pay 25 million to first. What a joke. I warned everyone what was going to happen. Oh danny boy.

  9. All that matters is whether or not he can run and pass block better than the garbage we had that just took up space and gave up almost 30 sacks last season.

    If his record shows that he gives up more than 2 out of a 16 game season, let him go somewhere else.

    I agree that we didn’t need to put our selves in defensive dreamland while continuing to have offensive nightmares.

    We’ve paid a great price for RG-III and with the right supporting cast, he’ll pay the dividends and bring the championship home as desired.

    Sometimes great offenses with just good defenses win championships. Washington, New England, Pittsburgh, Green Bay to name some that won without having the number one defense.

    We upgraded the the defense with some pass rushing and some better line backing already to take some of the pressure off down field coverage and there is more available to be had without the big price tags including the draft.

    There are 31 other teams and if we are the worse, then all of their players are better than ours and any would be an upgrade.

    Cowboy fans shut up! You’re the biggest losers of all in this plentiful free agency year. Oh that’s right you don’t have any money either do you??

  10. The Raheem Morris/Bruce Allen effect.

    Where old Bucs go to die. Tanard Jackson, EJ Biggers, Jeremy Trueblood, Adam Hayward… The list goes on.

    Enjoy our trash Washington.

    You’ve started with solid trash already in Raheem and Allen. Awful signings.

  11. Trueblood was cut in preseason last year,never played a down.Bucs used a second round pick on him.Tanard Jackson never played a down,Bucs used a 4th on him.
    Yeah we try out your trash on the cheap that you used draft picks to get.Don’t think you should go around bragging about that.lol

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